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Nancy Smith

Debbie Whatsshedonenow Schultz: Her Image Is Back in the Toilet

July 26, 2017 - 9:00am
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Donald Trump gets a break today. Instead of the political paparazzi circling the White House,  they'll be chasing down Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Well, some of them, anyway.

The apparently trusting Florida congresswoman and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman has some 'splainin' to do -- namely, why she kept IT aide Imran Awan on her congressional staff payroll until Tuesday -- the day after Awan was arrested on bank fraud charges while trying to leave the country.

Awan was detained Monday at Dulles Airport. He was promptly arraigned and surrendered his passport.

Fox News was the first to report the arrest; The Hill newspaper wasn't far behind.  

I Beg to Differ

The difference between Wasserman Schultz and other House Democrats who employed Awan for his Internet services is ... they fired him in March, she kept him on until Tuesday, July 25 -- that's yesterday -- even though Awan had been barred from accessing the House's computer system since February.

What does an IT guy do in a congresswoman's office when he's not allowed to touch a relevant computer?

As soon as the Capitol Police announced they were investigating Awan as central to a criminal scheme "that involved double-charging the House for IT equipment ..." his network of employers (minus DWS) dropped him like the hot rock he was. 

More troubling, the investigation involves a possible connection between Awan and House information exposed online.

Hina Alvi, Awan's wife, and three other House aides, including Abid Awan and Jamal Awan, relatives of Imran Awan, and Rao Abbas, are all linked to the criminal investigation.

Awan and his family have worked for House Democrats for years, apparently. Awan declared bankruptcy in 2012, but has made millions of dollars on the House payroll over at least a decade of work for various members, according to a Politico report.

A spokesperson for Wasserman Schultz confirmed Awan was fired on Tuesday.

“Mr. Awan previously served as an employee in our office, but his services have been terminated," Wasserman Schultz' spokesman David Damron said in a statement.

Few details have been released since the investigation was first reported in February 2017, but the New York Observer claims many have speculated Wasserman Schultz is involved "due to a tense exchange between her and the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police over a laptop from her office being held as evidence." Last week, DWS finally cooperated with authorities to grant them access to a laptop, the Observer writes, though it’s uncertain if the laptop in question is the same one Wasserman Schultz argued with the U.S. Capitol police chief over.

"Awan clearly went to great lengths to cover his tracks, but it’s unclear what his motives were," reporter Michael Sainato wrote.

A spokesman for Wasserman Schultz's office told Politico in March that Awan worked for the staff in an "advisory" role, “providing advice on technology issues.”

What on earth was going on in Wasserman Schultz's head? What would make her keep Awan around after February?

Didn't she lose her position with the party -- resign in disgrace -- because the Russians hacked the DNC office computers, exposing her Hillary Clinton bias? Wouldn't she want to keep an IT technician under investigation for criminal activities like exposing House information, far, far away from her congressional office?

And please, let's hope we don't hear the Weston congresswoman lament that Awan is innocent until proved guilty. That might work for an IT guy employed in a hardware store. But in the United States Capitol, every single federal employee, Wasserman Schultz included, is a protector of the national interest.

This investigation into her former IT aide, now with the FBI involved, has further tarnished her reputation. Despite Wasserman Schultz's efforts to revive her image, here she is again -- painting herself as a corrupt, out-of-touch politician who represents the worst of the Democratic Party. 

As the Observer points out: "Her continued presence in Democratic leadership impedes the party’s reform and ensures that voters’ lack of trust for Democrats -- which stemmed from her leadership at the DNC -- remains."

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


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First encountered DWS many years ago in Tallahassee when she was elected a state representative. It took about 5 seconds to figure her to be trouble. She's an enemy of truth and American freedom.

Where are the "Adlai Stevenson type Statesmen" when we sorely need them????????

C'mon Pembroke Pines and Aventura,...It's time to get rid of "Medusa" Wasserman Schultz!!! She's a moron making your voters look stupid or brain-dead. 14 years of tolerating this "room temperature IQ" idiot is evidence that it's time for change !

Back in the toilet? She always has been and is the toilet.

I wonder if the Awan crew is behind the DNC leaked emails.

What has NOT been mentioned here is the undisputed evidence of the Collusion between Liberal Demo-Cultist Loonies and the National / local Media's desire NOT to report this Real News!! Had this been any other party affiliated representative, the local Toilet Tissue Newspapers posing as Journalists would have been ALL over this. I read / saw Nothing!! Let's not Forget we also got Nothing from the Florida Alphabet Television Networks either. Agencies that have a Duty and Obligation to Report the News on behalf of ALL Americans on the Publics Airwaves constantly and continually BETRAY America, Betray the People, and Betray themselves................Now that's Real NEWS....BUT Disgusting News!!

Face facts - DSW serves the voters in her district --- her district is largely democRATic, consisting of rich retired NY Jews and a smattering of illegal immigrants. I am not picking on the Jewish people - it is just fact that their politics are overwhelmingly Socialist Liberal.

