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Corcoran Wouldn’t Debate Gun Safety with Gillum -- Perhaps He Should Have

February 16, 2018 - 9:00am

The night before the horrific Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass murders by former student Nikolaus Cruz, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran held a debate. Democrat Gillum is a current guberatorial candidate, Corcoran is expected to be one soon.

The debate stemmed from a controversial television ad depicting a man shooting a woman in cold blood.

In the ad, Corcoran leads viewers to believe the man was a criminal undocumented immigrant with darkened skin, and the woman was white. (Surprise, surprise)

Most people saw the ad as one big dog whistle toward undocumented black and brown people.

He distorts the details surrounding an incident that occurred in California resulting in the death of a young woman named Kate Steinle.

In that case, the immigrant was acquitted of murder charges stemming from Steinle’s death.

Corcoran introduced a Florida bill, House Bill 9, that would ban sanctuary cities in Florida. There are no sanctuary cities in florida currently. He claimed he was doing it for the “safety” of the citizens.

During one exchange in the debate, Gillum asked Corcoran if he was so concerned with the safety of the citizens, why wasn’t he standing up to the NRA and doing something about gun control.

Corcoran didn’t want to talk about it.

The next day, 17 People, mostly children, died at Douglas High School in Parkland.

They died as a result of gunshot wounds from an AR-15.

Maybe Richard Corcoran will talk about gun control now, but I doubt it.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


But not the looney left's "solutions."

In Florida, an 18 year old can legally buy an AR 15, but not a handgun. Simply increasing the legal age to 21 prior to the purchase of this AR 15 could have made a difference.

The failure was once again our federal government that was informed of this menace to society, had him on the threat list, and failed to keep tabs on him. Sounds familiar to Las Vegas doesn't it? Do we really believe that another gun law would have stopped him? I suspect that he would have used another means to inflict maximum damage, unfortunately with the same outcome...loss of life. If the FBI can't handle the job, give them the resources or change the leadership of the Bureau.

Well talk about manufacturing something out of nothing Lesley Wimes It was not about guns it was about Sanctuary Cities in case you had not noticed SMH

Wimes had to plug for Gillum. She needs a position should Gillum win. Which he won't. He will likely be in prison. He only has a strong liberal agenda full of anti-gun rhetoric. It's all the idiot left has. A faux campaign of nutty ideas. Campaignland is so fake.

This comment is so absurd, it must be the Russians trying to influence us. No sane American would make these ridiculous comments. I support any American of the age of 21 MAY have a gun (pistol type), and a rifle for hunting. The AR15s with a 30 round clip can kill many as possible in a short period of time. It has no value otherwise.

Leslie might very well beat out both of these "posers" in a race for Governor!

Not the biggest fan of Gillum, but he is head and shoulders above Corcoran... That little guy needs some confidence and a wake up call, so maybe, he can actually start doing more of what people want, instead of just what he wants. Everyone of his priorities are in the minority in terms of what the public is in favor of, every single one... Its time to vote for new leaders people...

Discussing ANYTHING with Gillum is akin to "talking up your sleeve"; all it does is add a little warmth to your forearm,.. but NO substance nor potential solution to your plight will result (one must be "capable" in order to achieve THAT 'level' of understanding)....

Those people died as the result of a PERSON with diminished mental capacity who skated past all the background checks and criminal encounters with law enforcement. So, by all means, let's employ a whole bunch more of those, 'cause they are so obviously effective. Treat

The issue is there are no safeguards to keep people with mental illness to get a hold of guns. His mental state was known to everyone yet there is not a no-buy guns list based on mental illness. Such database will be a step in the right direction.

Corcoran has had his "day in the sun". Our young folks cry out for new thinking and open minds.

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