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Sanders Tells the Nation He Wants DWS Out

May 23, 2016 - 6:00am
Bernie Sanders and Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Bernie Sanders and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Bernie Sanders is going after Debbie Wasserman Schultz, endorsing her primary opponent and saying he would not keep her in charge of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) if elected president. 

The Vermont senator appeared on CNN on Saturday and endorsed attorney and law school professor Tim Canova who is challenging Wasserman Schultz from the left in August’s congressional primary. 

"Well, clearly, I favor her opponent," Sanders said of CNN. "His views are much closer to mine than Wasserman Schultz's."

Canova had been an advisor to Sanders on reforming Wall Street. Sanders and his camp have been critical of Wasserman Schultz’s leadership of the DNC, insisting the South Florida congresswoman is helping her old ally Hillary Clinton in the presidential primaries by limiting debates. For her part Wasserman Schultz insists she is neutral. 

With Sanders behind him, Canova trumpeted the endorsement on Saturday. 
“He believes, like an overwhelming majority of grassroots Democrats and progressive activists, that she has failed to live up to the values we share as a party,” Canova noted about Sanders and Wasserman Schultz. 

For her part, Wasserman Schultz shrugged off the endorsement. 

"I am so proud to serve the people of Florida's 23rd District and I am confident that they know that I am an effective fighter and advocate on their behalf in Congress," Wasserman Schultz told CNN. "Even though Senator Sanders has endorsed my opponent, I remain, as I have been from the beginning, neutral in the presidential Democratic primary. I look forward to working together with him for Democratic victories in the fall."

Sanders did not fare well in that South Florida district, taking only 30 percent while Clinton carried it with 68 percent of the votes in March’s primary.

Other Democratic primary candidates in the race could hurt Canova by splitting the anti-Wasserman Schultz vote. 

Republicans would love to pick up this seat but it’s simply not happening. Joe Kaufman, who was routed by Wasserman Schultz two years ago and lost a GOP primary back in 2012, is back for a third run for Congress. After getting blown out in a state legislative race in 2014, attorney Marty  Feigenbaum is also running for the Republican nomination. There are at least four candidates running with no party affiliation but whoever win the Democratic nomination should keep this seat for the Democrats.  


If I were a Democrat I'd want to take a much closer look at the communistic butthead. Only 'some' of his ideas are sound but most are either pipe dreams or deep rooted commie thinking. Either way, he'll not get my support!

I would hope ALL Democrats are willing to stand up and put an end to the corrupt super delegate system that currently exists. If not -- why bother to vote? This system was in place long before DWS, but she certainly exploited it. The Republican's system isn't much better and, thanks to Cruz's bragging about his backdoor approach, it has been exposed. Time to take our country back. Party leaders only care about themselves, not us. An explanation of the history of the super delegate system can be found on wikipedia.

Interesting comments from "Bernie" the Benign Commie, on "DWS" the Scorched Earth Radical Commie RE: who can give away more free stuff....and confiscate more tax doolars from working Americans. *Please confirm that someone is setting up a fund to ship both to Cuba.

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