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Captain Alexandria Ocasio-Rapinoe


A very old friend used to say "Money talks - BullS**t walks". sure, equal pay for equal work; but only when the BASIS of comparison is the same. When Women's Soccer is "worth" the amount that Men's Soccer is - the pay will equalize on its own. Check the percentage of pay women receive compared to men. Based on TOTAL VALUATION, women are paid a higher percentage than men!

Like the Boston tea-partier boys once did, maybe these girls are beginning the next Revolution. (?)

By alienating a Large number of Americans who's taxes help pay for their greedy obscene spectacle I doubt it. What about the Christian player that had to withdraw from the team because she would not wear a gay pride shirt? What about the fact these women athletes were beat by a team of 15 under boys only 2 years ago? Maybe when they behave like proud Americans rather than as they did we can take pride in them as individuals. I am not holding my breath.

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