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All Aboard Florida Critic K.C. Ingram-Traylor Nears Decision on Congressional Bid

June 25, 2015 - 4:00pm
KC Ingram Traylor
KC Ingram Traylor

Conservative talk-radio host K.C. Ingram-Traylor, one of the most vocal opponents of All Aboard Florida (AAF), is looking at running for Congress in the wide open race to replace U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Fla., who is running for the U.S. Senate in 2016. 

Ingram-Traylor, who would run in the Republican primary, told Sunshine State News on Thursday that she was looking at entering the race. 

“I am definitely considering running for Congress,” Ingram-Traylor said. 

Asked about a timeline for a campaign launch, Ingram-Traylor said she hoped to have a decision made by the end of July. 

Ingram-Traylor told Sunshine State News that she was concerned with local issues as well as national ones. “I want to focus on the Indian River Lagoon and the All Aboard Florida projects,” she said. Turning her fire to AAF, Ingram-Traylor slammed the private company for relying on public money.

If she runs, Ingram-Traylorwill join a crowded Republican primary field. Already announced candidates include: former state Rep. Carl Domino, who Murphy beat last year; attorney and Republican activist Rick Kozell; veteran Brian Mast; St. Lucie County Commissioner Tod Mowery; Martin County School Board member Rebecca Negron; and businessman Paul Spain who ran against U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-Fla., last year. Possible Republican candidates include conservative leader Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who ran for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House in Maryland; attorney and congressional aide Bill Castle; state Rep. Gayle Harrell, R-Stuart; educator Belinda Keiser; former congressional aide Stephen Leighton; conservative pundit Noelle Nikpour; Martin County Commissioner Doug Smith; and businessman Gary Uber. 

On the Democratic side, Melissa McKinlay and Priscilla Taylor, both members of the Palm Beach County Commission, are already running. So is engineer Juan Xuna. Other possible candidates include attorney Jonathan Chane and St. Lucie County Commissioner Chris Dzadovsky. 

The race is expected to be competitive in the general election. 


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KC would be great. Never underestimate the strength of a "soccer mom". You would have my vote !!!!!!!

She may be a good mom which in my mind is doubtful as she is too busy making money on her causes. Then she can get paid more by getting paid by the government? Hell no! She represents only her own interests.

NoNoNo KC!!!!

Mrs. Traylor should save her money & time and stick to what she's doing on the radio. She has no tract record in politics, and her radio show is really NOT widely tuned in to! We do need the train service which would serve so many along the East coast BUT, it should NOT be on all of our dimes! Just as SunRail is a waste of taxpayer dollars, so will AAF if government allows it to be. Rick Scott, the sliceable, stuck every Florida taxpayer with costs of SunRail, along with several local county governments who had little support from their voters (the reason the politicos would NOT place it on a ballot) and most of these local commissioners had absolutely no idea what they were getting in to! Mrs. Taylor represents HERself, HER views, HER ideas, and HER thoughts! She just wants YOU to pay for it!

Amen! I admit I have never been on SunRail, but would definitely try it. It is definitely tax payer funded, which AAF is not. I did try TriRail from Palm Beach, and it was great as we passed the traffic. That is tax payer funded as well, but a lot of people were using it. I guess it takes time for a break even point. The government is not into these projects for a profit, but to serve a need. But like everything else, it requires an initial investment. AAF is a private enterprise with a private investment using bonds for investors, which KC and company are trying to block.

I agree. Stop wasting my money. I don't want my taxes to go up.

I live in Stuart, and I am for the train, so Robin, please don't think you speak for "EVERYBODY". And if you and your cronies would shut up, we can have quiet zones for the freight trains, which we won't get otherwise. Not to mention, I DON'T want MY tax money spent to make some DC lawyer rich. Again, this decision is one-sided. The county commission should of put this to a vote, before assuming everyone wants to spend money to fight this. And by the way, I have also seen her many times referred to as a "Stay at Home Mom", so I suggest you check your facts! We enjoy a thing called freedom of speech whether or not their views differ from yours. I'm sure you will put me down next.....But who cares.

