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Bill Nelson, Rick Scott Running Close in New Senate Poll

February 7, 2018 - 6:00am

The contest between Bill Nelson and Rick Scott is very close, a new poll shows. 

While Scott has not officially entered the race, a poll that Mason Dixon released on Wednesday morning shows he is right on the Democrat’s heels. The poll has Nelson with 45 percent and Scott right behind him at 44 percent while 11 percent are undecided. Mason Dixon last looked at the race back in October when each candidate took 44 percent. 

The poll shows both candidates are above water. Scott is seen as favorable by 42 percent of those surveyed while 32 percent view him as unfavorable,  23 percent are neutral about him and 3 percent are not aware of him. Nelson is less known but 37 percent see him as favorable, 24 percent view him unfavorably, 27 percent are neutral about him and 12 percent are not aware of him. 

Both candidates have nailed down their party bases. Nelson takes 81 percent of Democrats while 9 percent are for Scott. The governor has 84 percent of Republicans behind him while 4 percent back Nelson. Voters outside the major parties go Scott’s way as the governor gets 49 percent of them while Nelson garners 38 percent of them. 

The poll shows there is a gender game as 51 percent of women prefer Nelson while 37 percent opt for Scott. But the Republican leads with men as 52 percent back the governor while 39 prefer Nelson. 

There is also a racial divide in the poll. Scott takes a majority of white voters--55 percent--while 34 percent are for Nelson. A majority of Hispanics--56 percent--back Nelson while 34 percent are for Scott. Blacks go overwhelmingly for Nelson as he takes 83 percent of them while 6 percent are for the governor. 

In South Florida, Nelson is far ahead, taking 61 percent while Scott pulls 28 percent. But Scott is dominating in North Florida 58 percent to 32 percent and Southwest Florida 56 percent to 35 percent. Nelson is ahead in Tampa Bay 46 percent to 41 percent but Scott leads in the rest of Central Florida 47 percent to 41 percent. 

The poll of 625 Florida voters was taken from Jan. 30-Feb. 1 and had a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. 


lmao...same polls that said Hillary was going to WIN....You forgot the Hidden Voters for Scott ..same People who stayed Hidden from Polls & public for Pres.Trump......Bye Bye Billy are OVER ..You are Kiss butt DO NOTHING PERSON....Back Stabbing on US Space Shuttle Workers with you Buddy OpieBama

this is just fat ass C Breeze pretending to be a Vet from the trailer park front porch... go back to NY and get a job fatty...

The 3% who were not aware of Scott, who has been the governor going on his 7th year and the 12% who were not aware of Nelson (serving as Senator to Florida since 2000) should not be voters!

You think Scott has character. As the CEO of Columbia Hospitals before becoming a politician, Scott committed the largest Medicare fraud in the history of USA.

Give it up "Bobo", you're "whistling into the wind"!

Yeah, crime doesn't matter for fat asses like you from NY... go back there and get a job idiot...

1. Bill Nelson IS NOT a Floridian "first" as he continues to prostitute himself at the whim of and answering to lord and master's Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. 2. This gutless US Senator a former US Army Commissioned Officer voted to shut down the Government which would have put the paychecks of all Military Service Members in possible jeopardy come 1 Feb 2018 payday. I have lived thru a Carter Administration/Congressional shutdown in the late 1970's and yes, we received "no pay due" at the end of a month, I believe Sep 1978. 3. Nelson, as instructed sat on his ass while a twelve year old boy was lauded by the POTUS for placing small US Flags at the graves of deceased Military Veterans. 4. By participating in this last shut down, Nelson put the demands of the grown adults and children of illegal alien parents most from Mexico who entered the United States of America illegally. These demands included but were not limited to be put at the head of the list to become US Citizens or just outright forgiveness of their illegal status. Bear in mind for all the years these illegals have been here they have been supported by YOU the taxpayers in some way or form thus reducing the tax base and reducing benefits to American citizens. So, a vote for gutless non-Floridian Nelson is nothing more than a vote for the Washington Political Cartel Schumer and Pelosi and I ask that you pick the next US Senator from Florida based solely on his character not the whims of Chuck and Nancy!

Whose poll is this? Is this the same poll that had Hillary winning in a landslide up until 10 PM of Election Night? Nelson has to run as the Senator who blocked the repeal of Obamacare, who tried to stop tax cuts, who put illegal aliens ahead of Citizens, who shut down the government to fund illegal dreamers over our citizen dreamers, that Bill Nelson is leading in the polls. Sorry, but the polls are not real, they are fabricated for specific results. If it is not Rasmussen it is not a poll. A real poll would show the method, the sample, the time of the poll. This was probably done during working hours while productive people are not home. Bill Nelson will retire at the end of the year. I predict he will drop out because he is so far behind it would be like flushing money down the toilet.

The polls showed Hillary winning the popular vote, which she did. The electoral college is what allowed Trump to win. Support for the repeal plan in Congress was pretty universally-reviled, not having even enough Republican votes to pass. I don't really know what you mean by "illegal dreamers over our citizen dreamers" but its ridiculous. If you are conservative, you should want Congress to do everything they can to keep the dreamers in the country as they are huge contributors to the economy, all hard workers or students who were brought here as children. I'm not going to argue with you about the validity of polls besides Rasmussen, as you have shown yourself to be wildly uninformed on the topic. I recommend taking a statistics class if you want to understand how polls work before spouting nonsense. This is a real poll, and you can see the methodology here: Another poll released today from UNF showed Nelson with a 48-42 lead: Please do your research before you say such laughable lines as "I predict he will drop out because he is so far behind it would be like flushing money down the toilet". Any person who has followed politics would know that Scott barely won in highly-favorable GOP wave years against much weaker candidates. With the number of elections and flips Democrats have won recently, it is looking like Scott would face a large uphill battle to win.

No problem flushing money, just ask the DNC and Bernie supporters...

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