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Bill Nelson’s Abortion Problem

June 11, 2018 - 10:00am
Frank White and Jill Stanek
Frank White and Jill Stanek

Senator Bill Nelson claims to be a “thoughtful, moderate voice in an increasingly partisan political world.” If only that were true! In reality, he’s an extremist who supports abortion on demand through the moment of birth, and he should be worried about the political consequences.

Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration recently published statistics about abortions in the state for 2017. While the good news is that abortions are declining, a review by the Charlotte Lozier Institute found alarming details in this report. Of nearly 70,000 abortions in Florida last year, the overwhelming majority were elective. Only about two percent of all abortions involved the so-called “hard cases” that are so hotly debated in Washington and the media. This is extreme.

Most alarming of all, though, is that 11 babies were reported as being born alive in failed abortions. Florida is one of only a handful of states to report this information. Five years ago, Governor Rick Scott signed into law the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which protects the rights of babies who survive abortions and requires every reasonable effort to be made to save their lives, just like any other premature infant of the same age. For the first time, it also required that instances of babies born alive be reported to the state health department. Sadly, we don’t know what ultimately happened to the 11 babies in 2017. However, we know that number is higher than in any year since the law passed.

Some abortion advocates flat-out deny that abortions sometimes go wrong and result in live births, but we know that’s not true. The plight of born-alive babies is very personal to us. As a labor and delivery nurse in Oak Lawn, Illinois, Jill Stanek witnessed first-hand babies struggling to live after botched abortions. They were simply discarded like medical waste in the hospital’s soiled utility room. Jill will never forget comforting one precious little survivor for 45 minutes until the end of his life. When she spoke out, she lost her job. This experience motivated her to expose the horrific practice of infanticide and prevent it from happening to other children.

Under pro-life Governor Rick Scott, Florida is making progress. The number of abortions in Florida has dropped nearly 14 percent since Scott took office. Senator Nelson, on the other hand, is an extremist who would see that progress undone at the national level. He voted to keep barbaric partial-birth abortions legal. He has voted several times for taxpayer funding of abortion, which most Americans oppose. In 2015, he voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would stop abortions after five months of pregnancy. When the bill came up for a vote again this year, he didn’t even show up.

Only seven nations in the world, including China and North Korea, allow abortion on demand at any point in pregnancy. The United States falls in this shameful minority. Thankfully, 20 states have enacted five-month limits on abortion and momentum is growing.

This is welcome change, but thanks to Nelson and other extremists in the U.S. Senate, we still do not have a national law to protect these vulnerable children.

Nelson’s extreme record shows how out-of-touch he is with constituents. Polling shows that 59 percent of Florida voters support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and 46 percent said they would be less likely to support Senator Nelson if he voted to allow late-term abortion. Broken down by demographic, 78 percent of millennial voters, 70 percent of African-American voters, and 57 percent of Hispanic voters support the bill. Even 56 percent of Democrats and people who consider themselves “pro-choice” support it.

Nelson will be held accountable for his extremism at the ballot box. SBA List’s Florida field team has been on the ground for months, talking with voters, educating them about Nelson’s record on abortion and the importance of getting to the polls as part of a historic effort to visit two million homes in key battleground states before Election Day. We are grateful Governor Scott is running for Senate and urge all pro-life Floridians to support him.


Frank White is a Republican member of the Florida House of Representatives, representing District 2. He is currently running for the Republican nomination to be Florida’s attorney general.

Jill Stanek is Susan B. Anthony List’s National Campaign Chair.


Anyone who believes in the legitimacy of late term abortions have never witnessed it. The baby is killed and the mother is mentally scarred. Always choose adoption rather than abortion. It is a wonderful act of kindness by the mother to the adopting parents and to her baby.

Adoption is the humane and caring alternative to the horror of taking a defenseless life.

I was just visited by a young lady representing Susan B Anthony with polling questions, stating they were not in support of any particular candidate, we got to the abortion of live infants & Sen Nelson being an advocate, I then realized they were pollling for Rick Scott, it was at this moment I told her I would NEVER vote for a THIEF, she thanked me & practically ran down my driveway.........Get smart people Rick Scott is “DIRTY & FILTHY RICH AT THE SAME TIME” please see something wrong with that picture!!!!!!

We State and Federal laws protected under prison and financial penalties for disturbing turtles eggs before birth and after birth but Senator Nelson and the Democrat platform believe in abortion killings of a human beings on demand for any reason and taxpayers pay for this barbaric method.

If you don't stand up for life nothing else matters-period.

Single Issue voters and representatives are bad for the state and nation.

I'm not single-issue voter, but I am a single-issue disqualifier. Advocacy for infanticide absolutely should preclude one from any consideration for political office.

If you don't like abortion DON'T have one, and if you are male - DON'T engage in behavior that makes that decision even a reality. It takes two to create a pregnancy...yet only the woman gets slammed for not wanting to be pregnant. Men need to take responsibility for birth control (or abstinence if that is more palatable for those who believe it works so well). You want to make abortions all but obsolete? Then make birth-control available to all women regardless of income, insurance, marital status. Teach safe sex (how to protect yourself from unwanted consequences, disease) starting no later than middle school. The vast majority of women do NOT make the decision to terminate a pregnancy lightly and for anyone to allude otherwise is delusional. Also, claiming to be pro-life but wanting to cut women’s healthcare services, WIC and CHIP is hypocrisy at its absolute finest!

Sex education and access to free birth control has not made a change in young girls' behavior. Our culture encourages sexual behavior. Our culture has tried to separate sex turning it into a recreational activity separate from procreation. Many of these young girls do not take precautions, and many think it is desirable to get pregnant and have a baby, but later change their minds. I see it over and over as a school teacher.

Well said.

It's pretty clear you are going to get shellacked in the primary by Bad Moody, so why don't you revisit the treatment of Terri Schiavo to remove any doubts likely supporters might have. This is not Mississippi. And it's 2018, not 1952.

It is EXTREMISTS and a decided minority of Americans who want to form a medical police state run by religious zealots in order to deny a woman's right to choose wether to carry an unwanted pregnancy.

Oh, Bullshit~!! This idea of babies being born during, or after an abortion is crap! Check this out.

Rewire is a pro-abortion news organization. There are plenty of examples, aside from my own witness of holding a 21-week abortion survivor for 45 minutes until he died ( Google Gianna Jessen or Melissa Ohden, adult abortion survivors. Also check out

Since this is obviously a political hit piece, a Paid Political Advertisement disclaimer is missing!

Being pro life means very little. It is a position of time buying and lacks moral clarity. Frank White, Rick Scott and the rest of you " Pro Lifer,"-- Listen up! Your only moral position can be abolition. That's right. Abolish abortion in Florida. What is John Roberts or Mr.Trump going to do? Send in the army to enforce abortion on demand? SCOTUS has no authority to rule on this state issue; thst emperor is nare ass naked! Abolition! Abolition is the answer. Stop hiding behind a failed policy of pro life that suggests some dignity for your lack of total commitment to these womb slaughtered innocents. Abolition Frank White. Abolition now!

Hey Frank, what you done for the children of immigrants being kept in dog cages by ICE. What have you done to protect health insurance for children? What have you done to protect Head Start? What have you done to protect SNAP? What you have done for the children? NADA, NOTHING!

You’re not referring to the kids caged during the obama admin are?

You are flat out wrong - 70% of Americans, along with over 70% of Floridians, support Roe v Wade. Thank goodness for legislators, like Bill Nelson, that actually represent their constituents and not a narrow slice of extremists that will make up facts to support their personal opinions.

You’re entitled to your opinion but not your own facts...?

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