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Celebrating Lowest Unemployment Rate in Almost a Decade, Rick Scott Goes to Bat for Visit Florida, Enterprise Florida

May 19, 2017 - 11:00am
Rick Scott
Rick Scott

On Friday, Gov. Rick Scott announced the unemployment rate in Florida stood at 4.5 percent in April, the lowest it had been since September 2017 and just above the national unemployment rate of 4.4 percent. 

In March, the state unemployment rate was 4.8 percent. Since Scott took office at the start of 2011, there have been more than 1.3 million new jobs created in the Sunshine State. 

Pointing to the drop in the unemployment rate, Scott took aim at the Legislature which rejected his call for increased funding for Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida. 
“I am proud to announce that Florida has achieved the lowest unemployment rate in almost a decade at 4.5 percent,” Scott said. “Florida businesses also created 15,000 new jobs during the month of April, which is further proof of our state’s continued economic growth. While Florida’s economy is on a roll, now is not the time to slow down our unrelenting efforts to bring more jobs and opportunities to our state. 
“Businesses and site selectors have taken notice of the Florida Legislature’s decision to turn their backs on the incredible return on investment economic development programs like Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida have brought to our state,” Scott added. “This is not only disappointing, but could put our future job creation efforts at risk. Even though our private sector job growth rate is exceeding the nation’s, it is currently lower than it has been over the past year. This is something we cannot ignore. We cannot allow Florida to fall behind after our years of successful growth. We will continue to work each day to fight for jobs so our state can become the number one place for families and businesses to succeed.”

Cissy Proctor, the executive director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, praised Scott’s record in Tallahassee.  

“Florida businesses have excelled over the past six years thanks to the policies of Gov. Scott and his administration,” she said. “Unemployment continues to drop, private sector jobs are on the rise and Florida families are flourishing. We must not give up on our efforts to make Florida the best place to start and grow a business.”
Professional and business services have led the way in Florida with 39,500 new jobs over the past year. The trade, transportation, and utilities sector has seen 36,600 new jobs added across the Sunshine State over the past year while there have been 34,400 new construction jobs added in Florida. 

Monroe County had the lowest unemployment rate in Florida in April at 2.6 percent. St. Johns County on the First Coast was next with 3 percent followed by Okaloosa and Wakulla counties which both had unemployment rates at 3.2 percent. Hendry County had the highest unemployment rate at 6 percent last month followed by Sumter County at 5.7 percent and Citrus County at 5.5 percent. 


Clearly indicates these numbers are in line with the rest of the country, only slightly above... Why continue to throw $80-$100 million hard earned tax payer dollars at them with little to no accountability? Show the return on investment numbers. They will never do that because they don't exist, just more rhetoric on our dime...

Hey Rick! I've got a rhumba band and we'd like to play in the next "Visit Florida" commercial! All we want for pay is 'only' one million dollars for the gig. BUT, do NOT make it public info! (We hate the sunshine as badly as most bald governors!)

Quote from article; "private sector jobs are on the rise and Florida families are flourishing". It has always been clear when these "Stats" are declared, that you are referring to "White Collar" jobs as opposed to Blue Collar, where the PAY is still so dismal that workers have to have 2 jobs to "Flourish", and achieve, in any sense of the word. It has always been amazing at the disregard, and BIAS towards Blue Collar workers when these mis-representing "Stats" are dictated to the Public....... Florida has been and will remain one of the lowest Paying states to those, who build our Homes, clean our Hotels, maintain our Landscapes, and exhibit the skills White-Collars only read about in their College books. The Mind is a Terrible thing to waste, when it can't tell the rest of the body what real work is.

Interesting reading.

"MORE", "MORE", "MORE",... The plaintive cry of ALL politicians..! (Give it a rest Governor,..YOUR legacy is already 'cemented'..)

Unemployment Rate.....SERVICE JOBS UP! People will still visit Florida from elsewhere because they have disposable income. Florida is still a tropical depression for many.

RGB, let's hope you can make this statement a year from now when we have an emasculated tourism marketing program. Will visitors still be coming to Florida then? You better be right.

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