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Do We in the #NeverTrump Class Keep Going ... Somehow?

May 4, 2016 - 1:00pm

Liz Mair and Make America Awesome, the anti-Trump SuperPAC among the GOP faithful, penned this note Wednesday morning about the 2016 presidential race, addressing the movement's tens of thousands of supporters:

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. Or Ohio. Or Colorado. Or any of the other number of states that have rejected Donald Trump.

We're in 2016, what looks likely to be the most disappointing, insane presidential contest in my lifetime.

As you start your day today, undoubtedly, you're going to be feeling a mixture of emotions: Shock, depression, anger, frustration and worry. ...

As you know, for months now, we have done our utmost to stop Donald Trump while the vast majority of GOP forces claiming to be terrified of him and staunchly opposed to him have sat on the sidelines, paralyzed with fear and incapable or unwilling to engage in any meaningful way to prevent his march towards the GOP nomination.

Thank you for not being one of those people -- even though it now looks overwhelmingly likely that the combined efforts of the #nevertrump movement will have failed.

Hopes now rest initially with John Kasich, of all people, and secondarily with GOP delegates -- who admittedly have only about 3,000 reasons not to make Donald Trump the Republican nominee, no matter how many of them are technically committed to voting for him on the first ballot, and no matter how much bribing and threatening he will do (and of course, that process is already well under way). We'll be hoping and praying here, and I imagine you'll be doing the same, despite the odds.

In the next 24 hours, I will be sending you a survey to get a better read on what our supporters and donors would like us to do from here. Some options may include:

-- Spending to engage individual delegates directly to urge them, if there is any opening for them to do so, to dump Trump and save the country from two terrible outcomes: Either a Trump or a Clinton presidency;

-- Shifting the focus of the PAC to bolstering candidates that we know will act as a block on any executive overreach -- particularly, but not exclusively, in the realm of civil liberties -- that Clinton or Trump might (or should I say "will") seek to engage in if elected;

-- Assisting in efforts to run (an) independent conservative candidate(s) in as many states as possible, to give voters an alternative to the really genuinely terrible options that now appear almost certain to be facing them; and/or

-- Simply standing down and calling it a day (which I'm guessing few of you will support -- still, it remains a theoretical option).

Personally, despite the very urgent, crisis-like situation now facing America with regard to our politics, I think taking a little breathing room will be a worthwhile endeavor. 

As for the Make America Awesome team ourselves, we can all safely say that we will not vote for Donald Trump in the general election (assuming that the party doesn't break the glass and take emergency action to stop him being nominated). But beyond that, a bit of contemplation is, I think, needed.

Again, thank you SO MUCH for all of your support -- financial, moral, emotional and otherwise -- over the past few months. You are literally the primary reason that Trump did not waltz to the nomination months ago; and if delegates ultimately do not nominate him, you will have been a primary factor in that outcome as well, regardless of what Make America Awesome specifically does from here on out.

PS: One thing we should all remember to do, regardless of what this superPAC does in terms of fundraising and paid efforts going forward, is contact any and all friends, family or colleagues in states that have yet to vote/caucus and tell them that painful though they may find it and seemingly pointless as it may appear, they need to show up on the day and support John Kasich. 

Anyone who's followed my public commentary knows that I have some significant policy differences with Kasich. But unlike Donald Trump, he is actually capable of doing the job of commander-in-chief, and appears to be a sane and vaguely rational human being with some comprehension of separation of powers and basic civil liberties, who has not been endorsed by Vladimir Putin. In addition, if he sticks around, at least people showing up at his events will get free hugs, instead of sucker punches and/or a festering mob mentality, and that has to be worth something in this environment.

If Kasich can pull out some wins or decent performances, it may yet stop Trump from amassing the delegates he needs to win on the first ballot at the convention. And heck, what is there to lose at this point?

Tell your friends, your family, and your colleagues. Until the delegates take a hard and fast decision, little things may still cumulatively count for something.

