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DeSantis Announces 'Deregathon,' a War-Strategy Powwow on Regulations

January 24, 2019 - 12:30pm
Ron DeSantis and Halsey Beshears
Ron DeSantis and Halsey Beshears

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday a first step he believes will ensure a brighter future for Florida’s economy. DeSantis recently wrote to the members of Florida’s 23 professional licensing boards, calling on them to join him, Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez and Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) Secretary Halsey Beshears on Thursday, Jan. 31 at Valencia College in Orlando for a one-day event he has called “Florida Deregathon.” 

The purpose, DeSantis said, is to find solutions to harmful regulations facing Floridians.

During Florida Deregathon, there will be no official vote or action taken by the respective boards. Each board will work to identify and recommend unnecessary regulations that can be immediately eliminated. 

“Florida is one of the most attractive states in the nation to do business, but unnecessary government regulations create a burden upon our businesses, both small and large,” he explained. “Aggressive and appropriate deregulation is a top priority of my administration. Aside from hurting our businesses, harmful regulations are costly, stifle competition and limit our labor pool. I look forward to working with the boards to see what can be done to keep Florida on a trajectory toward continued prosperity.”

Added Nuñez, “Having served for eight years in the Florida House of Representatives, I understand all too well the impact harmful regulations have on individuals and businesses alike. It is our duty to foster an environment conducive to economic growth and success for all Floridians. To that end, we ask that the licensing boards come up with sound, pertinent solutions to the regulatory challenges facing our great state.”

“As a business owner and entrepreneur, I know from experience that needless regulations act as a damper on Florida’s economy and disproportionately affect small businesses,” said Beshears. “I look forward to hearing ... about ways we can eliminate burdensome requirements and craft a common-sense approach to regulating business in the state of Florida.”   

A PDF copy of the letter DeSantis wrote to the members of Florida’s 23 professional licensing boards can be found by clicking here.


Another good move by DeSantis. We do not need government to tell us how to lead our lives. Those people who support more government have NO idea about what made this country great in the first place.

Over the State's years, MANY "poor" decisions have been made into "codified Law" that is useless, incorrect, or plain stupid. Please Governor - clean the books of trash!

over 20 years in banking PLEASE look at Congress approval of the use of 'DNS' Domain Name Services a marketing tool now FEIN or EIN usually from a Foreign Headquarters this included FINANCIAL SERVICES & INSURANCE. The GLB Act another Congress mistake all former S&L's have moved themselves into Foreign Private Equity Firms their Weatlth Management Ads should be a warning my last employment an S&L taken over calling itself a Community Bank and now closed after becoming a National Bank and selling it to and international Investment Bank. Older Bank Customers do not understand the 'language' place in brochures and why I retired-this took place before the 2008 housing crisis. Already in a Fl only Commercial Bank on Black October 1987-warned that customers will be upset, because I worked on Island Estates & Clearwater Beach not one customer was concerned. They did not reach the ages of this customer base by being Stupid investments in real estate of all kinds.

as long as the deregulation makes sense, great, but lest us not forget the previous housing crisis and recession in large part prompted by the deregulation of the banking and mortgage industries. Businesses at times must be checked as most will do anything in pursuit of the mighty dollar, even steal from seniors and Medicare as evidenced by our previous Gov's largest fines in history while president of HCA/Columbia. How quickly we forget the past and often make the same mistakes over and over, sort of like the epic fail of the last 40 years, trickle down economics, part 22...

Deregulation had nothing to do with the housing bubble. More regulations did. Our government causes the problems then is invoked to fix the problems that they cause. The cycle continues.

As a state employee that inspects your restaurants, this frightens me. We have such limited resources to enforce basic codes now I can't imagine what they will cut.

Thank you Governor DeSantis, this is why we elected you.

This is bu**sh**! One only has to look around at the contemporary scene and it becomes very clear very quickly that this whole country needs more "regulation", not less! More order. More enforcement of the laws. More accountability. Much better command and control! De-regulation at all levels = chaos and disorder at all levels.

WOW,..You really ARE a socialist fool "VBlue"; American CITIZENS' "laws" and "regulation" are rightly derived solely from our U.S. Constitution....(focus on the word "derived", 'VBlue' )

Exactly where does "socialism" come into a "law and order" stance, Ace?

Sooo VotedBlue…...which flight to China are you taking otta here???

Holy Cow! A 'Goldwater' dinosaur! (You know, China is experiencing a 'Dinosaur Boom' right now! More than 40 new species have been found there in recent years ... more than in any other country!)

Jawohl Herr VotedBlue. (sound of heels clicking together) We need to round up the non compliant enemies of the state and re-educate them properly.

Naw! I'm just not an Ayn Rand-type anarchist ... nor a fan of "de-regulation" ... ESPECIALLY when that de-regulation eliminates or reduces consumer protections ... you know, like Shouldbeenafelon Scott's evisceration of the Clean Water Act in this state! And, Herr Drumpf is the despotic hell-clicker around here!

I hope he has all his regulation in order to hold such a meeting.

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