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Nancy Smith

Billionaire Tom Steyer Put Andrew Gillum on the Impeach-the-President Team

October 20, 2018 - 6:00am
Tom Steyer
Tom Steyer

Andrew Gillum might have started out a money underdog in the race for the Florida governor's mansion, but the Tallahassee mayor has become the darling of progressive out-of-state billionaires and with less than three weeks in the campaign, has money to burn.

On Thursday, CNN announced billionaire philanthropist-turned-political-activist Tom Steyer added another $2 million to the sizable stash he's already put in Gillum's political action committee ("Forward Florida") war chest.  (The Hill carried much the same story.)

What does Steyer want from Gillum for such generosity?  For starters, says CNN, through his organization "Need to Impeach," the former hedge fund investor from California is directing a massive direct mail pitch to 300,000 Florida voters who have signed up to support his effort to impeach President Donald Trump. The mail piece makes specific reference to Gillum's support of impeachment.

I Beg to DifferSteyer scratches Gillum's back, Gillum scratches his.

Another organization Steyer funds, NextGen America, has already spent more than $5 million to get Gillum elected. But Need to Impeach by far is Steyer's favorite child this election cycle.

He has sunk $50 million into Need to Impeach so far, "turning him into a familiar face in TV ads and, last year, on a Times Square billboard." 

Having spent $120 million and signed up 6 million people to oust the president of the United States, "Tom Steyer has assembled in a year an organization with more reach than the NRA," the Atlantic writes in its October edition. The dynamic story of his super-charged political committee, "How Tom Steyer Built the Biggest Political Machine You’ve Never Heard Of" definitely is worth a read.

Back at his San Francisco headquarters, he has his staff crunching the numbers. "For every 1 million voters, about 60 percent are registered, half support Democrats, and about 40 percent reliably show up to the polls," author Edward-Isaac Dovere tells us. "For every 1 million people who’ve signed up with Need to Impeach, 85 percent are registered, 95 percent support Democrats, and 34 percent reliably show up."

If Need to Impeach is Steyer's pet of the year, Gillum is close behind. 

"If you were going to choose a single race that has the most national significance, it would be the governor's race in Florida," Steyer told CNN.

He went on to say Gillum, in particular, is a special candidate, and that "here you have a young African-American that is straightforward on education, good on climate, took on the NRA, straightforward on healthcare, has talked a lot about justice and the criminal justice system and supports impeaching the President."

Andrew Gillum
Andrew Gillum

Gillum's opponent Ron DeSantis, of course, came to prominence after President Trump gave him his blessing.

And Gillum hasn't been shy in his call for Trump's impeachment. He proudly stated during the Democratic primary that he was the only candidates who had the "courage" to support that concept and used it to show how he would stand up to the Trump administration if he becomes governor.

DeSantis is convinced the dump-Trump posture is too far out of the mainstream and will hurt the Democrat in the end.  "We need a governor who is going to work constructively with the Trump administration to advance Florida's priorities," DeSantis told CNN in September. "You know, Andrew wants to impeach President Trump, about what? I don't know."

Steyer has a different view.

Impeachment, he claims, will do nothing to hurt Gillum with moderate and independent voters, and the subject doesn't fire up Republicans, either.

"We looked at 5,000 Republican ads and not one of them mentioned impeachment. So, if you want to know if it is a hot-button issue (for Republicans), it isn't," said Steyer.

Steyer believes impeachment will have an opposite effect on Democrats, who won't stay home this year as they usually do during midterms, but will be motivated to impeach, impeach, impeach.

"Andrew Gillum is straightforward and speaks the truth and that is why I think we got such a big turnout in the primary and why we will have an even bigger turnout in November," he said.

Oh, and by the way, Steyer has big plans if Democrats take back the House, the Atlantic tells us.

"... Need to Impeach will immediately move to the next phase, with a plan that includes activating its six-million-name list to immediately pressure new members to sign on with Donald Trump’s impeachment ... A group of constitutional lawyers is already under contract drafting specific articles of impeachment against Trump, which it will then mail to supporters. (If and when Bob Mueller puts out a report, they may do an update.)"

Gillum will earn that $2 million. His job, it seems, will be to make sure Florida is on board.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


Soros is an anti Semite - so it follows. They all HATE Israel and especially Netanyahu. Who do you think is funding all the investigations of Netanyahu anyway? Very important to understand that we in America tend to be myopic and not understand that Soros and Steyer fund global actions - Muslim immigration to the EU for example. Who do you think has bribed all the EU officials? Or the press in both the EU and the US? Seriously - does anyone really think Jim Acosta does it for free? Wake up America!!!!!! this is all planned!!!! And it is all global. Steyer has $1.6 BILLION to spend. SOROS HAS $18 BILLION to spend.

Give me a call Andy - we need to talk. I am trying to use back channels. You know. just call me.

