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Anti-Semitic Left Handing Florida to GOP

August 19, 2019 - 8:30am

If the Democrats hope to beat President Donald Trump in 2020, they probably will have to achieve that without winning Florida.

The country’s third most populous state and most crucial battleground has a sizable Jewish population.  Best estimates are that approximately 7 percent of ballots in Florida during presidential election years are cast by Jews, a demographic that historically has been reliably Democratic.

That hardly will be the case next year, thanks to Republican efforts to woo the  Jewish vote and the Democrats, through a series of political pratfalls, supporting or ignoring blatant anti-Semitism in its ranks under the guise of advocating Palestinian rights.

The influence of Jews in American politics and the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate in the past 2 1/2 years have goose-stepped to the forefront of “progressive” concerns.  Democratic officeholders -- albeit a tiny few -- and a larger, quite vocal group of that party’s voters have become obsessed with criticism of the Jewish lobby, most notably AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).

Maybe bipartisan AIPAC is expected to apologize for being far more effective than CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), the Muslim advocacy and civil rights group, or J Street, the self-hating, liberal Jewish lobby.  CAIR, in fact, was labeled a “terrorist organization” by the United Arab Emirates and with good reason.

Leftists have been carpet-bombing social media with memes superimposing a swastika on the Israeli flag, and the unfettered use of “Nazi” to describe the Israeli government.  That’s more than insulting and inaccurate; it’s blatantly anti-Semitic.

These bigoted posts are not Russian “bots.”  They are being instigated by real people who mostly identify themselves as Democrats in the Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or Tulsi Gabbard camps.

It’s true white supremacists, likely not Democrats, defaced Jewish cemeteries and scribbled anti-Semitic graffiti on schools and other public buildings. But here’s the important difference: they are a tiny minority on the fringe.  Their heinous acts have been going on for a century or more.  They are not officeholders representing a major political party.

Further, House Republicans joined Democrats in condemning the statements of one of its own, Rep. Stephen King of Iowa whose controversial comments about immigrants include comparison of undocumented people to livestock.  He was also stripped of his committee seats.

But when Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar spewed anti-Semitic rhetoric, the best Nancy Pelosi and House Dems could do was pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism and Islamophobia without mentioning Omar by name.

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, a member of the House GOP leadership who voted against the measure, nailed it, calling the resolution “a sham put forward by Democrats to avoid condemning one of their own and denouncing vile anti-Semitism.”

Mainstream Jewish voters are livid about Pelosi’s capitulation to the anti-Semitic forces within the Democratic Party.  Holocaust survivors or families of relatives who died in the Holocaust cannot, will not excuse this new breed of Democrat and their votes will reflect that.  If history is any indication, the Democratic nominee, whomever he or she may be, will not receive anywhere near 75 percent of the Jewish vote.

Let’s look at some electoral examples as compiled by the Jewish News Syndicate :

-- It could be concluded that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis owes his razor-thin 2018 victory to the Jewish vote.  Though Andrew Gillum won that demographic 65-35 percent, DeSantis performed better with Jewish voters than Donald Trump who got 20-25 percent.  DeSantis campaigned as a friend of Israel and since taking office, he hasn’t dispelled that notion.  That alone should boost Trump’s stock in Florida.

-- Jimmy Carter received 71 percent of the Jewish vote in 1976 but when he expressed open hostility to Jewish concerns during his first term, Ronald Reagan benefited, receiving 39 percent of the Jewish vote to Carter’s 45 percent.  That is the most anemic total of any Democratic presidential candidate since such statistics have been compiled.

-- George H. W. Bush received 35 percent of the Jewish vote in 1992 against Michael Dukakis, but after Secretary of State James Baker alleged that Israel did not care about peace, Bush’s support in the Jewish community plummeted.  He received  11 percent of the Jewish vote in losing his re-election bid to Bill Clinton.

The Democrats have more problems than seeing Florida’s 29 electoral votes slip away.

Their hopes to capture Republican House seats in Florida have been severely damaged.  As an example, six-term Congressman Vern Buchanan of Sarasota is perceived as vulnerable by the Democratic Party and will be challenged by one-term state Rep. Margaret Good.  She won in a state House district that gave Trump four-point plurality in 2016.

The larger Congressional district, which went for Trump by 10 points in 2016, includes Sarasota, with a significant Jewish population, Manatee and southern Hillsborough counties.  Good has been posturing as a moderate.

Buchanan has been a staunch supporter of Israel.  He opposes the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement aimed to cripple the Jewish state.  He addressed the regional AIPAC dinner last year,  supported the United States-Israel Cooperation Enhancement and Regional Security Act, and backed a bill sanctioning Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and their supporters.

