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Duval Democratic Committeeman John Parker Resigns, Wife Lisa King Accepts

April 4, 2018 - 3:15pm
John Parker and Lisa King
John Parker and Lisa King

With pressure mounting against John Parker for racially-tinged and otherwise inappropriate comments made in January after a Duval County Democratic Executive Committee meeting, Parker on Wednesday resigned both leadership positions he held with the Democratic Party.

"Today, I accepted the resignation of John Parker as state committeeman and DNC member," said Lisa King, local party chairperson and Parker's wife. "I do this with the certainty that it is the right thing for our party. Although he has dedicated over 35 years of service, his statements and actions necessitated his departure."

As first reported by Sunshine State News, King was with Parker in the Jacksonville restaurant Jan. 22 when he referred to "colored people" and "sh*t being f**ked up after integration."    

Speaking in a written statement, she said, "I firmly believe in servant leadership, and as chair, I must serve all our members. I have demonstrated my commitment to leading our party, even when it is at odds with those closest to me.

"All of our members deserve a party that prioritizes and models diversity and respect. I am committed to creating this culture and am confident that we will work together to create equity and respect for all. 

"As we move forward as a party, I'm committed to unifying our membership and  fighting for successes in the upcoming elections," she said.

But social media is alight with calls for King's resignation as well.

On his Facebook page, Jacksonville resident Jimmy Deininger (who also goes by Jimmy Thomas) wrote in large white letters within a blue box, "Today Mr. John Parker and Lisa King become a #nationaldisgrace for Democrats ... Enough is Enough! This is what Democracy looks like!" Below, he continued, "(Lisa King) must go as well -- her silence and inaction for two months speaks volumes to her 'service.'"

Opio Lumumba Sokoni, also from Jacksonville, said of King, "She threw her husband under the bus and did not leave with him."

Connell Bam Crooms sees the incident as, perhaps, an opportunity for a clean sweep. "I had thought this morning, will this impact Florida DNC rules about super delegates in the future? It should," he said. "... The local Dems have time and again expressed their aversion to change ..."  

Besides King, Parker's letter of resignation was addressed to Tom Perez, Democratic National Committee chair, and Terrie Rizzo, Florida Democratic Party chair.

Rizzo also issued a statement on Parker's resignation. "Along with DEC Chair Lisa King, I also asked John Parker to resign,"  she said. "I believe him stepping down from his post is the right thing to do."

Wrote Parker, "The past several weeks have been a challenging time as mistakes and a misstatement I made, and apologized for, have been misunderstood and give the impression I am something I am not.

"... I am confident that a full investigation would have shown that I erred with my mouth, not my heart. I am not what some are portraying me to be, and although I would have preferred the opportunity for due process, I have decided it is best to put our party and overarching goals ahead of this."

Said Leslie Wimes, president of the Democratic African American Women Caucus of Florida, "It shouldn't take the media to make the party do the right thing. ...

"But, while John Parker's resignation didn't happen as swiftly as it should have, I'm glad to see it occur. When confidence in leadership is gone, that leadership should be gone. The party should have a zero tolernce for racism. I hope to see that reality one day."

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


I'm sorry, but what does the NAACP stand for again?

National Association of Always Complaining People?

His wife needs to resign too. I can’t believe she was not aware of his views. After all, she is his wife. My guess is they both said the same things at home. Why does a white person have to be in charge anyway? It is not fair.

I personally know both of them to where I can tell you that is not true. I have known them all of my life, do you? A white person is not always in charge... take a look at our last president. You should not say such things, especially since you do not know what your talking about. And that is not his views whatsoever. You obviously do not personally know him and probably just read this article and assumed the worst, just like everyone else. What a shame.

White people have to be in charge.....

Black people have a propensity of things up when in charge........

"The two parties have combined against us to nullify our power by a ‘gentleman's agreement' of non-recognition, no matter how we vote ... May God write us down as asses if ever again we are found putting our trust in either the Republican or the Democratic Parties." -- W.E.B. Du Bois (1922). We are not colored we are not black we are DOS. Just because the hide behind the word Democratic don't mean we should vote for them. I'm Stephon Clark

National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People. This country is stupid. #togetherwearedumber

Hooray for John! The only Democrat with a brain in the whole USofA! John Parker for Mayor! and for Governor of Florida! and all you whiny Social Justice Warriors ... John says what 95% of America really believes and knows to be TRUE. If only the Democrat Party returned to its Dixiecrat roots, and ferreted out the commie-lib loser-class that occupies America's inner cities

But there is a serious problem with you point of view, this country was built on our backs. Now where is our check. Did we get paid for make this the greatest country? We have a justice claim that can't be denied.

Uncle ronny, you should take that *** out of your throat

Why don't you try moving to Greenland! Not a lot of black people there.

it needed to happen, as far as racism, well that will never cease until you see the elimination of things like African American Caucus and Legislative Black Caucus. They are the definition of racism by design... Could you imagine if there were a legislative white caucus? Minorities would be marching on the capitol. Point is, no one or race should get a leg up on any other. You want equality? End affirmative action, end segregated racial groups and the like. Give everyone a truly level playing field based on merits alone. That is the America that was envisioned by our creator and founding fathers. That is the America we should all support...

Hey dirt bag there is a white caucus. It's called the GOP . moron

Hi "Phil"!

LOL and his wife takes over! What a joke!

well I guess with ALL this LeftWing screaming Right Wing are Racists on anything they say...It's coming out NOW the real TRUTH who's RACIST....................Democrats.....and past history show's Democrats were against Civil Rights...& further back from there in Past KKK was started by Democrats...CANT ERASE THAT HISTORY no matter how many STATUES you takedown

That was the Dixiecrats moron . apparently you failed your history courses.

What the Hell are they "raising" in Duval County?!?!?...(Now, take "Phil cramer" here, for example...)

Tom Perez, Democrat National Committee Chair is a well known "stone" communist ! The Democrat Part is DEEP IN THE DRAIN (Will somebody please "flush"!)...

We love our socialists moron

We love our socialists moron

I like your socialist morons "Phil", they are the 'example' that puts we sane people in proper perspective.

Don't forget it was democrats that did not want civil rights

They were Dixiecrats moron.get your history correct you throatpie collector

...AAANNNDD Here's YOUR sign "Phil"! (I'd read it to you, but you'd be embarrassed, and so would be your family)

Must be "Royalty" wherein the "Queen" reigns when the "King" abdicates... ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with Duval County?!?!? OFF WITH HER HEAD ("pillow talk" is contageous, and so is racism: {at least that's what liberal Black Democrats CONSTANTLY tell us} Say it isn't so,...ANY OF IT ! )

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