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In Aftermath of United Incident, Neal Dunn Focuses on Overbooked Flights with SEAT Act

April 18, 2017 - 2:15pm

In the aftermath of a Web video showing a man dragged off a United Airlines flight that went viral, a North Florida Republican announced plans to file legislation to stop airlines from bumping booked passengers when flights are overbooked. 

Earlier this month, on an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from the plane after passengers refused to voluntarily give up their seats. Dao was removed by law enforcement based out of O’Haire International Airport. The recording of the incident garnered national attention as it was seen on the Internet. 

U.S. Rep. Neal Dunn, R-Fla., said on Tuesday he would file the  “Secure Equity in Airline Transportation (SEAT)" Act. The proposal “requires the secretary of Transportation to revise federal rules governing how airlines treat travelers with confirmed tickets on over-booked flights" and ensures “airlines cannot involuntarily remove a person from their seat on an over-booked flight simply to make room for another passenger – airline employee or otherwise.”

Dunn made his case for the proposed legislation. 
“Passengers should have the peace of mind to know they will not be dragged off a plane once they’re in their seat,”  Dunn said before pointing to the Web video of the United incident earlier this month. “Americans everywhere were shocked at the treatment of the passenger in Chicago. The SEAT Act will require airlines to sort out over-booking before allowing passengers to board the airplane.”

Dunn’s office stressed that the proposal ensures law enforcement can still remove dangerous passengers. 

First elected to Congress in 2016 and picking up an open seat, Dunn sits on three House committees--Agriculture;  Science, Space, and Technology; and Veterans' Affairs. Dunn represents much of the Big Bend and parts of the Panhandle. 



The market place will take care of the United would you like to have been the plane full of people waiting for the crew members? Was it handled incorrectly? Absolutely, but there are usually two sides. Also, FIX Obamacare....if you want to change the name FINE, but fix it, do not repeal. I have insurance, but a lot of people need this coverage...go to single payer and let the insurance companies fight it out....last time I checked, lots of industries have to change. do you remember the Ice man, the blacksmith or our big textile mills? All gone due to change.

If this man they pulled off the plane had a legitimate ticket and boarded then he should have been left on the place. Who was the airline going to put in that seat and how did they decide the guy should be removed to make room for that other passenger to get that seat? No reports on that yet.

It's bad enough to be bumped when the plane is "overbooked", but I got bumped by United at O'Hare because of "weight and balance". I have flown planes, and I have built planes, and with the size of plane they use 200 pounds more or less ain't gonna make difference. They need to go to charm school

Disagree The consumer will decide United future and the other airlines will take notice We need to stop stupid Pols sticking their noses where they are not needed for popularity and buckle down and do some real work Have a full work week of 40 hours and a full work year of 50 weeks like everyone else would help

Finally a congressperson who knows what his job is. Even a democrat can vote for this guy. Now if he can only stop the phone robot calls, he will get nominated for the presidency.

good common sense.

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