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Black History Month Is Here, but As Usual, Florida Democrats Are Absent

February 2, 2017 - 6:00am

February brings Black History Month, and we will see a lot of pictures of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and so many other black civil rights icons from the Florida Democratic Party. This is the month the black community will get a lot of verbal love from the FDP.

I will be side-eyeing that mess heavily, and so should you. One month out of the year, the shortest month I might add, the black community gets attention from the FDP.

The only other time our community gets any attention is during election time, and then it's only when candidates want to run through our churches.

The candidates contact our elected officials to see which ones can escort them to church.

In the last 6 years, when was the last time anyone spotted Bill Nelson in the black community?

Has Bill Nelson ever spent any time doing anything in our community?

Does he have any type of connection with us?

I'll go ahead and answer that question for you: No he does not. Bill Nelson has absolutely no connection with the black community whatsoever.

Now that he is up for reelection, however, I'm sure he will find some black elected official to escort him to some black church or some black event to try to get those votes he now needs.
Let's be clear. 

When it was reported that Hillary Clinton lost the white working class northern florida Democratic voters, the FDP decided to break its back to show those voters they mattered and that they were going to be a priority.

When it was reported that the black voter turnout was 12.5 percent, no one said a word. No program was rolled out. No incentive grants were offered. 

As usual, the FDP doesn't give a rat's crack about the black vote because they are so sure black people will never do anything other than vote Democratic. 

Black History

Black History includes the Clintons and the time they decided to chase the white vote to the detriment of the black vote in the same manner.

Do not forget. It's what gave you the 1994 Crime Bill. It's what gave you that Sista Soulja moment. It's what gave you Hillary Clinton's super predator comment.

Please read Michelle Alexander's "New Jim Crow."

It amazes me that florida Democrats want the help and support of black Democrats, but offer none when it comes to black issues.

Where are the articles about black issues?

Not only are there none, folks are clutching their pearls that I DARE speak up for my community. I guess I'm supposed to be quiet and let them continue to take advantage of the black vote. Let's face it, Democrats use black people. Period.

Where is the help for Desmond Meade and his ballot initiative for restoration of felons' rights? I don't recall seeing any articles written in any of the liberal blogs regarding that. I was happy to see the recent article saying that Senate Minority Leader Oscar Braynon is making restoration of felons' rights and the ballot initiative a priority.

All I see is an uproar about me writing for the conservative SSN. Give me a break. Barney Bishop, a Democrat, writes in Sunshine State News, and no one says a word. Is it because he is a white male Democrat? The black female Democrat is the only one who has to stay in her lane. I guess I wasn't given permission to wander off the plantation. 

I talk about engaging the black community during times other than election time. Do Democrats actually do that?

Like it or not, Rick Scott actually does.

Look at his schedule. It's public. See how many times he has visited Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County. I wonder how many other communities he visits. This one is more than Nelson!

If you want to know how he doubled his percentage of the black vote from 6 percent to 12 percent from 2010 to 2014, that's how.

He is visiting the black communities outside of election time. He is discussing jobs.

Does Bill Nelson even know where the black communities are?

I have received a lot of email that has made me hopeful my community is starting to realize there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. People, Democrats, are reading my column in SSN. I'm glad. It's reaching the black community. I'm hoping the readership continues to grow. They need to know it's OK to question the BS going on in the party. They don't have to blindly give their vote away.

(Former) Sen. Bill Nelson is going to be in for a big surprise in 2018.

The black community is tired of being taken for granted, and that is going to show when Bill Nelson loses.

The black community has to stop rewarding bad behavior, and the treatment we receive from the Democratic Party is nothing short of bad behavior.

Our votes are our power, and we must stop giving our power away to people who have not earned it. 

Make them earn it!

Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Please don't say "Let's be clear..." (in ANY of its forms or tenses) Leslie: Obama wore out that declarative statement a hundred times over during his "reign" until we were DONE having him talk-down to us and trying to take us "to the woodshed", so presumptuous was that ill-equipped "Oval Office minder"... Hillary Clinton lost the White working class vote in Northern Florida JUST BECAUSE, AND ONLY BECAUSE she was a flawed, lying, double-talking, insulting, demeaning candidate who ACTUALLY BELIEVED she was "entitled" to the White House because she, at one time, might have had to flush a toilet twice while she was in residence there insistently telling her Husband exactly what to do... She wouldn't have won NORTH Florida if EVERY Black North of Tampa could have cast THEIR votes in NORTH Florida; AND, to add 'insult to injury' to "Dear Old Hillary", Democrats (including Women) voted ACROSS PARTY LINES in NORTH Florida to insure that Hillary NEVER crossed the White House threshold again (except maybe as a guest accompanied by her former President husband...protocol, you know..).

I read your Column with great sadness every time it comes out. What an incredible amount of bitching. I am sorry you have not learned by this point that most people don't respond particularly well to someone who continuously uses a knife when something else might be more beneficial. God knows, if I were Bill Nelson, I would not come anywhere close to you or anyone else who talks like you since it is obvious that you are not interested in problem resolution. Yes, I understand the problem you describe is one the white Establishment is very guilty of and should own up to starting now. But, were they to do so would you even care or be interested in starting a dialogue? I think not for I think you have decided angry, black victim is a better role for you.

