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Church of Global Warming


Don't forget, there are two angles to the global warming issue, the 'science' one claiming the science is settled, and the political one where Al Gore and his friends / supporters accuse skeptic climate scientists of being on the payroll of Big Energy, conspiring to spread disinformation. Think about that latter one for a bit - has Gore et al. ever once offered the public irrefutable smoking gun evidence that would stand up in court proving there's a pay-for-performance arrangement between skeptic climate scientists and industry execs? No, they actually haven't, because the one bit of 'leaked memo' evidence they rely on to support that accusation turns out to be worthless. Think about that longer: If Gore and his mob knew their 'evidence' was worthless but used it with malice anyway against their scientist critics, they may have committed one of the biggest acts of libel/slander in history in order to keep an otherwise scientifically dead-from-the-start issue alive this whole time.

It's difficult to believe that 'the people' do not realize that the Earth is undergoing CONSTANT change. While it's true that mankind has had some effect on Climate, the "Change Cycle" is that of Nature and forces that humans have no control over. Ever hear of a VOLCANO? have you checked on THEIR effect on CLIMATE? In the last decade they have dumped more pollutants in the atmosphere than the entire history of mankind! Don't believe it? Check - and then add the effects of 2010 Volcanos in Iceland in 2010...


Global warming is a way to attack our energy sector, which is a way to attack our economy, which is a way to attack our capitalist economic system, which is the way to set up the conditions to install a communist dictatorship. The United States has never had an enemy as dangerous as the Democrat party.

Nutty comment. (So, you prefer the fascist dictatorship that's currently paralyzing American government???)

Your usual frothing at the mouth hyperbole

Nowhere near as "nutty" as the nonsense that YOU spew on a daily basis "NumbDem2020".

The fascist dictatorship of Obozo has ended and the fascist dictatorship of Adolph Rodham Hitlary was told by 30 of the 50 states to **** off! :-)

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