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Another Day, Another DeSantis Tie To Racism

September 11, 2018 - 6:00am

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck -- then, guess what? It’s Ron DeSantis tied to another racist statement, event, or person.

How many more times will the Republican gubernatorial nominee be tied to racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, and God only knows what other -isms and phobias?

In Monday’s episode of “How Racism Turns,” we find DeSantis attached to an event orchestrated by David Horowitz, who has been known to say things along the lines of DeSantis’ “monkey it up” phrase.

Seems DeSantis didn't just appear, but SPOKE at David Horowitz Freedom Center conferences in Palm Beach and Charleston, S.C. in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Remember, Horowitz is the one who said "African Americans owe their freedom to white people and the country’s 'only serious race war' is against whites." Read about it here


Want to know why Republicans have won the racist label?

Too many of you who aren’t racist stand quietly by, while racists in your party are very vocal about their dislike for those who are not like them.

Ron DeSantis, speaking at the event (one of four times), said this:

“I just want to say what an honor it’s been to be here to speak. David has done such great work and I’ve been an admirer. I’ve been to these conferences in the past, but I’ve been a big admirer of an organization that shoots straight, tells the American people the truth and is standing up for the right thing.”

What is the right thing, Mr. DeRacist? Given the things Horowitz has said about African Americans, were those the right things? What other organizations in that same vein do you admire? The KKK? Neo-Nazis? Skinheads?

Who will DeSantis be joining next? David Duke?

I thought Ron DeSantis was just a figment of Donald Trump’s imagination, brought to life.

After all, prior to Trump bringing Pinocchio to life, he was still a wooden boy, right? 


What I am seeing now is that DeSantis has held racist views and behavior prior to Trump making him the Republican nominee.

Trump simply plucked DeSantis out of obscurity, and placed him at the forefront of the Florida Republican Party.

From what I see, DeSantis has no platform. All he has is Donald Trump and their mutual love for racism and FOX News.

He was able to get the Trump base’s adoration through osmosis, and an assist from FOX.

What will be the next Race DeScandal?

The week has just begun. I guess we will wait to see what other -isms come flying out of DeSantis’ closet.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Oh pleeeze! What’s more dangerous, liberals wanting everybody to *think* alike, or racists wanting everybody to *look* alike? Which one is more plausible, more tried in failed socialist, one-party nations and blue states refugees keep fleeing from — often to Florida?

I personally think both are just as bad for this country. One is not greater than the ever. Both should be unacceptable through my eyes.

OMG. MLK is turning over in his grave. This mind-numbing labeling has got to stop. It is destroying our country. Find some other way to remain relevant in this new world. We don't need to tear each other down to be a success. We are free people in a free country with every opportunity available to any US citizen of any color and any persuasion to pursue happiness. No other country on earth offers what we have here in the U.S.A. right now! Happiness is overcoming obstacles to obtain a goal. Get a job and enjoy life! David Horowitz is a LIBERAL who is currently fighting to save our First Amendment Right to Free Speech from the LEFT who is hell-bent on destroying it if you don't agree with the LEFT agenda. (There is a difference between Liberal views and Leftist views these days so be careful to not get confused.) David Horowitz was hugely instrumental in the civil rights movement back in the day. I was around in the 60s and 70s and I know of what I speak. Your claims are silly but you have the right to make it. I, for one, was passed over for a job in California in the 90's and was told the reason - and - the only reason - was that my white skin disqualified me. So, you can see how some white folks might feel a bit disenfranchised. I don't think those disenfranchised whities are out burning down Berkeley these days, so no worries.. We all have to worry about the Soros paid for anarchists who ARE occasionally burning down Berkeley though...

Lady, how, exactly did MLK get into that grave? Ok, so STFU!

Horowitz told The Post he is an advocate for the black community, citing in particular his support for private-school vouchers for minority children stuck in failing public schools. “There’s nothing racist about me,” he said. “I want blacks to be treated with the same dignity as anyone else, not like an endangered species that needs to be protected. I think the liberal view of blacks is very patronizing.”

Even though I’m laughing, I have a serious question. To those of you posting what seems like rabid messages to Leslie Wimes, do you honestly think she cares about what you have to say? Do you really think she reads your messages and does anything other than probably laugh? Why do you keep letting her get to you???

Well then, do you think then that we should continue to consider what Leslie has to say at all..?...AND who appointed YOU "Lol!", as the incompetent, halfwit "gatekeeper" of Leslie's interactions with her readers??? (Are YOU laughing NOW???) It's no wonder that YOUR TYPE continues to historically run in the same useless circles..... ("Your Type"? ...: "opportunistically Ignorant" ) .

Oh my! You genuinely believe Wimes cares about what you have to say!!! You poor slob!

The Republican Party has given us 'Crooked Rick Scott'. The Republican Party has given us 'Unhinged Donald Trump'. And now, the Republican Party has given us 'Lickspittle Ron DeSantis'. (I'd really rather have Nixon back!)

