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Dwight Bullard ... Phoenix Rising?

December 24, 2016 - 1:00pm

Don't hate the player ... hate the game. Isn't that what Andrew Korge, dispatched primary opponent of Dwight Bullard, said when he compared African Americans and "Bernie Bros" to the Tea Party in one of his infamous Facebook rants? See said rant below.

The rumor mill is churning away about a possible path for Dwight Bullard for FDP Chair, via the predominantly African American county of Gadsden, and I, personally, am thrilled about it.

Anyone who cares about progressive values and who cares about actually WINNING in 2018 should be turning cartwheels right about now.

I know, I know. We have those who don't really care about winning elections or the fight for 15, or racial equality, or immigrants' rights, and all that jazz. They really only care about how much money Stephen Bittel can put into their pockets, so the news of a potential rise from what they saw as the ash pile of Dwight Bullard surely is going to cause some heart burn.

To them, I say: Pepto Bismol on aisle three!! 

Milk Of Magnesia on shelf two!

Sit on the toilet until you work it all out.

If that doesn't work, you can always get a colonic, but the bottom line is, you know what you are full of.

Bernie Sanders thought he was doing the right thing toward Hillary Clinton, by not hitting her on her emails and her corruption, trying to stick to the issues and focus on making the party better.

The entire time, the DNC -- Debbie Wasserman Schultz along WITH the Clinton crew -- were plotting to take him down. By the time Bernie knew what was going on, it was too late. It was TOO late.

If Dwight Bullard is choosing to fight back against the way he was railroaded by Stephen Bittel, Bittel's money and the few turncoats down in Miami-Dade who facilitated one of the worst injustices in DEC reorganization history, GO FOR IT, DWIGHT!

Anyone who expects you to just take what happened on the chin and run with your tail between your legs has obviously gotten hold of some non-medicinal marijuana.

Or some Snoop Dogg Moon Rocks.

They are clearly smoking something.

True progressives such as Bernie Sanders, Dwight Bullard, and anyone else who actually want to do some GOOD for the Democratic Party are going to meet resistance and obstruction from the people who want to maintain the status quo.

Power mongers, such as Stephen Bittel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Bill Nelson, are going to play as dirty as they can to keep the power and control. We have seen it.

It was on display Dec. 6, 2016. It was on display Dec. 20, 2016. Hell, it's been on display this entire time.

Only now, progressives are fighting back.

What is interesting to me concerning this latest rumor about Dwight Bullard is this:

Dwight Bullard has been on a cruise. When did he have time and access to do much of anything?

If, and I do mean IF, a path has been created for him. That means the PEOPLE are speaking. The PEOPLE have decided to act. What this shows is that the PEOPLE believe so much in Dwight Bullard and his bona fides that they made a way for him.

That speaks volumes about a leader.

That speaks volumes about a man.

That speaks volumes about Dwight Bullard.

Give the people what THEY want.

It seems what the PEOPLE want is Dwight Bullard. 

Are you listening (former) Sen. Bill Nelson?

Dollars do not walk into voting booths. People do. If you want PEOPLE to walk into the voting booth and vote for YOU in 2018, Stephen Bittel is not the one.

There is a fracture in the Democratic Party that will only get worse. Money will not heal it. You are fooling yourself if you think it will.

If the party is going to unite, it will NOT be uniting behind Stephen Bittel.

If anything, it will take the lead of Senate Victory and do a mass exodus.

Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.



Ignore these ignorant establidems and trumpers that have commented so far, thank you for your piece and your fire.

I am a Democrat; BUT, I am as far from being a lowly "progressive" as is as humanly possible!... They almost intentionally destroyed America, But for TRUMP (WHO I HAPPILY VOTED FOR,... as did MANY other patriotic, common-sense Democrats !)

Money Trumps Black Muslims. The times are a changing.

Alongside this opinion piece, was a poll asking who/what was the biggest loser in the last election. I voted something else; and that something else was the progressive ideology, something in which you seem well versed. Pendulum swung and not a moment too soon, or there would be NO republican dream remaining of the original States United that moved billions of people, globally, forward.

What is the "fight for 15"?

It's when you make reservations at your preferred boxing arena for 15 of your closest friends.

That's not right

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