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David Jolly, Patrick Murphy Team Up Again to Talk About Fixing D.C.

August 24, 2017 - 2:00pm
David Jolly and Patrick Murphy
David Jolly and Patrick Murphy

Two former congressmen from Florida--Republican David Jolly and Democrat Patrick Murphy--are teaming up again to make a tour of the Sunshine State to “pull back the curtain on Washington and shine a light on the inside reasons why D.C. is in a state of chaos and dysfunction.”

Jolly and Murphy announced on Thursday they would make four appearances across the state to focus on “Why Gridlock Rules Washington and How We Can Solve the Crisis.”  

"Working across the aisle was a hallmark of my two terms in Congress, and the relationships I formed with members of both parties were invaluable,” Murphy said. “I look forward to joining my former colleague as we share our perspectives on ways we must work together to improve our broken political system.”

“Even in times of great disagreement there are ways of finding common ground, there are opportunities for bipartisan leadership to solve some of our country’s toughest issues,” Jolly said.  “I’m excited and proud to join my friend on a statewide tour to discuss how this can be accomplished in today’s hyper-partisan world of politics.”

The two former congressmen will be hitting college campuses across the state with an appearance at  the University of South Florida in Tampa in September. Come October, they will appear at  Florida International University, the University of Miami and the University of Florida. They also expect to appear at additional events. 

Both Jolly and Murphy were involved in last year’s U.S. Senate race. Jolly ran for the Republican nomination until U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who had said he would not run for a second term, jumped back in at the last minute. Murphy won the Democratic nomination, beating then U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson in the primary, but lost to Rubio in November. 

In Congress, Jolly and Murphy worked together, including helping launch the Coastal Communities Caucus in early 2015. Both men represented swing districts and tried to claim the political center during their time in Washington. 



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Maybe they are the harbingers of a THIRD PARTY. I hope so.

A THIRD PARTY may not be such a bad idea; but it better not include the likes of these two losers, or it will never get past the "starting gate": "They" are not "harbingers", 'they' are "scavengers".

Two "LOSERS", "Jolly" David Jolly and "Paddy Boy (Don't call me ERIN)" Murphy, just refuse to "go away" and insist upon embarrassing themselves in their constant pursuit of a "government mammary" to nuzzle (in "Erin's" case: to oust the boy out of "Mumsy & Popsy's" basement bedroom). These two Clowns had nothing to show ,between them, for far too many useless and non-productive years in the House of Reps: AND THEY are going to show YOU the moldy inside of Congress???????? I THINK NOT !!!!!! (Where the hell were they with their alleged revelations when their butts were firmly "polishing their Congressional seats" while this alleged "chaos and dysfunction" was happening right in front of them???)....(Buying into it,...THAT'S WHERE !)----{"Hey little boys,..Want some candy?!?"}

Why don't I trust these two politicians? Oh yes! They are POLITICIANS, and they are looking for their next position. If they saw something wrong and were friendly, while in office then why didn't they do something? Afraid of retribution from the "CLUB" for telling the country about the secret handshake? Lies and secrets keep people in office. Yes, they might be able to "Bring home the bacon" but at what cost to us? Truth may cost everyone. the politicians their positions, membership in the "CLUB", cooperation of others in the club, and constituents the "BACON." I'd rather see truth during the time they are in the position. Be truthful about the deals made and those that failed. Talk openly and truthfully about the problems with the organization ...... and omit the politics. These two are carpetbaggers and scalawags.

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