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Can Florida Become the Next State to Pass a Heartbeat Abortion Law?

October 7, 2019 - 8:30am

In Tallahassee last week, in the House, Rep. Mike Hill, R-Pensacola, filed HB 271, a bill intending to have Florida join a list of states that have recently passed abortion legislation making the proceedure off limits. Read the full text of Hill's legislation here.

While Washington, D.C. seems intent on enmeshing itself in self-created scandals, the states have been slipping these abortions laws under the radar. So far legislators in 30 states have proposed bills of some fashion that limit abortion.

Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana recently passed their versions of heartbeat laws. Should Florida join in, it surely will lead to a number of significant legal challenges. Georgia is currently seeing its law come under judicial challenge. A federal judge has blocked the law in the meantime. This, and certainly any current and future law challenges, are made with the intent of seeing these measures progress to the U.S. Supreme Court. That so many states are entertaining them, frankly, is a reality quietly making a mark on the political landscape.

Largely unspoken is that these advances in the name of preserving the life of the unborn come as state initiatives, after the Democratic Party's so-called blue wave last November in the mid-term election. Choice, the Dems' pet cause, has in fact been losing traction politically at a steady pace. This, despite party leaders leveling warnings that they would be intolerant of any Democrats who strayed from the pro-choice dictum.

When each of these states saw bills moving through the political process, a common refrain from opponents and Democratic leaders was that this was the handiwork of "old white males." It is a deeply emotional charge that is absent of facts. The Georgia bill had been originally co-written by a number of women. In Alabama, while a mostly male contingent passed the law, they had been placed in office by a voting base weighted by hundreds of thousands of women.

Rep. Mike Hill
Rep. Mike Hill

Louisiana was even more revealing. The bill was signed into law by John Edwards, the Democratic governor. It was written by a black Democratic female state politician. The threat by DNC Chair Tom Perez to pull funding of any pro-life candidates was a bit of an empty threat when the alternative would be to see themselves possibly voted out of office by a willing electorate. This is something the Democrats have failed to grasp -- their abortion agenda is not a mainstream concept.

Gallup polling has long showed that the majority of Americans still think abortion should be illegal, except for extreme cases (such as for rape, incest, etc. These new heartbeat laws have provisions for such.) In the wake of the new state laws, another poll asked respondents about the 6-week abortion ban, with most saying they felt they were not too restrictive. Another reality is that abortion rates have been in steady decline for years, and recently fell to the same rates as in 1973, the year Roe v. Wade was passed and placed under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

Florida is currently operating with a GOP Legislature and governor, so seeing the progress here will be an interesting enterprise. What has been apparent is that the Democratic Party and the supportive press have made it appear that mean old Republican males are trying to force women into a “Handmaid’s Tale” society. The reality is, the public support is on the pro-life side of the issue, and the tolerance of, and enthusiasm for, abortion is continuing to erode. 

We will be watching to see if Florida representation will be someday soon appearing before SCOTUS, either on its own merits or in partnership with other states.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


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I pray that our elected leaders will do the right thing and pass this bill. #AllLivesMatter

So, "All Lives matter" includes those Kurdish children being killed by Turkish warplanes due to despicable Trumpite policies, correct? . . . . . . . . includes immigrant children being killed by neglect and despicable Trumpite policies at the border, correct? . . . . . . . . includes American children being killed by AK-47s and AR-15s in our schools, our shopping centers and places of worship due to the almighty right for civilians to own weapons of war whose only purpose is to kill humans due to continuing despicable Republican and Trumpite policies and support for right-wing terrorists, correct? . . . . . . . . . . . . . and answer me this, Miss "I-carry-everywhere", will any of the newly proposed "open carry" bills in the Legislature allow "open carry" in the halls and chambers of the Legislature, or will they only allow such open carrying of deadly weapons in those places that normal people live? . . . . . . . if you're going to use that #AllLivesMatter, then to pick and choose otherwise, is disgustingly hypocritical and clearly . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

Calm down, Jerry

Maybe you should learn how to post . . . . before you post . . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

There will always be abortion. Nothing is going to change that. Maybe it becomes a little more inconvenient in some places or maybe the women choosing it have to travel to another locale to get it - but abortion will always be available - as it was always available before the U.S. Supreme Court officially approved it in 1973.

Jerry well said! Fact - Trump-Pence - Yes nothing better than punishing women who have been raped or *** victims. Alabama and Louisiana rank 44 and 45 respectively when it comes to helping Child Welll Being the index and they rank 47th and 48th when it comes to sex education. I respect women who are pro-life, however, I also feel that respect must also be given to pro-choice women. Access to and the impentation sex education as well as women's health clinics would be a great start. But lawmakers who know nothing of what they sppeak, be they Republican's of Democrats - Women's rights are human rights. You want me respect your right to own a gun then you need to understand that abortion legal in the USA and chipping away at women's rights is the same as the gun laws that seem to hold so dealy.

Repubs really want to lose most women, young, educated people don't you?...………..Ever note once these unwanted kids are born how repubs want nothing to do with them?...……They are cutting handicapped funds as we post.….It's a woman's right to what happens in their bodies, families , not old white men...…………..And for nothing as the courts will toss it out with the others...…………...And one thing you can depend on in 2020 is women coming out to vote thanks to things like this, Trump, will not bode well for repubs.

Yes, conservatives, long the champions of individual rights, opponents of government interference and pro-law and order have instead devoted themselves to controlling women's reproductive rights and attacks on our law enforcement (especially our intelligence agencies) as arms of the "deep state," a term invented to foster disrespect for our government and the laws we have all agreed to abide by. If Lincoln were alive, and saw his Republican party, he would *** the gun from John Wilkes Booth, and take himself out. Not sure FDR would be thrilled with the Democrats either.

Once again, Jerry spouts off without reading the article. It stated that numerous women wrote these bills, and one state had it written by a Dem woman and signed by a Dem governor. But, “Muh white males forcing women” is the argument. Well done!

How about 'take' instead of ***, did not know the 5 letter word had a filthy connotation. It's hard being old.

You say that, but the German citizens wholeheartedly supported Hitler throughout the '30s, including his persecution and murder of Jews and his initiation of world war. An ignortant and stupid public will apparently support ANYbody and ANYthing. (?)

You've perfectly described the brain dead democrats.

PATHETIC first time commenter . . . .

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