Daily Caller has been covering this story since May. Here's some links: Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes -------------------- House Aid Suspected Of Treason Hides In Foreign Country ------------------------------- ---------------------------- Democratic Aide Suspected Of Major Security Breach Under Government Protection In Pakistan -------------------------------- The Awans are “accused of stealing equipment from members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network,” Many of the Democrats who employed the Awans are members of the House Committee on Homeland Security, the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Hina Alvi, her husband Imran Awan, and his brothers Abid and Jamal were highly paid shared IT administrators working for multiple House Democrats until their access to congressional IT systems was terminated by the Capitol Police Feb. 2 as a result of the investigation. Their positions gave them access to members’ emails and confidential files. In addition, Imran was given the password for an iPad used by then-Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat. The five came to the U.S. from Pakistan.

It appears that Debbie W Schultz has an amount between Feb. and today to pay back to my government. Why was Debbie keeping this afgan IT, his wife, and his relatives? What did millions of dollars paid to them give America? What do they have on Debbie? What did they steal? They stole equipment.... as found in Feb.? Why were they not in jail along with the criminal Obama. Hey media.............. get after their asses before we start identifying you for not doing your job? Is it your editor I need to indict or you ?

The point being missed is the name and heritage of Imran Awan and his family connections that are working inside the beltway for the Democrats!! And we wonder why information is being leaked out to our enemies??? Where has all the millions gone that this alleged radical Muslim made while working for our own government. Is there a better reason for patriotic Americans to get theses democrats out of office in 2018, and also focus on the specific republicans that are not much better, and give them their marching orders too? Its time to get people in office that will make the tough calls. That is what is needed to save America from the past 8 yrs. of failed leadership.

Imran Awan and his family are of Pakistani heritage.

A Muslim by any other name, is still a Muslim.

DWS is a Democrat. FREE PASS. Now what did Trump have for breakfast?!?!

Hope she stays and gets reelected if for no other reason the conservative base and media can focus on her the way the libs focus on Trump.

Sorry, can't agree. NO REELECTION! Instead, I'm sure she has broken a number of laws and should be Charged, Arrested and stand Trial for each one. Incarceration would fit her well... and leave James Comey looking for a new girlfriend.

If she's Comey's girlfriend,...Let's hope & pray there are no children of this liaison.... (That could really screw up the "gene pool"!!).

How can this district keep voting for such a poor representative as DWS? She doesn't even have ties to Florida and uses her position as a simple DNC operative inside the swam-way. I live there and believe me it is a swamp and creatures like DWS are exactly what the POTUS is trying to drain out. This case is going to get bigger before it goes away, it creating a huge buzz here DC and a whole bunch of representatives are lawyer-ing up because they enabled this guy because of the dirt he has on them. Stand by - this is going to be fun to watch as the cascade starts!

Special Ed IT.... its why DC will NEVER be secure and always leak like a Pakistani boat.

Time to drain the swamp. Republicans - where are you? If we don't take advantage now, we are as lame brained as the Dems who control Broward County. We need a strong Trump pragmatic conservative to run against Wasserman Schultz . Hope the Feds follow leads on this Afghan guy and his IT family. Maybe it will lead to the REAL leakier who gave email info to Wikileaks. Might not be Russia at all! Just a thought....

Yeah, and Russia is our friend too...

She is and has always been an idiot. She is and what has been wrong with the Democratic party for a long time now. They are no longer the party for the working man (and woman). What I would term Conservative Democrats. They have morphed into this ultra-liberal mess with no direction or integrity. They need a hero...and fast. The alternative is the constantly lying, looking for any excuse to blame someone else, no integrity, likely traitor, "fake president" Trump...

To refer to the Democratic Party as "ultra liberal" is ridiculous in the extreme. The modern Democratic Party is a species of corporate, neo-liberal (ultra-capitalist) war mongers. Actually, there is only one party in our Potemkin Village democracy. It has two factions, two cheeks of the same ass.

Wow Charlie, you need to get out more comrade...

And you, Chuck, need to get of the propaganda bubble. How are the parties different on issues of money? War policy - identical tools of Northrup Grummond Boeing et al Banking policy identical tools of Goldman Sachs Citigroup et al Energy Policy identical tools of Exxonmobil Koch bros et al Healthcare policy - identical tools of Aetna Athem et al I could go on...

Chuck, I got your back. I'm a DemExit. If Trump voters would agree with people like you and me that the problem is not D vs. R but oligarchy v. THE REST OF ALL OF US, we could unite to truly drain the swamp. I could vote, almost, for an old-time conservative if i had to, although for the forseeable future, I'll be voting for anyone who refuses any corporate financing, believes that we should have access to the same health care as John McCain et. al, and that person understands that it's not red v. blue but the 99% against the 1% and the .01%. It's so damned obvious..........

The "back" I have is Charlie, not Chuck... sorry--although Chuck, if you would think about it, how is it that Trump, who said he was going to drain the swamp, has hired so many billionaires who have their bottom line in mind? That is the swamp that needs drained. Just like the R party, the D party has fractured. We are against the DWSs and HRCs of the party--the grifters. If a politician stands tall, speaks truth, truly represents us and not their bottom line, I'm all in.

Ambushed I got you brother...more and more people are starting to wake up....

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nancy smith

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