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Andrew Gillum And Hillary Clinton, Emails, Emails, Emails

March 10, 2017 - 12:15am

What is it with Democrats and emails? We seem to get caught up in something that should be so simple to navigate.

Don't build a private server for home use when you are sending and receiving classified information, Madame Secretary.

Don't use taxpayer money when you are purchasing campaign software and sending out political email, Mr. Mayor.

I know, I know, Mike Pence has his email issues as well, but does anyone actually think he will be scrutinized anywhere near as closely as Clinton was and Gillum is about to be?

Ok, then, so let's continue.

Since Andrew Gillum was on Clinton's shortlist for her VP slot, he should have KNOWN this was going to be an issue.

How could it not be? The dude was in Wikileaks' info dump with HILLARY CLINTON!

Gillum is now running for governor of the most important swing state there is.

Florida, Florida, Florida!

Who is advising him?

I shook my head initially when I heard Stevie Wonder's Signed, Sealed, Delivered, played at the rally in Tallahassee.

My thought was, good God! If these people are trying to make folks think Gillum is the next Barack Obama, they are in big trouble!
That song was OBAMA's theme song. Gillum isn't Obama, so stop that. You are doing Gillum, and Obama, a disservice.

I get that people are having Obama withdrawal, but trying to play on that to drum up support for Gillum WILL backfire.

Let Gillum be Gillum. He can never fill Obama's shoes. So word of advice, don't play that song at a rally again. It makes Gillum seem awfully thirsty!

If whoever is running this campaign didn't know about the email problem, and whether any actual charges emerge from the investigation, being investigated right out of the gate for an issue Gillum admitted to IS a problem, there needs to be new people running the campaign.

Speaking of that.

Describing Gillum as the change candidate, then surrounding him with every establishment person they can find is, well, hypocritical.

Gillum was a Hillary delegate, during a CHANGE election. He didn't realize the people wanted change then? He is having an epiphany now?

Gillum has a spokesperson that was with Debbie Wasserman Schultz! Outside of her gerrymandered district, she is loathed by progressives, and yet someone from her camp is the mouthpiece for Gillum?

I'm surprised the Bernie people haven't ripped Gillum to shreds over that one.

Gillum's  campaign manager was the Deputy Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party! (A black man who didn't want to have anything to do with black issues. Go figure!)

Said campaign manager was instrumental in trying to keep  Tim Canova from having access to the VAN when Canova ran against Wasserman Schultz!

I could go on, but you get the picture.

If I were Gillum, I'd leave that whole progressive/establishment thing alone.

Yes, Gillum has done some progressive things as Mayor of Tallahassee, but he has some side-eye establishment shenanigans as well!

The good thing, now, is that all of these blunders have happened early.

Gillum has a lot of folks rooting for him.

Get it together.

Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


Gillum needs to disassociate himself from Obama and Clinton. As an independent supporter of both, today they are bad history to most American's. If the next Democrate cannot be a new and stand by him/herself in the eyes of Floridians, 2020 will be another disaster. Impeach Trump!

The Democrat Party has "Whig disease"; And even "Obamacare" couldn't cure it, or save it, from "circling the drain".... The same "bad actors" keep paddling it in the wrong, diminishing circle,... towards the DRAIN.......

Hush, Leslie. More mindless, sponsored chatter. The country is imploding all around us - and you still keep chanting rather than thinking and writing critically.

No, I'd say Leslie is right on the money, as usual. As a progressive, I have some questions for Gillum, and then I could get behind him.

I'd say Leslie is looking for the money and it'll never go her way! As usual, Ms. Wimes is way off the mark and she almost always is. I'd say she's wrong, dead wrong, and Gillum will never get my vote, or even close to a majority of votes. He has no chance.

What is Wimes wrong about? Simply saying she is wrong doesn't make it true! From what I read here, I don't see where she is wrong. That's the problem with people. Just because it isn't what they want to hear, they automatically want to scream wrong, like Trump. Whether Gillum gets your vote or not, there is some sound advice in this article.

Leslie, Gillum has about as much chance as you or I of getting elected Gov. and by the way, Pence broke no laws of the state of Indiana with his emails. That's why even the imbecilic Democrats didn't push it. Hillary DID violate numerous laws with her emails, but thanks for playing. Did you see Wall Street donated millions in the last presidential elections and not one dollar went to Trump? If that doesn't reinforce what a lousy candidate she really was I don't know what does. Next time the Dems need to run somebody that's not a criminal and half the country despises, assuming they are even a viable party by 2020, and that's debatable.

Not counting the millions from Devos?

When the Michael Jackson's "Signed,Sealed,Delivered" song played they meant Gillum's policies, corruptive behavior, and him has been given away to the highest (in this case, lowest) bidder!

regardless of all of the blunders...and the fib about the VP short list, he has no chance.

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