Liz Mair is a communications expert, new media adviser, political consultant and blogger. She currently is strategist for Make America Awesome, a SuperPAC dedicated to blocking and reversing Donald Trump’s political ascent.


Seriously, why would anyone care what Liz Mair thinks or fund her PAC which is just another political communications staff member or political analyst who wants to make far more money than they are worth. If half the money wasted on these self serving endeavors was channeled to real investments in this country then perhaps there would be some real light at the end of the tunnel. Short of that individuals like Liz Mair and over funded PACs merely reinforce that america, its political system, its economic system is serving everyone other than the citizens. And make no mistake about it PACs are funded by the large corporations and wealthy to distract citizens and to the extent possible assist in their de-evolution. We have the best politicians money can buy on both sides of the isle and the average citizen can't afford who do you think they work for. And after Liz uses all the $10 donations to buy expensive diners for large corporate and wealthy donors.... who do you think she works for?

Perhaps people are tired of the destructive, corrupt policies of the last 40 years that have damaged this great country so terribly. Perhaps people believe he is the one person that can change the aforementioned status quo. As an independent, that's what it looks like and that is what people are saying...

Well said, you just keep believing in the Clinton/Bush/Soros mantra - honey!

Sour grapes from the self-described woman who previously backed 3 unsuccessful candidates? "Liz served as Online Communications Director at the Republican National Committee during 2008, where she led an aggressive and groundbreaking online media outreach effort aimed at electing John McCain, Sarah Palin and Republicans across the country. During the 2010 cycle, she advised Carly Fiorina on online communications. She also consulted for Gov. Rick Perry during his presidential run."

When you run over 60,000 negative ads at some one and he still prevails you should ask yourself.. Why.. .. Media keeps lying saying people don't like him and he's un-electable.. but here he is.. Who is Lying? Looks like the media is lying because they are. Just like this story.. all garbage.. Anyone having a problem with fixing this country - please leave...

Trump is fascist. Should he somehow manage and manipulate to be elected, the GOP will no longer have to worry about elections - nor will what remains of our country. Hope at least some remember that the GOP was once the party of Lincoln.

NOBODY but NOBODY could have managed to win against all odds like Trump has done--not with manipulation or any other way. Trump is put there by Divine Purpose... period

This whole article made my Kasich. Stop screwing up the value of the Sunshine State emails.

Since your mind is made up, I don't want to confuse you with the facts. Your reasons for such dislike must be bound together with some horrible part of your life that you cannot admit to (even to yourself). I will be voting FOR trump, simply because he WILL help clean out the cesspool that Washington DC is. He's a Born Leader, and knows how NEGOTIATE, and Manage. Go cry yourself to sleep. Maybe when you wake up, you can look for something meaningful to do with your so-called "life".

AMEN - Thank you for a voice of reason.

THE EIGHT BEATITUDES OF JESUS "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Gospel of St. Matthew 5:3-10

The Republicans in Congress are terrified of Trump because they think their free food card may get yanked. Good. I have always suspected that Trump would be moderate on social and domestic issues and radical right on the military, Isis and the economy. Good. If he is elected I doubt we will see a shuffling of chairs while one scumbag politician gets replaced by another scumbag politician. Good. I was never a fan of the WALL. I would like gun turrets every couple thousand yards. See someone cross the border, kill them. I doubt you would have to kill many before that nonsense stopped dead in its tracks. Pun intended. Lot cheaper than a wall. We could do the same with doctors that specialize in ripping off Medicaid and Medicare. I doubt we would have to execute many of those scumbags before you would see a drastic decline in that kind of theft. Now that the path is clear I suspect that you will see a more presidential, more moderate and realistic Trump. With the muslim still in the White House I doubt we will see Hillary indicted. We have had poor presidents in the past. But I never thought we had one that did not love America. Obama does not even LIKE America. And it seems to me that if some grossly overpaid asshole actors from LA want to leave the country, God Speed. And if the fat, lesbian bitch porker Rosie O'Donnell can find another country willing to have her, good riddance. Maybe Mike Moore can travel with her. Try Somalia on for size. Trump is going to be president and it will be the best thing that has happened to the country since Ike.