"Impeachment" of a president (or, for example, a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court) is the business of the U.S. House of Representatives ... and the governors of the 50 states have ABSOLUTELY NO ROLE in such a proceeding. At this point, I'd guess that most full-fledged and passionate Democrats would personally like to see Trump impeached - and the results of the Mueller investigation may ultimately convert many traditional, responsible Republicans to the same cause.

Watch the debate tonight DeSantis vs Gillum --It will be broadcast nationally on CNN beginning at 8 PM EDT. Tell your friends, family and neighbors about this important debate! No rational person would vote for Gillum over DeSantis, but we have a lot of irrational voters out there, so we can’t rely on reason. We must get out the Republican and independent vote –and don’t give up on all Democrats –there must be some who appreciate the benefits of a vibrant economy.

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle! So you think it was "rational" Republicans who put the *** Trump into office??? Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You think it was smart for Democrats to put the 100% loser Hillary up as their candidate? Hillary???? Yeah - all of America waqs voting for this sick, debilitated lying witch who enabled Slick to abuse and rape women - and then ran on the "War on Women"???? Oh, we know - Chris Stephens was kidnapped, raped, tortured, burned alive and then finally put out of his misery by being murdered. That wonderful Democrat front running HILLARY. And anyone is going to take you one bit seriously?????????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Face it folks,.. Andrew Gillum is a born loser!!!

More chuckles. So ... Gillum didn't "win" a seat on the Tallahassee City Commission, nor did he "win" a mayoral election in Tallahassee, nor did he "win" a Democratic primary election for Governor of the State of Florida? How many elections have YOU won, studly ???

Hey Ted - cool it. He lost. And we all know it. So please - turn off the jets - calm down. He will have a future elsewhere. Not now. He has to get past the FBI first so it is goof to have a pause right now. Let this work its way out and next time we'll get 'em.

So now Tom Styer is now funding the anti-semite Black Fidel Castro! Gillium will destroy Florida the way democrats have destroyed Commifornia!

OK just wondering was Hillary gonna come to Florida and give Little Andy Killum the dreaded "political" kiss of death? Well where in the HELL is she? Hillary, Steyer, and Soros need get to work on a way Little Andy Killum can run The Great State of Florida from a Federal penitentiary !!!

OK just wondering was Hillary gonna come to Florida and give Little Andy Killum the dreaded "political" kiss of death? Well where in the HELL is she? Hillary, Steyer, and Soros need get to work on a way Little Andy Killum can run The Great State of Florida from a Federal penitentiary !!!

So Killum's goons assault a gay journalist at his rally yesterday. That means not only is he an anti Semite but he's homophobic too? I can't imagine a worse person to have as governor. Just say no to Andy Killum.

“If Need to Impeach is Steyer’s pet of the year, Gillum is close behind”. Really, Nancy? Gillum is Steyer’s pet, but DeRacist got Trump’s blessing. Wow.

And, aside from the usual Republican racism in play, the GOPs have their own anti-Obama and anti-Democrat billionaires like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, Paul Singer, Robert Mercer, *** Johnson, Normal Braman, and others ... several of them living right here in River City! #GoGillum! #GoSteyer! #VoteBlue!

We already know who loves DeRacist as you call him and why, Leslie but we don't know enough about who loves Gillum and why and now we know a little more. Good story, Nancy.

The corporations that control the GOP wanted United Citizens, now you got it, stop complaining.

Steyer is simply trying to BUY his way to "Top Commie" in the Dumbocrat party (for future Personal Use{?}), while I seriously believe that Gillum's motivation is to reverse the black-white nature of Florida. Little does he realize that the Blacks of Florida have learned to think for themselves, and are doing better every day - Life, liberty, jobs, upward mobility, and pure freedom and equality.

So, who's the "Top Fascist" in the "Republican't" party? And have the 'Republican'ts of Florida' ever actually learned to "think for themselves"? Especially the ones in Tampa?

The only way the people of this country will ever have a chance is for us to get rid of these super PAC’s that dump millions into campaigns. All while the rest of us are only able to donate 250$. There is a need for reform but it should be the bring this country back to the people not down the road to a socialist state where the government controls everything.

And will Gillum and the Democrats repudiate anti-Semite Farrakhan?

Maybe Desantis can repudiate the Proud Boy who showed up at the Gillum rally. Charlotte, do you really think limp wristed liberals come close to Aryan Nation, etc. when it comes to anti-Semitism? Who made that campaign phone call with the "minstrel" voice right after Gillum got nominated? "I be Andrew Gillum...." Has Farrakhan been involved in this campaign in any fashion? Last time I saw him he was at the Aretha Franklin funeral trying to fit in.

Too bad for Gillum and Steyer that money cannot buy integrity, decency, or erase crimes of any Democrat.

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nancy smith


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