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The DNC Is Destined to Fail, as Usual

February 26, 2017 - 10:00am

Let's face it, the establishment wing of the Democratic Party cares about two things: its position and its power, and there was no way in hell it was going to let anyone come between it and what it has torn down the party all these years to get.

Especially not a Black Muslim.

Never mind the fact that the Democrats have been decrying Donald Trump and his Muslim ban as hateful, racist, and bigoted. 

If the establishment has to spread a little hateful, racist, bigoted, Islamophobia to get what it wants, it's OK, right? Because they are DEMOCRATS.

The racist, bigoted rules that apply to Republicans don't apply to them because, well, they are Democrats.

Keith Ellison
Keith Ellison

Make no mistake about it, Keith Ellison is not the chair of the Democratic National Committee because of a combination of things.

First is the racist bigotry of a group of people who couldn't stand the thought that a Black Muslim would be leading the Democratic Party.

The Alan Dershowitzes of the Democratic Party, you know, the ones who threaten to leave, should let the doorknob hit them where the good Lord split them.

Get out. Go. Leave. 

They are just as racist and bigoted as they claim Donald Trump is, yet establishment Democrats will condone their despicable behavior, and the despicable behavior of those who waged that smear campaign against Keith Ellison, all for money.

Speaking of money.

Tom Perez
Tom Perez

That's what drove the Clinton/Obama wing to insert into the race Tom Perez, who is nothing more than Debbie Wasserman Schultz with XY chromosomes.

Nothing will change with the DNC.

Ellison had the momentum, and the guys giving the Democrats the big bucks who also suffer from Islamophobia, had to, again, stop that at all costs.

So, like they did in Florida with Dwight Bullard and Stephen Bittel, they had to find a viable candidate to run against Ellison.

They used President Obama this time, since Podesta-stamped candidate Jaime Harrison turned out to be a big fat dud.

Let's be clear, folks.

President Obama didn't care about the DNC.

He did not give a rat's crack about the DNC.

He didn't use them in his first election, nor did he use them in his second.

He let the DNC wither on the vine. Furthermore, he left a clearly toxic Debbie Wasserman Schultz in place, after she showed she not only was losing seats across the country, but she ran a losing strategy that kept candidates away from HIM.

So this newfound love of President Obama's for the DNC isn't passing the smell test with me.

He was helping someone out all right, but it wasn't the DNC.

When 2018 rolls around and Democrats get crushed, the establishment will blame everyone and everything except its own blind greed.

Establishment Democrats have clearly gotten comfortable with losing, as long as they maintain their position and power within the rotting party.

And make no mistake, it is rotting from the head, just like a fish!

Deputy chair?

Ha! Progressives should be tired of these bones the establishment throws. It's time for some actual MEAT!

What in the entire hell does a deputy chair do? Fetch Perez's coffee in the morning?

They threw a bone with the fake title they gave Clyburn. Remember that?

They threw a bone with the fake title they gave Bernie. Remember that?

They need our votes. They just don't want our voices.


Not today. 

In a 12- step program you have to hit rock bottom before you realize you have a problem.

One would think Establishment Dems would see Trump is rock bottom.

One would think ...

(Editor's note: Listen for Leslie Wimes at 6 a.m. EST Monday on NPR.)

Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


Typical answer from Leslie Times who simply has no idea how to give a thankful answer! "Given a bone" is exactly all Mr Ellison is worth. Mr. Perez has a long and hard row to hoe so why not offer something to move the Democrat's process along? Only the likes of Ms. Wimes would scream about it, continually making her look foolish.! The Dems will never recover from the 2016 political year's devastation as quickly as they'd like, especially if they continue to block the President at every turn.

The Democrat Political Party has been failing since "Reconstruction", and aside from periodic spurts of "internal light" they are now "circling the drain" just like Lincoln's Whig Party did "back in the day". When I see keith Ellison, my mind immediately brings up Louis Farrakhand's "Nation of Islam", to whom Ellison was a loyak acolyte (NOT a good picture in today's ruptured culture). Despite Ellison being "seconded" to the Communist/Socialist, Thomas Perez (Obama's former Cabinet Secretary of the Dept. of Labor); these two are factually the "Kiss of Death" to the foundering Democrat Party. Miss Wimes, historically speaking: How much abuse and negative manipulation by the Democrat Party can Blacks continue to take and absorb before they realize they are on the wrong set of tracks, going in the wrong direction, looking into oncoming headlights? (Not too much more I'll wager...)! "The land of the free", and "Opportunity options" DO NOT reside in the current Democrat Party, unless you are a prevaricating politician...

that's OK, the right will find a way to screw things up like both parties have historically done and the pendulum will swing back to the left...

Search for the DNC election video where Ms. Brazile explains.....“We have to make sure that we can not just count the ballots but verify every name and signature,” Brazile said as party members began applauding. “And I want to make sure that at the conclusion of all of our votes, that you, the members of this party, will be able to review those ballots.” Hypocrisy like this is why I left the party.

As an independent, it is easy to see why the DNP is falling fast, divisiveness, candidate propping and racial divide. Shoot, fools have even openly indicated on here that they will clearly promote and vote for the other party's candidate. This is the definition of dysfunction...classic.

If the Dems could find someone more divisive than Debbie What's-her-name Schultz to alienate Independents more, this is the choice. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot, by electing Perez, who as Labor Secretary did nothing to save American jobs, they are even more exposed as a radical progressive element to obfuscate Trumps efforts to resurrect a vibrant economy and to keep us safe. Sad, very sad.

Democrats? or "Socialists"? If you Live in America, Trump IS your President. Women's rights? YOU ALREADY HAVE THEM, open your eyes. The Have-Nots? Jobs are being created every minute, get a Job! UNDERSTAND - America is a Constitutional Republic. That means we follow the rule of law, and are a Sovereign Country, with genuine BORDERS. My Grandfather came to Ellis Island in -1892-!!! He followed the law, learned English, built a small company (that grew quite large over 70 years). He was AMERICAN, with roots in Austria. HE FOLLOWED THE LAW!

Well that's a whole bunch of nothing. Please explain how following the dictates of a political party has anything remotely to do what's the rule of law.

"Jonny-cake", it is clear from your occasional comments that you just don't get it!

I don't see it as racism. The fact is, without the Jewish vote and money, I don't think anyone could get elected in New York and without NY, you might as well forget about winning any national election.

and without progressives... Well you have seen how well they have done over the last 20 years. You need us more than we need the establishment. It took the Republicans less than 4 years to get rid of the Whigs. You guys will be much easier. Its a house of cards. Nobody left can do the heavy lifting,. You should've learned to compromise. Too late.

And South Florida

Thank goodness Ellison or Shamu Green are not going to run the DNC Chair. Perez should be fun to watch....... Hey they need somebody to fill the gap!

Don't hold your breath waiting for the likes of (the disheveled) Brazile and the anchorpersons to pronounce Pérez's name correctly, the first syllable tonic.

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