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David Hogg’s Hyped Book Hit the Market with a Thud

July 20, 2018 - 2:15pm
Authors David and Lauren Hogg
Authors David and Lauren Hogg

It was just over one month ago when we were treated to a new rash of David Hogg sightings. The media outlets flung their doors open and ushered the teen activist to their now-familiar news sets in order to discuss the release of his new book, written with his 14-year-old sister Lauren -- "#Never Again: A New Generation Draws a Line."

It chronicles the Valentine's Day shooting deaths of 14 students and three teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, and how the pair -- along with other students -- aimed to start a revolution to stop gun violence.

The hype began in April, when the press dutifully reported the announcement the Hoggs had signed a book deal with Random House. The ensuing media blitz was part of the larger promotional circuit, which itself generated news. 

The main launch of the book tour began with a visit to “The Tonight Show.” Host Jimmy Fallon is a particular partner for the Hoggs. He has been a supporter of the March For Our Lives movement, and made a surprise appearance at the Douglas High School graduation ceremony.

Proceeds from the sales would be used "to heal the community," David Hogg said, but did not elaborate. The physical release date for the paperback was set for June 5, but the publisher apparently set it back to June 19. Nevertheless, following the weeks of initial hype, there has been little in the way of news, or lingering talk of the book.

A look into the book's sales is a bit of a challenge. For one week the New York Times listed “#Never Again” on its top-10 non-fiction list, but this is a bit of a dubious source. 

For one, the Times’ list is infamous for being more about editorial selections than it is for an accurate reflection of what's popular with readers. Secondly, the paper of record does not provide actual sales figures. I combed through a few weeks of Amazon’s sellers in a few different categories, yet even on their larger top-20, the title does not appear. Likewise at Barnes & Noble. 

It took the figures provided by Publishers Weekly to get a grip on this title’s fortunes. PW provides an even more expanded weekly list, as well as actual sales numbers. On its July 2 tabulation, “#Never Again made its debut on the tertiary Trade Paperback list -- managing to reach the list at No. 25. By that date, the Hoggs' book had sold a total of 3,741 copies. To offer some perspective, the top-selling book that week sold more than 60,000 copies; the top non-fiction paperback, more than 15,000 copies. 

That chart result was a reflection of the Fallon appearance and other tour stops, but by the following week, the book had fallen from the list. It becomes apparent that when it came to buying into the Hogg message, few buyers have pulled the trigger. 

Allowing for some additional weeks, we can probably peg the total by now to around 5,000 copies. The slender volume (it weighs in at 176 pages) retails for $9.95. At best, the book has grossed around $50,000, but that is not the net return for the publisher. The split with retailers, cost of production and shipping, as well as the expense of the book tour, makes the chances of seeing anything approaching a profit a small miracle.

Now understand, I am not applauding here. But it needs to be analyzed that with all the promotional hype afforded this book, it has landed on retail shelves with a thud, and largely remained there. 

Adding up the early hype, reports of the deal, the high-profile media blitz, plus the favorable editorializing from all manner of news sources -- there really has been little interest in what this particular Parkland survivor has to say.

I take the book sales as an indicator: As beloved a figure as David Hogg became in the media during the shooting's aftermath, he actually is not the impactful messenger they hoped for, or insisted he was.

Brad Slager is a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer who wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the entertainment industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


David Hogg just another liberal show off showing off for the cameras and exposing his own stupidity him and his fellow useful idiots from March for our Lives all need to GET A LIFE their still drinking for sippy cups and use training wheels

needs to come to FORT WORTH

David Hogg’s is a disgrace to this country and the students who lost their lives. Publix is owned by its employees Publix also has the largest amount of special needs employees working for them and he demanded one million dollars. He used the never again which belongs to those killed in the holocaust dead. He tries to destroy a newscaster because she said he whined when he was accepted into the top,schools he applied to. Well he was whining. He made a video calling parents and older people idiots and said and I quote. Fuck them. We will teach them how to run a country. They know nothing. Then five more schools had shootings right agternparkland and David Hogg’s started his ranting so. Ever think these shooters wanted to be famous like Hogg’s. Can’t anyone tell him to shut up and get lost. He scares me

Just allowing this book to die is the most charitable thing we can do for "F'You Boy." And just blocking and muting him to cyberdeath on social media, of course. Cut off the attention and maybe he'll get the help he needs.

He should be shut up once and for all. How dare him use the never again knowing that that belongs to the 8 million killed in the holocaust my family. Disgusting. And now he threatens the president. And has anyone thought about the fact that 5 more schools had shootings after this disturbed young man made himself so popular. Maybe those shooters wanted to be famous like Hogg’s Or the disgraceful thing he did to Ann Coulter just because she said he was whining. Well he was

I would rather buy and read this book ( than whatever the young dumb kids put out..what do they know?