Be careful Leslie,.. You are steadily "descending into the "Hell" of political Black populism", where EVERYONE is too easily perceived as "racist",...and is too quickly 'accused' as such. It's not attractive on you Leslie: You're better than that... (Better you should try to direct your readers out of "Lyndon's 'Great Society' scam" finally,.. and onto the real strides 'forward' that seem to be emanating from this "populist Trump Presidency", for ALL of us. (This looks to be the "opportunity" that NO ONE should miss ! )

Since the race hustling author dubs DeSantis as an obscure racist, why not put the shoe on the other foot with someone a trifle more prominent? For 20 years, Barack Obama's pastor was Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was notorious for his anti-white, anti-Semitic sermons. Obama's unsavory relationship with Wright did not prevent Obama from his successful election as president. But upon the conclusion of Obama's two terms, Gallup noted that "more Americans over the past eight years came to believe that Obama's election and his presidency made race relations "worse" in the U.S. rather than better, with 46% believing the former in 2016 and 29% saying the latter. This represented a sharp reversal of opinion from 2009, when 41% of Americans believed Obama's election and presidency made race relations better and 22% said worse. Relatedly, Americans became less certain about whether Obama's presidency in and of itself represented "one of the most important advances" for black Americans. In 2009, 71% of blacks and 56% of whites thought this; by 2016, the figure had fallen to 51% for blacks and 27% for whites. Black unemployment has reached historic lows in the past year under the administration of a supposedly racist white president. Race hustlers have no time for such statistics as they destroy their myopic narratives.

leslie, you write well, unfortuately, you are agenda first, not facts. it was obvious that desantis would be called a racist, and to strength the flaccid argument, everyone he has dealt with would be called a racist, but this strong, that early, is a surprise. you are right about his lack of platform, stick to that fact lest you box yourself out of reasonable conversation.

If Desantis is a racist then I guess Gillum is an anti Semite. Works both ways Leslie.

Well that settles it the biggest racist in Sunshine News is YOU Seeing racism in everything, Guilt by association, Finding connections in tenuous ways destroys Leslie Wimes credibility The desperation of the democrats for having too many candidates in the primary that the worst one got through because they did not watch Looney Marxist Gillum is palpable

This was the Dems chance to win...sadly a record number of candidates stole votes from the front runners allowing Gillum to claim the nomination with the lowest total in history. Getting people to support his far left agenda will be especially hard under those circumstances. I think if DeSantis proposes anything that sounds reasonably good and avoids Trump, while still preserving those votes, he will sadly win in a landslide... Most of our NPA council of 10k is voting for DeSantis... The Dem leadership, or lack thereof blew a golden opportunity this year by not uniting behind a single rep, instead of what, 10? Allowing this poor guy to claim the nom with what 30%? The Dems blew it...again.

seems like the only racist I see is you. Black votes this, Black lives that, DeSantis is a racist, Trump is a racist, Mickey Mouse is a racist. This is why Gillum will loose, because you al have forgotten about the white vote...


Leslie, every time you bring up race, the white privilege starts oozing out of the woodworks. Of Trump, someone wrote: "he's not a racist, he's a proto-racist" which is even worse, someone who is willing to use racism to advance his own cause. Desantis is probably no more prejudiced than the average white guy, but, the real question is what will he stand for once Donald evaporates? 20 years has proven we need divided, accountable government again. "Thoughts and prayers" to the GOP if Sean Shaw is elected attorney general. The self dealing will end.

Floridians, don't lose sight of the most important fact...DeSantis is a lump of Washington playdough with no agenda of his own! Keep him from spreading that sickness.

It will take more than stretched , tired racist name calling and free stuff for everyone socialist promises to win in a two candidate general election. If the Democratic Party had a runoff , it would be a pretty safe bet that Gwen Graham would’ve won that ( although you no doubt would’ve also called her a racist along with a few other perjoratives , if you thought doing so might help Andrew Gillum’s candidacy.) It will be interesting to see how the far left playbook that barely worked in a five candidate ‘winner takes all’ Democratic primary works when all voters are included . Gillum appears to have moved further left with his no government experience leftist white male ( hmm , better be sure he passes your “ racist” sniff test , ‘ cause he is white ) Lt. Governor selection , whereas DeSantis has moved back more towards the middle with his Hispanic , experienced woman legislator pick . Will be an interesting election , but please do park the worn out and tired “ racist” name calling so that we can judge these two candidates on their proposed policy positions and merits . Thank you !

DeSantis played identity politics that Republicans seem to always cry about. He picked Nuñez because she is Cuban and a woman. That won’t help him at all, especially with her calling Trump a conman!

Would’ve, could’ve, didn’t. Gillum scares Republicans because he brought out voters who sat on the sidelines previously. Now he will get independents too. Your 20+ year reign of terror is ending.

regin of terror? great economy, great growth, fabulous cities, technological investment, still no income tax.. really?

Well said Leslie. The problem is you have been shilling for these people and now seem upset when the facts come out...………….The problem with repubs started back with the Southern Strategy in 65 so you have no excuse where they started pandering the racists after Dems booted them out of the party, repubs quickly picked them up so they could keep the money train to the rich, corporations going by stringing them, religious along...…….. They were so good at it, the racist now control the repub party!!

Let me guess, “Jerry”. You are one of those caucasians who only like Leslie when she is saying what you want to hear. Leslie calls out Democrats and Republicans. Unlike those of you on both sides of the aisle who only think the opposite party does wrong. Jerry, you are no better than racist republicans.

If it walks like a race baiter, talks like a race baiter , it's Leslie Wimes. All she can talk about is race. No issues, no substance, just black this, white this. Hell I can already read her next article- black, white, racisim, black, white, race card, white, black, racists...... Laughable (sad really) and ridiculous at the same, time for a new schtick Leslie.

Is it laughable or sad really. You are literally talking from both sides of your month in the same sentence.

Keep talking Leslie. They can’t take it when you throw the issue of race in their racist faces!!

Gee, what strong commentary, from another race baiter. When out of real thoughts and facts, throw race at them, right.

Give it up, toots. Your race card, is tattered and torn, from over use. Who’s the racist? DeSantis, for using very common vernacular? Or, you, who keeps blaming whitey? Gillum, is a corrupt, divisive, radical marxist. Go bark up another tree.


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