Thank you for a voice of reason... Amen

Liz Mair, a "communications expert", a "New media advisor", a "political consultant and blogger", a "Strategist for 'Making America awesome SuperPac", (and ALL to stop Donald Trump)... You DO recognize Liz Mair, that you're a monumental failure ! (You might as well try adding "community organizer' to your large, but insignificant, resume, since apparently it all means nothing anyway...). I guess that since Cruiz abandoned you, the spittle and froth spraying from your angry mouth encouraged you to submit a colume to SSN (well. IT is 'second rate' too Liz. Maybe you just need a REAL job... Mr Trump will will fix THAT situation for you , as well as MANY others ALSO. (Excuse me for laughing at your plight;...but I can't help it since you. and your ilk, were so "cocksure" that you 'controlled' the election process... Well, you did,...but ONLY for the immature, the socialist kool-ade drinkers, the sick Hillary idolatry lemmings, the revisionist-history students, the feminist hoard who actually believe there is a "war on women" (where, incidentally the "only confirmed kill" belongs to Ted Kennedy). [Remember Liz, "Rationalization is the ket to happiness"...and I can tell from your column that you have ALREADY begun rationalizing.... GO TRUMP !]

Nailed it BIG TIME C Breeze!! You rock!

Thank you C Breeze, I could not have said it better. And, I probably would not have been as nice. The words idiot, uninformed, and egotistical come to mind when I think of Liz Mair. And I take great joy in realizing that she woke up this morning knowing that all her efforts were for naught. LOL LOL Go Trump!!

Wow! A little rough on Liz, no? You've given some fine ammunition to take advantage of but I think Liz now realizes her own strategy was worse than even she first thought! GO TRUMP!

The never Trump campaign was never a majority of the GOP. The millions of GOP voters attest to that. You might not like Trump but Hillary is certainly not the answer. Pull up your big panties and get behind the nominee that the majority favor and work to defeat Hillary.

Go to your 'safe place'...NOW !!!

Amazing this woman who was responsible for using Photos of Trump's wife in an very un-feminist and disgusting manner cannot grasp that her campaign to stop trump was never going to work, but she blames others, cannot be her fault Trump was not even in my top 5 at the outset but he is the presumptive nominee so Go Trump Can we assume that non-feminist Liz Mair supports the other non feminist in the race, the woman being investigated for treason by the FBI Hillary Clinton ?

Picture my lips close together as I blow air through them...phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooey! In your little diatribe above you say; "As you know, for months now, we have done our utmost to stop Donald Trump while the vast majority of GOP forces claiming to be terrified of him and staunchly opposed to him have sat on the sidelines, paralyzed with fear and incapable or unwilling to engage in any meaningful way to prevent his march towards the GOP nomination" And again I'll say phooey to that! Considering the primaries, it is blatantly obvious the "vast majority of GOP" actually have supported his campaign, and will do so all the way to the White House. Yes, I'm a card carrying member of the GOP, however I have been begging for a major change and shake-up within the party nationally, but more so in Florida! Unfortunately, my party's leaders have grown complacent regarding the views of so many members. We've grown tired and weary of false promises and delusional behaviors by many of our leadership. It's time to change that around and maybe, supporting Mr. Trump may be distasteful to some but NOT the "vast majority". Hopefully, the GOP leadership has taken notes along the way and actually are beginning to realize that it's the members who run our party and not those in leadership who are there simply to guide the party along the lines of what we, the members, want! Disagree all you like as I have many friends who do, but know that the "vast majority" have, and are supporting Mr. Trump. GO TRUMP!

You gave her a Bronx cheer?

It appears you have thrown away a lot of good money on this losing strategy. #NeverThrowGoodMoneyAfterBad P.S. Kasich just dropped out.

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