The comment about her being a stay at home mom is just snide and inappropriate. Say something meaningful or substantial, like perhaps why it is that you think not everyone in Martin county is not against the train, or say nothing at all. I can tell you, everyone I speak to is totally against the train -- not change per se, change is inevitable, and some growth is good. But the fact that the use of tax dollars will go to help private companies (ie: stockholders) earn more money (or in this case, lose it intentionally to default on the tax payer backed loan) is not how I want my tax dollars used. And, the economic impact in the City of Stuart for AAF is bad -- no benefit to our residents whatsoever. I personally am grateful to this stay at home mom for paying attention when most of us were not -- and bringing this issue to our conscious awareness, regardless of whether it is an LLC or a nonprofit. And BTW, the radio doesn't PAY YOU -- you pay for those shows as advertising. I seriously doubt KC is making any money on this awareness campaign. I know her personally and have never heard her ask for donations -- in fact, I have heard her defer to the other organization (CARE= Citizens Against Railroad Expansion) with respect to raising money. Please inform yourself before you make salacious and untrue allegations -- it hurts the people who are working hard to make a difference in their community and makes you look like...

Oh really? This is from HER web page: "-Donate to Florida Not All Aboard to help us cover operating expenses such as printing, supplies, banners, rally costs, etc. (Note: These Donations are not tax-deductible.) You can make your secure donation online using Paypal or you can mail a check." "You can also mail a check to: Florida NOT All Aboard, LLC P.O. Box 2043, Palm City, FL 34991 Here is the URL - see for yourself : More lies from the lie machine! Yeah, this is someone I would really want to represent me...NOT!!!!

You better check your facts, Tax Exempt bonds are not YOUR tax dollars. The interest is tax free for a period to encourage investors to invest in American Infrastructure projects. Nothing is stopping you from investing. I don't know how to break the news to you, but companies like Fortress are not just owned by the rich. If you have a 401K OR 403b account, there is an excellent chance that one of your funds has Fortress or a similar company as an investment. And yes, its the little guy like me that has a 401k. I agree with the person that stated that there is something in it for us...Quiet Zones, which we don't have now, but we need. Those tracks were there long before I moved here, and by moving here I accepted the fact that volume of trains on train tracks can change. The quiet zones are needed to reduce the train horn noise that people like you whine about. Do you own a car? If yes, the odds are it was shipped here via freight train? Do you shop at Wal-Mart? The odds are the goods you bought were carried by freight train. Your people have done nothing but spread unjustified fear, and thus you are lowering our property values, not the train. The train concept has been around for over 2 years, and property values went up until you started with your rallys, protests, petitions, etc.

From what I read, a political agenda was the sole reason for the anti-railroad campaign. We need some one that can be trusted, and certainly not KC. Instead of setting up a non-profit like any real organization would do, she set up a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) with her as sole director. Meanwhile soliciting donations from local businesses and individuals. Where is the money KC? Oh that's right it all went to buy signs and bumper stickers. How much did the marine industry pay you? How much do you get paid for your radio show? Remember folks a LLC is just that, you can up and leave with NO personal liability or accountability.

I go with Dan Bongino, he's the only one with a security clearance who actually believes in the Constitutional Oath of Office. (I'm tired of the liars, thieves, and protected criminals already sitting in Congress and "sucking on the government mammary" and "dipping their beaks" into Lobbyist gratuities & lagniappes, as well as reaping the rewards of illegal stockmarket 'insider trading' ('illegal' for you and me,...but NOT for Congress members...they 'slither' into the Capitol and leave RICH). CONGRESS NEEDS TO BE FLUSHED OCCASIONALLY,...JUST LIKE ALL TOILETS !

Go back and be the stay at home mom that you claimed to be. Not everye in Martin County is against the train.

K.C. I think you have a good platform and I wish you all the best. Stop that beast train! We don't need it. If they want it let them pay for it! Get it off the taxpayers back.

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