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DeSantis Announces His Transition Advisory Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture

December 3, 2018 - 5:15pm
Ron DeSantis, Brian Mast and Jeanette Nunez
Ron DeSantis, Brian Mast and Jeanette Nunez

Governor-elect Ron DeSantis and Lt. Governor-elect Jeanette Nuñez today announced the names of more than 40 advisors who will serve on the Transition Advisory Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture. 

The list is comprised of policy experts, state leaders and executives who will advise the administration and help shape the future of Florida's policies to restore and protect our state's unique environment, natural resources and agriculture industry.

Congressman Brian Mast will chair the Transition Advisory Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture. When selected, Mast made the following statement:

"I look forward to working with Governor-elect DeSantis again, as we did in Congress, to protect Florida’s natural environment. We will work tirelessly to help start his administration off on the right foot."

Members of the Transition Advisory Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture include:

  • BOB BAILEY, President of Facilities & Urban Environments Market, CH2M HILL Companies, Ltd. 
  • ERNIE BARNETT, Executive Director, Florida Land Council and Principal, Water and Land Advisors, Inc.
  • MIKE BEALE, Senior Vice President & Regional Manager of Orlando Operations, Highwoods Properties Inc. 
  • RON BERGERON, Founder & CEO, Bergeron Family of Companies 
  • KEN BRYAN, State Director, Florida Field Office, Rails to Trails Conservancy 
  • BRITTANY PERKINS CASTILLO, CEO, Ashbritt Environmental 
  • TRACY DUDA CHAPMAN, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, General Counsel, A. Duda & Sons 
  • ERNIE COX, President, Family Lands Remembered, LLC and Director, Florida Earth Foundation
  • The Honorable STEVE CRISAFULLI, Former Speaker, Florida House of Representatives 
  • RON EDWARDS, President & CEO, Evans Properties, Inc. 
  • ERIK EIKENBERG, CEO, Everglades Foundation 
  • ANTHONY FARHAT, President, PGI Homes LLC 
  • ROGER GERMANN, President & CEO, Florida Aquarium 
  • MARYAM GHYABI-WHITE, Vice President of Florida Operations, Alfred Benesch & Co. 
  • MATT GRIFFIN, East Coast Sales & Product Development, United Genetics Seeds Co. 
  • ALEX JOHNS, President, Florida Cattleman's Association and Natural Resources Director, Seminole Tribe
  • MATT JORDAN, General Manager, Tampa Bay Water 
  • JOSH KELLAM, Commissioner, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and President of the Florida Division, ESG Enterprises
  • STEVE KELLY, Manager, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company 
  • MICHAEL KENNEDY, President, Ranger Construction Industries, Inc. and Director, Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County
  • CURT KISER, Commissioner, Public Employee Relations Commission 
  • GASTON MARQUEVICH, Founder & CEO, Optimum Agriculture 
  • JOHN MIKLOS, President, Bio-Tech Consulting, Inc. 
  • TEMPERINCE MORGAN, Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy
  • The Honorable JOE NEGRON, Former President, Florida Senate 
  • DAN O'KEEFE, Partner, Shutts & Bowen, LLP and Board Member, East Central Florida Regional Planning Council
  • MAURICE PEARSON, Vice President, Senior Scientist, MSE Group 
  • The Honorable JAKE RABURN, Former Representative, Florida House of Representatives 
  • DAN RICHEY, President & CEO, Riverfront Packing Company 
  • BO RIVARD, Commissioner, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Partner, Harrison, Rivard, Duncan & Buzzett
  • SCOTT SHEPHERD, Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Guest Services, Inc. 
  • MICHAEL SOLE, Vice President, Environmental Services, NextEra Energy
  • JIM SPRATT, Owner, Magnolia Strategies LLC 
  • EILEEN STUART, Shareholder, Hopping Green & Sams 
  • JIM SWANN, Vice Chair, Eckerd Connects 
  • BEN TAUBE, Managing Director, Policy and Legislative Affairs, Ygrene Energy Fund 
  • NOAH VALENSTEIN, Secretary, Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • NICK WILEY, Chief Conservation Officer, Ducks Unlimited, Inc 
  • KEITH WOLD, Attorney, Private Investor  


This is a laundry list of Big Ag and Phosphate Mining interests; this is NOT a list of people who are going to put the ecological disaster gripping our state first. Ron DeSantis is just another greedy politician who will be lining his pockets with the continued poisoning of our water and land and the catastrophic loss of our fisheries and tourism industries.

This is truly a sad state of affiars here as we polute, with phosphates, sugar and industrial waste water by giving big corporate breaks and incentives so these organizations who destroy our enviroment get off the hook by giving dollars to the state and line a couple pockets. As a matter of fact we can severely reduce or elminate phosphate production waste water but The Mosaic Company rather pay the fees than solve the problem. Why would they need to solve a water issue when all they need to do is pay a fine. Does anyone really care other than a broad political statement with no followthrough or resolve..... again so sad when we can solve....

