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Democrats in the Legislature Back Ryan Torrens for Attorney General

August 15, 2017 - 10:45am
Amy Mercado, Ryan Torrens and John Cortes
Amy Mercado, Ryan Torrens and John Cortes

Democrats in the Florida Legislature, especially those from his Central Florida home turf, are starting to fall in line behind attorney Ryan Torrens’ bid to be the state’s next attorney general. 

Rep. Amy Mercado, D-Orlando, announced on Tuesday that she was backing Torrens who is, so far, the only Democrat in the race to replace Attorney General Pam Bondi who faces term limits. 

“The people of District 48 and all across Florida need a fighter and champion like Ryan Torrens who will fight for them as their attorney general,” Mercado said. “He has fought for his clients against the biggest banks in this country and will fight for all Floridians when he’s elected.”

“As a mother, wife, and businesswoman, I fully support Ryan Torrens as our new attorney general in Tallahassee,” Mercado added.

For his part, Torrens welcomed the Orange County legislator’s support. 

“Representative Mercado is a strong voice for good paying jobs and economic security, and if elected as the next Florida attorney general, I will be proud to fight alongside her for these same issues,” Torrens said. “The people of Florida need leaders in Tallahassee who will fight for the interests of every single Floridian, not just the special interests or the largest corporations. Together, Representative Mercado and I will ensure that all voices are heard in Tallahassee.”

Mercado becomes the second legislator to endorse Torrens in recent days. Last week, Rep. John Cortes, D-Kissimmee, announced that he was backing Torrens.

“As a retired corrections officer and a state legislator, I fully endorse Ryan for this important cabinet position,” Cortes said. “He has a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing Floridians, from consumer rights to the opioid crisis. I am confident if Ryan is elected, he will fight to protect all Floridians.”

So far Torrens is the only Democrat running for attorney general though attorney Mitchell Berger, who has raised money for the party, has opened the door to getting in the race

On the Republican side, state Rep. Jay Fant of Jacksonville and former Judge Ashley Moody are running for attorney general. Attorney Bill Wohlsifer, who was the Libertarian Party’s candidate in 2014, could opt for a second bid for attorney general. 

So far, Torrens is not keeping up with his two Republican opponents in the money chase. As of the end of July, Torrens has raised almost $29,000 but spent almost $12,450 of that amount. Moody has raised more than $607,7000 and spent almost $16,000. Fant has raised more than $163,600 and spent around $5,450. 



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It is a FACT that Pam Bondi is one of the VERY BEST AG's that ANY State has ever seen! Do you want a GREAT AG? For sure the Socialist Left does NOT.

Democrat political candidates for ANY political office?????...NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!! We already have enough (and more than our share) of obstructive & destructive Democrat "empty suits" in ALL of our "political arenas" in America.....It is WITHOUT DOUBT "TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMPS" in Washington, D.C. and those surrounding every "State House" in AMERICA. signed//: "A Recovering Democrat"

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