It's so sad we have a pathetic toxic environment with this so called gun issue. These High school kids are just trying to save the world and hitting road block after road block. If you had a child in school or a victim of gun violence you would THINK different. The guns are the problem and if he was not able to buy an assault rifle there would be a whole lot less dead children, plain and simple there is NO debate like it or not. I sold mine.....together we can fix America but now there is a lot to do. I know education can be scary but it works! Its also funny but sad that if you talk to anyone that survived the Los Vegas shooting or lived to survive it they too have a total different prospective that to living.

I presume your must be referring to the shooter at the Parkland school when you say "The guns are the problem and if he was not able to buy an assault rifle there would be a whole lot less dead children, plain and simple there is NO debate like it or not." Your faulty reasoning is that "he" was not legally able to buy a gun. The passing of more laws does not prevent people from violating them or those already passed. We have laws against killing people but for some reason (that you don't see) people still break those laws and kill each other.

Despite the lefts innacurste depictionnof violence- reduction of “Mas Shootings”has not had an affect on “Mass KILLINGS.” The facts support in China, France, Spain, and many other countries that Mass killings continue. A box cutter killed 6000+ on 9/11. Backpack bomb at the Boston Marathon. Trucks and knives in France and China. Bombs in UK/London. To claim that fewer people will be killed by banning a gun is pure ignorance to the ACTUAL facts of Mass killing. Take away the stick and they will find a rock. Also, based on deaths to population the US is one of the lowest“ Mass Killing ratio of civilized nations. Size matters in analyzing the facts. Ragadless. It’s all pointless and unnecessary craziness.

Actually you are wrong the shooter was legal to buy the gun and did purchase it himself. This is a fact as I live in the area.

I survived the years of the gun control experiment in Washington, D.C. A lot of weird stuff goes on there in any case, but, paradoxically: more guns = fewer shootings. Teenagers feel what they feel, but they've not been around long enough to see or read much. So this book would deserve to sink like a stone even if Hogg-boy hadn't threatened violence to the woman who'd done most to publicize him, which he did.

When the assault weapons were banned in the 90's, mass shootings went down 200%......Facts love it or hate it

Things can't go down more than 100% #Facts

Review your facts Logan. During the assault gun ban- gun violence DID NOT go down 300%. To the contrary- it was determined in dozens of studies on both sides of the argument that the gun ban had NO EFFECT.

200% and Lance. Corrections.

I've written numerous times on the various ways the system failed this kid and the school. BSO, FBI, School Board, MSD administration -- all failed to take proper steps in dealing with this kid. To blame the gun is willful ignorance of the system failures.

Lance Morgan.......your spelling and grammar are aaaaaaaaaaaaatrocious.

I'm an ex cop "retired" what do you expect - I know weapons not how to spell - lol ~ I am on this site with the uneducated

You can read the posts below and immediately understand what "deplorables" means - and also why any reasonable thinking person needs to vote ANTI-Republican in coming elections! Disgusting posts coming from supposedly educated and intelligent people! No wonder this state and this country are up the creek without a paddle!

all of this hate and vitriole for a kid...too many ill informed idiots in this world. They make the greatest case for gun control of anyone to date...scary that these fools would have access to firearms...

They always have to misspell when calling others stupid. Always

You're not supposed to comment on articles about you Mister Hogg.

That kid is a cult leader waiting to happen

The book needs another public shooting event that fits the narrative and a media reminder that the heroic book is in print. The last couple disappeared from the media very quickly because the shooters used shotguns instead of AK 47s The media hasn't developed an attack plan that encompsss skeet guns even though they are prone to deliver unsurvivable injuries.

It's so cute when morons with no gun knowledge make comments. Hey genius come back when you can tell the difference between an AK 47 & an AR15,

Wow I pushed out something similar to David's book this morning after coffee. But rather than hitting with a thud it hit with a splash. Does anyone want to buy it? Too late I just flushed it!!!

The book on Amazon ( Hilarious Boycott Boy is selling there) has been less than $8 discounted since shortly after announcement. Hogg's first Tweet on April 18th, promised, " Lauren and I will be using the money made from the book to help heal the community .Random House quickly clarified not ALL. May 10th Hogg stated on Twitter profits would go to, "Mainly The victims fund, shine MSD and some of the organization set it by the families" May 23rd, his Tweet claimed, "Out June 19th! All proceeds are going to the victims fund, Shine MSD and different programs at Douglas". On June 20th he stated on Jimmy Fallon, "“We aren’t doing this for money,” said David Hogg, who added that the money from the book will go to taxes and charities including Change the Ref. Money will also go to Chicago Strong, which Hogg described as “a coalition of gun violence prevention groups in the city of Chicago that’s student-led and student-run,’’ and the March for Our Lives movement." Chicago don't hold your breath. Still waiting for Kasky to transfer half of his GoFundMe to ACTUAL VICTIMS of massacre like PROMISED after he was called out for starting his GoFundMe diverting donors from an established fund that was immediately available to families of murdered. These punks are lying, cheating, extorting, personally profiteering. Cannot believe anyone still listens to them.

It is not the guns that are the problem its all the psychoactive drugs your generation was fed since childhood for bullshit conditions that do not exist.ADD,ADHD........... ect.




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