Margaret Good? Who knows, but she needs to be questioned about her record, past rhetoric if any, and associations in this regard.  She has been allowed to skate by talking in generalities on all issues, both during her first campaign -- against Buchanan’s son -- and since she announced for Congress.

The Democrats have lit their own house on fire.  When did critical issues such as the economy, education, income inequality, the environment, and health care become marginalized by our country’s leftists and its obsession with Israel? 

Since Donald Trump’s “upset” election in 2016, it seems.

The party that touts itself as the champion of the underdog is quickly and quite willingly transforming itself into one.

Jim Bleyer, a former reporter at the Orlando Sentinel and Tampa Tribune, writes the Tampa Bay Beat blog. He is of the Jewish faith and writes this piece from that perspective.


I asked a Jewish friend/neighbor a couple of years ago why American Jews vote so heavily for Democrats when all they do is to demonize Israel. His answer was that abortion, gun control and other liberal issues are far more important to American Jews than is the State of Israel. Sad that Jews, of all people, wold support the holocaust of abortion.

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From September 1, 1939, for 5 years it was occupied by Germany and Russia, then 40 years, Poles lived in communism with the consent of the USA, the last 30 years also Poles live in linden communism or rigged elections because the US entered the communist security on the list of its people. Poles are expelled from the country by heavy taxation and former communists continue to flow into undeserved wealth, thanks to the Jaruzelski-Rockefeler agreement. The USA allows Germany and Russia to rob Poland and Poles as well as local gangs called parties or security forces: AMBER GOLD and SKOK. President Trump succeeded in what Stalin failed to hate the United States of America by Poles. To break Poland, the armies of Hitler and Stalin were needed, the only “Christian” Empire could be conquered with hooks and papers. The US has broken: Atlantic Charter - an eight-point declaration signed on August 14, 1941 by Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt aboard the HMS Prince of Wales The declaration was signed by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Winston Churchill and the President of the United States on behalf of the Democratic Party Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Its most important goals were the right of all nations to have their own governments and their own independent state, to economic development and to live in peace after defeating fascist tyranny. "The Polish nation is becoming a calculated great Jewish danger and must prepare for the battlefield camps, which will determine who has the rights to the Polish land: Jews or Poles." Rabbi Owadia Josef, the spiritual leader of the Shas party that is part of the coalition ruling Israel, said that "Gentiles were born to serve Jews." - Why are goys really needed? They will work, plow and harvest. We will only sit and eat like gentlemen - said the rabbi during a speech in the synagogue. Then he compared people who are not Jews to ... draft animals. Imagine that a donkey has died. You would lose money that way. This is the same servant. That is why the gentile receives a long life. To work well for a Jew - said the rabbi. In 1939, the US government did not accept a ship with 937 Jewish refugees from the Third Reich. Franklin Delano Roosevelt rejected the shocking plea for grace and considered the Jews an "undesirable element." Many of them later went to gas chambers. " St. Louis "will not be allowed to moor here," said Walter Thomas, Inspector of the Department of Immigration in Miami, "or any other US port." At that time, tens of thousands of Poles sacrificed their lives and their families to save them. Do you want to teach Poles decency? The synagogue of Satan with you. Otto von Bismarck Carefree Polish character in terms of world development learns the Polish Eldorado for Jews, "he said at the Prussian Sejm in 1847. American boys? In fact, Jews from the Judenrat cooperating with the Germans spent more on their lives than on the individual cases of Polish blackmailers. it's about 350 billion dollars.

As a Jew living in Florida, I am fully behind Trump and cannot even begin to think why other "so-called" Jewish people could let themselves vote for the Democratic party after the statements from anti-semitic, USA hating Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Very disgusted and repulsed by any other person who claims to shares the Jewish faith, and still dares to support this democratic party who obviously hates the Jewish people and Israel.

As usual Jerry and other snowflakes are out of their mind. Guys, get out of your mommies basement and get a job so you can contribute to the tax base. Better yet, pay more than your fair share. You talk the talk so walk the walk. It is not President Trump fault that most liberals are morons. There is truth to the saying " You can't fix stupid ".

I'm guessing you haven't seen the news where Jews are telling Chump to knock it off or more likely, ignore it. …...... Or that only 23% of Jews voted for Chump vs 71% for Clinton.. .

How'd that work out for Clinton?

It is very telling that the party of “inclusion “, cannot even bear the thought of realizing that anti-semitism is alive and well within their own ranks. The mere fact that they refuse to recognize it and even refuse to acknowledge it exists just indicates that their loyalty is more to party than to country.