Why is it EVERYONE (including 'commenters' here) cry out for "facts" when they don't even recognize, nor understand, "facts" when when actual "facts" are proposed and pass them by at EVERY turn EVERY day? Are we so inured to 'truth' in our current society as to always argue the inarguable and reject 'fact' that doesn't fit in with our possibly flawed beliefs? Our culture cries out for the exercise of inductive reason...

DEMOCRATS have been "pulling the wool" over Blacks eyes for over 160 years; Lyndon Johnson "nailed it" when he said "Give 'em what they want and they'll vote for us for the next 200 years." Johnson did NOTHING BUT formulate modern "plantations" (known today as 'ghettos'). After WWII, Blacks enjoyed a period of upward mobility and education resulting in Doctors, Lawyers, Educators, business owners, entrepreneurs (the likes of Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and countless others). DEMOCRATS then "shut the doors" on that progress and with ongoing "political double-speak" began the insideous, and racially divisive rhetoric, we all have become so victimized by now. Life and higher education have become so "compartmentalized" by now as to be almost totally useless to anyone striving to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" (as the old saying goes). Blacks can't "get there"; and Whites don't even recognize the "shortcomings" that politicians have laid upon them over decades past since "Korea & VietNam"... I AM A DEMOCRAT, and MY opinion is: Donald Trump is our last chance to "turn this American ship around" and come together despite "political careerists" at ALL levels of government: These agenda-driven pettifoggers MUST be "pulled off the government mammary" at EACH AND EVERY election cycle and REPLACED if we expect to 'heal' America's situation and actually "come together"!

Dear Media: Stop Featuring Leslie Wimes Look up this story on DailyKos. This website blocks posting of links.

They're blocking you? MUST be a racial thang.

Why is it you think Democrats, Republicans, Bill Nelson or anyone for that matter should show up in the "black Community"? It is people and rhetoric like yours that fuels the divide within this great state and country. No one should have to visit any one community. The communities can come to the sources like everyone else does. It should be one God, one country, one community. Until people start thinking like that, yourself included, there will never be any real change, only rhetoric...sound familiar?...classic.

This sounds like victim blaming.

Victim? How on Earth can you even suggest that unless you're Leslie Wimes writing as Cipher.

No sorry I'm a black man that doesn't like when people come after Sisters especially when a sister speaking the truth.

Leslie, I get heavy criticism from liberal Dem's every time I write a column...though you and I have different philosophies, I always enjoy your columns, because like me, you call it like you see it...and importantly, I respect your right to make your opinion known...maybe if we hit the Dem's from both sides, they'll finally get their act together because there isn't any reason really why the FDP can't be the "big tent" they've always claimed to be...keep writing because if you're touching a nerve, then you're doing something right!!

Barney, as with Ms. Wimes, your "column" lacks what most want....facts and not memories.

Leslie, I'm curious, if everything you say is true why in G*D's name does the black community stick with Democrats?

Excellant question, even though you seem afraid to spell out God's name!

Leslie I'm curious as to your facts! If you say democrats only show up during black history month, show me the Republicans who are showing up during black history month or any other day for the community. You seem like a plant or disgruntled child who is trying to be the voice of a black community in which you really don't represent. You yourself are not in the trenches of your community, rather creating fake Black caucus organizations and hiding behind your tweets. Leslie you are now challenged to produce what you have done for my community, your community, and please don't self proclaim with photos of you and our influential black leaders. Instead of asking where is Bill Nelson or the Democratic Party , Leslie where are you because I don't recall seeing you anywhere where my black community needs help. You shouldn't ask of anyone to do anything you can't do yourself. Instead of focusing on either party to make change or help why don't you focus on yourself and help.

Great point! Unfortunately, Ms. Wimes has chosen to write more than she actually does, and we all have SSN to fault! She's GIVEN this column based upon her color, (certainly NOT her skills) and all she does is complain about everything. Perhaps it is time to begin questioning the wheres and whens of Ms. Wimes so we can all learn about her alleged dedication and hard work for HER community.

You weren't checking for her. Sometimes the fully melanated sisters get overlooked. Trust and believe she has been all over this state and the lady has contacts everywhere. So if you would like to extend a invite I'm sure she can make that happen in short order.

Your comment proves the above point! You have been all over the state in meetings behind closed doors with Governor Scott and anyone else who is paying you as a mole. What I am saying to you is you do not need an invitation to help your community! You don't need an invitation to feed the poor. You don't need an invitation to house the homeless. You don't need an invitation to mentor a child. But yes Leslie, you do need one to meet with the person who has tasked you to do this and from what I've heard you all meet frequently. So get off of the social media tweet and get into your community streets! Since you are asking what has everyone else done for you and your community lately - What have you done?

The DAAWC is a national organization she has people on the streets everywhere there's some black people.

Again,"she has people all in the streets" hmmmm - where is SHE?

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