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Belinda Keiser Files to Run for Joe Negron's State Senate Seat

May 8, 2018 - 9:00am
Belinda Keiser and Gayle Harrell
Belinda Keiser and Gayle Harrell

Belinda Keiser, the vice chancellor of Keiser University and a member of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, is running for the state Senate seat currently held by retiring Senate President Joe Negron, R-Palm City. 

Keiser filed her paperwork on Monday to run for the seat which Negron announced last week that he was vacating. She will face state Rep. Gayle Harrell, R-Port Saint Lucie, in the Republican primary. Negron is backing Harrell to replace him. Last week, Dr. Rob Levy, a Democrat. announced that he will shift gears and run this year instead of 2020 when Negron was facing term limits. 

During her three decades with the university, Keiser has grown to have around 20,000 students in around 100 degree programs ranging from the associates level to doctoral degrees. 

Keiser is a familiar figure in Tallahassee from her work with the Florida Council of 100, the Florida Government Efficiency Task Force and Workforce Florida which she chaired, on the board of the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Gov. Rick Scott naming her to the board of Enterprise Florida and Space Florida. She also launched the  Keiser Mills Foundation to offer “unique scholarship and learning opportunities to students seeking international, entrepreneurial, leadership and civic engagement experiences as part of their college education in Florida and globally.” Last year, Scott named Keiser to the  Florida Constitution Revision Commission.

In 2016, Keiser dabbled in national politics when she was named was an at-large delegate to the Republican National Convention from Florida. Like the other delegates from the Sunshine State, she backed Donald Trump who overwhelmingly won the Florida primary. 

Harrell and Keiser will tangle in SD 25 which generally backs Republicans including Scott and Trump.  Nancy Watkins, a prominent accountant who often helps out Republican campaigns, will serve as Keiser's campaign treasurer. 


Arthur Keiser is a criminal who has been sued several times but got away with it because (I guess) he bribes those who prosecute him. He makes millions, owns building and planes but his employees are treated like slaves. He has no integrity and his so-called charity is used to impress. What a fake!

My wife worked for Keiser University. Belinda is emotionally abusive to her employees, could care less about her employees and their families, she lives in Parkland, supports nepotism, and is erratic.

FACTS: --Belinda Keiser does own a residence in the district --Belinda Keiser has also owned property in St. Lucie County for nearly 10 years --Keiser U has been in PSL for over 20 years She is a compassionate conservative and will represent the best interests of families and businesses in this district.

FACTS: Belinda Keiser owns residential property in many other cities and places as well but she “resides” in Parkland, FL. Correct?

Belinda is a fine person of high integrity and values. She cares about people and has made it possible for underprivileged and minority’s to get a first class education.

High integrity and values? You must have financial interests with the Keiser’s.

All campuses of Keiser University were ordered last month to obtain letters of support for the university along with release forms from professional contacts and community partners. Employees were not told what these were being used for but there was a deadline to have them in by the beginning of May. The unwitting community partners who submitted these testimonials can now expect them to be used as campaign PR! This is just a small example of how unscrupulous the Keisers are!

That is not true. The letters were voluntary for the purpose of highlighting KU partners on the KU website "partner page" which is undergoing technical upgrades for 2018. Those contacted for letters proactively and expressly indicated their wish to do more with Keiser University during their in person attendance at statewide events in celebration of KU's 40th year which dates back to the first week of November 2017. This has nothing to do with Belinda Keiser's independent campaign for Florida Senate announced in May 2018. Nothing...

I have known Belinda Keiser for about 30 years. I have worked for the poor as an attorney for 37 years. Belinda Keiser believes in people and children. She has a heart of gold. The entire time I have known her she has always put the betterment of people first. She supports military as her dad was in the military. She has worked tirelessly for children and young women and men's future in this state. She has worked hard to change laws to help People and not hurt them. She is moral and for the USA.

An attorney endorsing Belinda Keiser. Imagine that. Lord knows you guys have made a pretty good living defending their business shenanigans. Your endorsement merely suggest two things. 1. You really don’t know her on a personal level, or 2. Your judgement of character is in question.

Keiser lives in Parkland, FL and has no desire to reside in the SD25 district. If I'm a betting man she will purchase a home in the area which will remain vacant like the plethora of other million dollar homes she has.

Does Belinda Keiser reside in the SD 25 district? I live in Martin County and we've had our fill of Carpetbaggers!

I am A republican and close Friend of Belinda Keiser. I could no longer stand the immoral policies of the democrat party. I left it years ago and so did 20 members of Our WWII family. Belinda is a strong republican. We have talked at length on the issues. She cares about the issues affecting the people. Trump has a friend in her.

I think she is from the Palm Beach area

I looked into the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, here is some of what I read: What is the Constitution Revision Commission? The Constitution Revision Commission is a group of 37 people appointed to review and recommend changes to the Florida Constitution; found in Article XI, Section 2 of the Florida Constitution. Every 20 years the commission is appointed to examine the Florida Constitution, hold public hearings and possibly recommend changes to the Florida Constitution for voter consideration. Who serves on the Constitution Revision Commission? The Governor of Florida appoints 15 members, the House Speaker and Senate President each pick nine members, three members are chosen by the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Attorney General is an automatic member. The Governor selects one of the 37 members to serve as chairman. Here are the2018 questions: P 6001: Rights of Crime Victims; Judges P 6002: First Responder and Military Member Survivor Benefits; Public Colleges and Universities P 6003: School Board Term Limits and Duties; Public Schools P 6004: Prohibits Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling; Prohibits Vaping in Enclosed Indoor Workplaces P 6005: State and Local Government Structure and Operation P 6006: Property Rights; Removal of Obsolete Provision; Criminal Statutes P 6007: Lobbying and Abuse of Office by Public Officers P 6012: Ends Dog Racing

The combining of issues should not be allowed. It's undemocratic and underhanded. What do offshore drilling and public vaping have to do with each other? The Commission rules need to be changed to the same as both government and citizens. It should be non-political and determined by lottery.

And...She does NOT live in the District. Another Carpetbagger who does not know the citizens of the District.

Sounds like Harrell's political consultant is blogging today.

Isn't that like just one more "special interest group" "running for a Legislative seat" preference position? HOW DOES THAT WORK?.. Does one "special interest group" cancel out, OR overide, another "special interest group" ??? Does it work kinda like "Rock, Paper, Scissor"?!?!? I imagine THIS will further compound the "issue" of "entitled special interest"...( much to the chagrin of the "voting CITIZEN population"..... Hmmmmm,... "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.." ("Willy Shakes")

Whatever happened to Adrian Wyllie?

I retired from politics. Thanks for asking, though.

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