Respectfully, that was 88 Bush beat Dukakis

The DNC has been the party of the KKK for far too long.

So funny when for some reason most Jews are dems. …………..What reason would that be? ………….That repubs are racists/bigots and Trump says fine people walk with Nazis, KKK saying Jews will not replace us, was not unnoticed by Jewish people...………..That many Jews are just as appalled by Israeli moving to a fascist state complete with ghettos just as Trump , repub party tried to take us.........….But Trump, repubs pushed too hard and showed themselves to be the party of hate time and time again driving decent people out...………..And both Palestinians and Jews are Semites, just different religions of the same people...……….Just because one disagrees with the ever more fascist present Israeli, US leadership now does not mean they are against Jews or are anti Semites...…….Only for those who want to spread more hate would say that, a Nazi propaganda tactic...... .

Another ridiculous article trying to siphon off traditional Democratic voters. Your desperation is showing. 46% tops in the polls for a guy who has never broken the 50% mark must be frustrating. If Eisenhower was alive, he would spank the Republican party and then resign from it.

Bwaa ha ha ha! "frustrating"? You'd better ask Hillary what that means. :-) :-)

Oh no lets all try and understand how devastating this news must be to Never Trumper "Little" Marco Rubio. Why Marco had just finished orgazing in his "Little" panties at the thought Anthony Scaramouche was gonna beat Trump in 2020....then this news. Poor "Little" Marco and his delicate little feelings. :) ;)

Palestinians, like Jews, are a semitic people, so "advocating for Palestinians" is certainly not "anti-semitic". In fact, it's Netanyahu and his clique, who have proudly and roundly proclaimed that "israel is a state for Jews only" who are racist and anti-Palestinian (and probably anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, and likely anti-Chatholic, too). Republicans are simply twisting and spinning reality here to try to gain a falsified political advantage. It's likely that most American Jewish voters see right through the Republican B.S.

The hatred of the far left for Jews goes back to the cold war when Israel was with America and the Arabs were with the commies. The Democratoc Party, under Kennedy and others, was also very anti-communist. No more. The far left has become more prominent, especially in the last few years. If Jews are to see anything they must realize that the Democratic Party of today ia not the party of theor parents and neither is it the party of just a few years ago.

Definition of anti-Semitism: "hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group" -- but nice try

I know. Isn't it bizarre how democrats try to dilute the meaning of Jew-hating? Yet another demonstration of how out of touch they are with the Jewish voter.

Bottom line, most people have a problem being lectured on morality by a political party that supports partial birth abortion. How people of the Jewish faith could ever vote for a candidate that espouses disarming them is the ultimate irony.

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Yes yes Hillary. We're all glad you've found employment. Now move along.

This is a hatchet piece. If it was real journalism it would’ve called and gotten good positions but since the goal is to damage her the RADER throws his hands up and says I don’t know what her positions are leaving the clear impression that they must be far left and anti-Israel. Bad journalism.

I reside in Longboat Key, am a registered Democrat, and I agree with the author. Margaret Good has passed herself off as a moderate and hasn’t talked about Israel and the anti-Semites in the Democratic party. We don’t want to elect another one of those.

There are few anti-Semites in the Dem party as anyone saying such tripe would be shouted down and told to leave,,,,, ,,,,Yet welcomed in most repub circles...……..Trump did say fine people were marching with KK, Nazis shouting Jews will not replace us!...………… Just what kind of lunatics think a small population of Jews is going to replace white people?..... …...You have to be a nut job to even think that...……...…......Yet Trump loves them and they love Trump...... White supremist are a bunch of crying *** scared to death, by their actions...…...No supreme person would even care what others thought...….....And I say that as a born Aryan who knows better so stop using our group for your lies, hate......….People are good or bad by what they do, not where they were born or to whom...…Only pitiful scared people think otherwise. Being against Israeli fascist policies does not make anyone anti Semite...………..Or are the majority of Florida Jews anti Semite?

Total Bullsh!t

Now there is an intelligent answer!! s ... ;^)……………...Care to say what part is BS and why?...…………..Fact is most Jews vote dem because repubs are bigots, racists and just mean, nasty nowdays rotting from the top down...………What happened to the party I learned to be a fiscal conservative from?

Total Bullsh!t

Get used to the idea of Ms. Good. Vern Buchanan's support for gun control won't play with his base and I hear a lot of his former supporters are sitting his next election out.

If that is the best you got, and its a stretch at best, than it really shows just how much trouble the KKK, er, Repubs are in for in 2020...

Let's not forget that it was the Democrat party that created the KKK.


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