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The Boy Who Cried Russia


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It's not a wolf, dude, it's a snake, all slimy, squiggly, and swampy!

Yes they spoke up as Chump keeps breaking the laws and has to be held account or we'll become a dictatorship giving the president near unlimited power...…...…...Do you want a Dem president to have that?...………..To avoid that, Chump must be held account...…...........And just think what you'd be saying if Obama did this?...……...Plus after he loses he'll be charged with Obstruction among other trails for his corruption...……….The question is why you ignore these?...…............Why do you like someone who is over 12k lies and not even in office 3 yrs?.........…..Has made the US the laughing stock as everyone knows just flatter, praise Chump and get what you want...…...…..His deals so far have been terrible getting little with Mexico, Canada, Korea, Japan treaties after his big bluster. ...…….He has managed to shrink the repub party to levels not seen in decades as decent people leave

Among all of his mental, psychological, and personality shortcomings, Trump is also clearly guilty of obstruction of justice and obstruction of Congress at the federal level - and New York State is definitely going to hang him out to dry on state tax fraud and evasion. His only chance to not spend the rest of his life trying to stay out of jail is to resign - with Pence pardoning him (for the federal crimes) - like Ford did Nixon. Otherwise, the racist, draft-dodging, lying Chump is definitely going to end up as jail-bait.

Everybody's on to the DNC's usage of the left-wing-hate-filled-media to spread lies and disinformation. Only an idiot would believe the DNC.

Do you even know who the head of the DNC is, Carolyn? Doubtful. And, do you think Trump's racism, draft-dodging, lying, and cheating on his wives is all "media spread lies and disinformation"? Or, are you unaware of all those factualities, also? LOL

Note how simple, , short, dumb many of these lying posts to SSN are? ...…………...I smell a Bot, right wing or Russian trying to rile people.

Interesting take. Using a cry wolf cartoon to cry wolf. It wouldn't be the first time Mr T used a foreign power to dig for dirt on a politcal rival.

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