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Difference in Approach


Yes, jobs as you describe, but jobs that pay enough so that a parent does not have to work 3 of them to put bread on the table and never be home for their children. Do you think Trump understands that? He is one of the corporate idiots who schedule people for 12.5 hours per week so he won't have to pay for health insurance and then tells employees that they have to be available any time the job requires. No security, longevity, nothing. This is what you all think is taking care of each other in society. But wait, you all have yours... Who cares about everyone everyone else?? Live off of the government? No one can live, period. If the private sector would care about workers again, we would not have so many families on free and reduced lunch. Do you know that close to 50% of school children in the state of Florida qualify for this program? Is this your Trump Utopia? I call it the Great Depression.

I know many that only have kids "they can afford to raise..." One school of thought: It should not be the government nor the taxpayers burden. ...I know, it's that dreaded personal responsibilty thing!

Your anger is mis-directed. Globalist elites from both parties and their corporate and union sponsors have given us thirty years of so-called free-trade deals which have destroyed the greatest manufacturing nation on earth (with its inherent high-wage, abundant, skilled jobs) and replaced it with a low-wage service economy (you want fries with that?) that brings everyone down to the poverty level while the oligarchy gets rich. Ironically, and what you have totally missed, both Donald and Bernie recognize this and both make this issue a central theme of their campaigns. The difference is in which economic system each intends to utilize NATIONALLY to restore a sovereign economy. And yes, that does mean the difference between a gold-plated race car and a Soviet-era piece of junk, and the attendant wages that will be paid to the workers who make them.

Made in America, for America, by Americans. Yes Bernie we need factory jobs, retail jobs, office jobs.. We can't all live off the Government..

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