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Nancy Smith

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Knew NOTHING about the Fake Hit Piece on Trump? Hmmm ...

October 28, 2017 - 6:00am

Is there something in the water down there in Weston? Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Democratic National Committee endgame simply won't end. 

Another tortuous week for the Florida congresswoman. She finds herself smack in the middle of the newest Democratic National Committee scandal -- the DNC helping to fund a dossier compiled by a British spy. The dossier contained monstrous accusations about Donald Trump.

What did Wasserman Schultz, forced out as DNC chairwoman at the party’s national convention in 2016, have to do with this? She has been pushed since Tuesday to answer for what her role was in the Trump-Russia Dossier.

Not surprisingly, over and over again she robotically claims she knew nothing about it. See the video clip on this page.

Washington Post reported Tuesday that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC paid millions to the law firm Perkins Coie, where Democratic lawyer Marc Elias worked with the opposition research firm Fusion GPS to construct the fake memo, compiled by British spy Christopher Steele.

Yet Clinton and Wasserman Schultz are somehow both innocent?

Former Clinton officials kicked back at the controversy via Twitter and cable news on Wednesday, arguing that compiling opposition research is standard for all political campaigns.

Former Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said on CNN that Clinton “may have known” about the dossier, but “the degree of exactly what she knew is beyond my knowledge."

The memo is at the center of several investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and it may have been used by the FBI as part of its investigation into allegations that Trump campaign officials had improper contacts with Russian officials. Former FBI Director James Comey has said none of the allegations in the memo have been verified.

The bombshell report from The Washington Post has emboldened Trump, who Wednesday lashed out at the “fake dossier” and described it as the cornerstone of “the whole Russia hoax.”

In fact, The Washington Times made a case Thursday for major collusion with the Russians -- not the Trump camp colluding, but the Democrats. Said the Times, "Virtually all of Mr. Steele’s sources are Russian, meaning Democrats have been indirectly colluding with Moscow disinformation to bash the Trump team ... Since the dossier’s first memo hit town in June 2016, none of its core collusion charges against Donald Trump has been proved. There has been no confirmation by any public pronouncement or a leak from Congress’ two intelligence committees or from special counsel Robert Mueller."

Said DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa, “Tom Perez and the new leadership of the DNC were not involved in any decision-making regarding Fusion GPS, nor were they aware that Perkins Coie was working with the organization. But let’s be clear, there is a serious federal investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, and the American public deserves to know what happened.”

Wasserman Schultz's short, rehearsed denial hasn't taken her out of the woods, because unlike Perez, as we know from her hacked email, she was up to her neck in DNC decision-making.

David Damron, a spokesman for Wasserman Schultz, also denied knowing about the arrangement. “She was not aware of anything related to this research arrangement,” Damron said.

Democratic officials have said the national party was not empowered to make campaign decisions, particularly at a time when it was racked by controversy over leaked emails and while its chairwoman was being forced out.

Trouble is, Wasserman Schultz's involvement in Clinton's campaign is speckled through those leaked emails like spots on a trout.

Trust me, her DNC reign is doomed to haunt her at least a while longer.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


Hmmm . . . . . . the lady doth protest too much methinks . . . . . . as the legal dominoes began today to drop, one by one . . . . . we are just about into the time for "What did the President know, and when did he know it" . . . . . . . . . to instead, once again deny reality and try, in panic, to attempt to misdirect otherwise is delusionally . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

Both sides are crooked beyond belief. I think it's funny, they financed it... Who cares, if it's not true, so what, but if it is true, any of it. What an indictment on our whole political system... Speaking of indictments, let's see when they start dropping today how much of any of this is really true. That is all anyone should really care about is the truth. Surprisingly, they don't, they just so desperately want to be right. I couldn't have picked the wrong guy or girl? that would make me an idiot too, just like them... Well, what do you know?

I have never read or have seen a group so criminal and crooked as the democrat Dogshit party. Are there any Americans out here that are going to stop this criminal activity, that began with the Rapist Bill Clinton, when Clinton gave missile launch secrets to the Chinese for campaign contributions, before Clintons second term. All the military giant tried to stop Clinton, so Clinton sent a missile into a bakery to take himself off the front page after having sex in the Oval WH Room with Ms. Lawinski

It is obvious, that all the Democrats, knew what Debbie the Liar, Hillary's sister, had done. That why the "D" in front of their name mean Dogshit. Debbie Wasserman is a disgrace to the Jewish Faith? We aren't forgetting about Debbie and her Muslim family that soaked the country for millions and sent classified information to our enemies. Remove ALL Dmocrats in Political office. The Democrat Politicians are continuing Obama's objective of destroying America, the Constitution, our Freedoms, and ideals? I am looking for jail time for many of these Democrats Attorney General Sessions. Get your people off their asses and get these criminal bastards in court. I am surprised at how slow this is going? There are COUNTLESS opportunities and evidence to prosecute these political criminals? What did that Muslim bastard do with the 11 Trillion dollars, but make his friends richer?

Amazing Whats-her-name Schultz seems to have inherited the mental defective gene from uncle Sgt Schultz, "I know nothing". What a laughable position. She's either a total buffoon or just simply inept on a very grand scale. Either way it reinforces the notion why she has ZERO credibility. How did she ever get elected/re-elected? Are the voters in her district that aloof?

Being intelligent, well informed, and honest have absolutely NOTHING to do with beling able to get elected to public office in South Florida. Being well connected politically, access to funding, and a glib tongue do!

Dear Boca...I agree completely with your sentiments. But be kind to John Banner. A good actor that entertained us. Shultzie should be doing hard time for treason. Being as corrupt as any pondscum sucker we have seen since The Weiner. And Houma. And the Dragon Queen herself.

Lock them both up! There is no end to the illegal/immoral things these 2 have done.

I have long thought that the way to deal with the Swamp was direct attack. You can't go thru channels since the swamp people control them. My idea is a frontal, armed assault while Congress and committee groups are all in session. Or as many as show up, it being a no show job. Get em all in a big wad on the capital steps. Line up by height and then hang every other one. I suspect this would get their attention. People like Shultzie, guilty of crimes against humanity, should be singled out. No escape by the luck of the draw. What a pathetic, miserable, lying piece of human flotsam. And she keeps getting elected. Maybe if this great idea doesn't work, a full frontal assault on Broward County would be in order. Since there are few fighting men there, the men folks being either pansies or queer types it should not take long. Be a good warm up for the assault on California after they secede.

Lil Debbie W is finally going to get her due. Sorry Mr. Schultz.

Perhaps one might just copy and open this link. Nancy's article is part of Trump's weeds. and we had better get out of them quickly. "Hillary" is a diversion and smoke screen it's a matter of high level corruption and national security, now. John Sipher, the author, retired in 2014 after a 28-year career in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service. having served as a member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service.

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