Please do not appoint people who are fighting against cleaning up our water. You promised you would clean up this mess, do the right thing and follow through.


why the hell is a Elaine Stuart on this list she is a lawyer who represents Mosaic who is trying to strong-arm DeSoto County into expanding phosphate mining this is a conflict of interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As promised President Trump should drain the swamp and not allow to install a deeper one like hell in FL!


Please do not allow any continuation of Mosaic mining in Fl. It all needs to stop to start the healing process for our ground and wildlife and marine life.

Trump SHOULD have an interest in this state. It's his home away from the W.H. Why would you pick someone who is connected to Mosaic to be on your staff? They, along with big sugar are literally DESTROYING this state. You need to answer to the people & stop them..NOW!

Is it even possible to pick a longer "special interests List" to "run our State" before before we even 'START' "right out of the gate"?!?!?... ("Revisions" are in order Gov. DeSantis,... "transparency" doesn't mean revealing who you're "selling out to" even before the "starting gun" goes off... (If the current "guiding philosophy" is that it's easier to "hide the vultures" among longer "lists",...then YOU need to 'start' by picking a MUCH BETTER "guiding philosopher"...) {WE BE WATCHING !}

Desantis- WHERE are the SCIENTISTS in your transition team????? Please don't make the people give you a nickname like "Red Tide Rick" (we can and we will, if you are not for us) We are OVER this Bull $hit and have had enough!! Please prove us wrong and the fix our waters, everglades, and air quality.... Oh and by the way, someone who represents Monsanto, IE: EILEEN STUART, should be no where near your transition team unless you plan to take them down. END MOSAIC & MONSANTO.....they are NO GOOD for our environment and welfare of our state. Also REGULATIONS NEED TO BE PLACED AND ALL OTHER COROTATIONS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR CORRUPTION AND POLLUTION.... ***NO FINES, THAT DOESN'T WORK!! SHUT THEM DOWN!!! Things have got to change and I will hound you everyday, along with others I'm sure, to make our voices heard. Be the person who makes change, instead of the one receiving a nickname for shame!

We voted you in and now you pick for your committee all Corporate personal. Even the Attorneys that work for the Biggest Polluter in the State. We where counting on you to Clean our State up. Not hire the Dumpers . I hope you got a plan cause the players in this one is disappointing.

All the lawyers on this list would make better "chum" at the bottom of Florida's never ending water problems instead of allowing them to continue deficating on our water surface.

Good Lord...please prove us all wrong and actually do something to restore the mess we are in. FL is in dire straits and it is in your hands something to be proud of. We are out of time

For some reason this list does not give the citizens warm fuzzy feelings of security or like this is going to end anytime soon. There are several on this list that are a conflict of interest. As an example Eileen Stuart, this woman is an attorney and has represented Mosaic. For those of you who don't know mosaic is one of the biggest polluters in the state of Florida from phosphate extraction. Is it any wonder that voter confidence is down? Republicans are red, Democrats are blue, neither party, gives a hoot about you! We're giving them the opportunity to fix this and the only way to resolve it is to put a stop to the pollution source. We can no longer coexist with phosphate mining, Monsanto commercial farming practice, and big sugar. Every government agency has failed us if we just had two agencies that did their job we wouldn't be in this predicament.

Please help save our waters!!!

Garett Ramy... Eileen is a great person and extremely knowledgeable about state environmental issues. You make broad, sweeping statements about Florida’s phosphate industry but have little evidence what you said is true.

Ck again grasshopper!!! Mr. Ramy knows exactly what he is speaking about.

Where are the SCIENTISTS????????

No 'community organizer' types. Good list.

Please start with strict regulations on large companies that pollute our waters. And have a very forceful water Task force that checks up on these companies. Shut Phosphate mining down. There are better ways to produce crops without the use of this fertilizer. Mosaic has contaminated our drinking and swimming waters. Thank you.

Can a Republican governor have a "real" advisory committee on the environment, natural resources, and agriculture without solid representation from Mosaic and Florida Crystals? (Just reverse EVERYTHING that Scott and Putnam did! Don't need any advisory committee!)

Please reverse the course we are currently in by making Florida's water blue again. Zero tolerance for polluters. Tourism is our greatest resource not the Sugar industry or Mosaic. Please help save the Gulf from seismic blasting and Fracking.

Our hope and trust are with you, governor. Please restore our paradise.

Put all the water regulations BACK that KILLER RICK SCOTT Deregulated. Ban Mosaic Mining, and Big Sugar .

Just wondering how many of these folks live and work in NW FL, Florida's other time zone? NW FL does not include Tallahassee

I didn't see anyone I recognize from the Panhandle.

Because there aren’t any. Unless you count Rivard whose law firm as we speak is lobbying to allow private access by a neighboring gated housing development through Topsail Preserve State Park, something that was shut down a few years ago but is oddly back again.

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