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AFP-Action Takes Aim at Andrew Gillum With New Ad, Direct Mail Effort

October 3, 2018 - 6:00am
Andrew Gillum
Andrew Gillum

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate running for governor of Florida, is drawing fire for his positions on economic issues and education from a prominent group that supports free market solutions and expanded school choice options. 

Americans for Prosperity-Action (AFP-Action) announced on Wednesday morning that it was launching a new digital ad featuring a Web video and a direct mail campaign focusing on Gillum who is leading former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., in most recent polls. 

AFP-Action Senior Advisor Chris Hudson, who leads the Florida chapter of Americans for Prosperity, offered his take on Gillum, painting the Tallahassee mayor as far too extreme and liberal for the Sunshine State. 

“Andrew Gillum’s agenda is too extreme for Florida,” Hudson said on Wednesday. “His plan for the economy? Raise taxes that hurt Florida businesses and families. His plan for health-care? Take away your health insurance and cut access to Floridians on Medicaid by expanding a broken system.  His plan for education? Destroy successful programs that give students a hand up in achieving their goals. We can’t afford Andrew Gillum.”

AFP-Action hit Gillum for backing Medicaid expansion, a single-payer health-care system and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’, I-Vt., “Medicare for All” plan. Sanders endorsed Gillum before the Democratic gubernatorial primary at the end of August. AFP-Action also jabbed Gillum for backing increased taxes on businesses to pay for his plans. On education, AFP-Action took aim at Gillum for opposing school choice, including charter schools. 

The digital ad showcases Florida’s current economic situation, which includes a low unemployment rate and record tourism numbers for the first half of 2018, and warns that Gillum’s proposal for higher taxes on businesses could undermine that growth. 


A vote for Gullum is a vote for Obama and Hillary .Can't you people see what President Trump has done for us. I have been in Fl. 40 yrs.I have never seen as much building as there is so help wanted signs.If Gullum gets in hope you are happy as your taxes and Meds goes sky high.He want get my vote. VOTE RED.

AFP is a great group of people. I am glad they are taking action against the destructive socialist ideas of Gillum.

The key to a robust diverse economy that provides more than minimum wage jobs is an outstanding education system K-12 though graduate school . The economic development "winners " in the future will be those that can retain and create talented ,skilled and educated workforce Not tax incentives .. nor platitudes but talent . Talent that will also create home grown industries .. talent that will attract new to market industries .Gillum has the right approach for Florida

Right-on, Frank: I hope Floridians don't confuse 'Americans for Prosperity' as anything positive for Florida. Their should be a law against using falsehoods and titles intended to confuse the issues. We know exactly what they're about !

"AFP - Action". Who would have guessed. The mouthpiece of the Koch Bro's. These son's of old John Birch founder, Fred Koch, got us to this point. They have created the monster - and they will do everything in their extremist power to make sure good, pragmatic, problem solving government and responsible leadership never again see the light of day in Florida or the rest of this country.

You got that right! And "free market" and "school choice" are just hot air. Great big, as they say, "nothing burgers"! Republican hogwash!

Another dark money group paid for by whom?...……………. Koch, AELC, big corporations like charter schools that last yr got all the state school building, repair funds?...……………. Starving public schools in another unfunded mandate, etc?...……And just whom finds SSNs?...……….I would be surprised if it wasn't a dark money group...…. …..And decent people just can't stomach DeSantis, Trump anymore with their dog howls, not whistles anymore leaving the party in droves, even backing dems as repubs have become the party of hate, mean, the 1% and corporations...… You've lost independents and women…...If you really want to stop the US from going downhill it's time to look at corporations as the cause of much of the corruption...……….Corporate Repubs have been pandering to you deplorables ever since the Voting and Civil Rights Acts, the Southern Strategy by pandering to racists and evangelicals by tossing you a few bones while they rape our country...…………...God has a specially place in hell for all of you. ;^)

I like my leaders to show some personal accomplishments. DeSantis is a Harvard Law Grad who volnteered to go in the Navy. Gullies is a Political (science?) Major from FAMU that has just been in politics. I'm voting DeSantis.

The 'Unabomber' was also a Harvard graduate. The chairman of Microsoft Corp. is a FAMU graduate.

There is no proof he graduated from FAMU.

yeah, maybe he has a prep school private paid degree like Trump the Chump...

Free Market solutions are what got us into this mess. Trickle Down, started it all. Who, in their right mind, actually believes the notion that if we give corporations tax abatements and discounts, they're going to pass those savings on to their employees, or hire more people. Has anyone gone to the new Home Depot yet? Did you see any cashiers? Of coarse not, because they fired them all. Everyone gets to check themselves out now. Did you notice any price reductions for the loss of those employees? NO. If you really believe this economic theory really works, then take of those rose colored glasses, the Republican Party gave you for your support, and look around. Are you still living pay check to pay check? Bet you are. This why my vote is going to Gillam. I'm tired of the same Republican Rich guy shaft being shoved further up my keester.

Exactly! #GoGillum

Home Depot still hires a lot of people. I've talked to their employees many times. They are very helpful and seem to be happy to be working. Attacking their checkout technology is really silly. The Republicans have gotten Florida a very high credit rating and have the Florida pension system in relatively good shape. This is way better for teachers and public employs than the situation's in California, New Jersey, and Illinois. Donald Trump is actually tryin to straighten out the corporations that have sold us out to the far East, and he supports DeSantis.

Sadly the sheeple with their collective hands out for free things will vote for Gillium! His policies will destroy Florida, but the smooth talker Gillium ( Like obummer ) will gather the liberal vote! That’s why it’s imperative for Floridians to vote for DeSantis!!!!

There is no question that Gillum would destroy Florida’s growing economy with his plans to increase taxes, a slippery slope that will lead to a state income tax! Further, his desire to have Florida become a sanctuary state with open borders and no ICE will raise the crime rate just as it has in Tallahassee. Florida cannot afford Gillum and his socialist ideologies! If you want that form of government, go to Venezuela or Cuba!! Let’s see how long you last in one of those countries!! Florida has prospered under Gov. Scott and will continue to prosper under a Gov. DeSantis!!

I am not sure that question has been answered.

Thanks to Scott, we now know why environmental regulations and limits on polluters matter. Desantis would be more of the same. Tourists come to Florida for our beaches and waterways. The beaches that haven't been stolen by 1%ers like Huckabee, are actually being closed! Neurotoxins in the water, dead fish and mammals lost with their rotting corpses fouling our shores. You actually want more of this?

Venezuela or Cuba? Are you serious? Here we go again confusing two totally separate political systems. Those two are "Communist" or "Authoritative Socialism" (one ruler, one party, no incentive). Andrew Gillam, along with Bernie Sanders, are Democratic Socialists. Before spewing your your lack of political knowledge everywhere, why don't you look this crap up first. Democratic Socialism works in conjunction with Capitalism to give every citizen the opportunity to enjoy both work, leisure and health. All the while, making sure every worker is treated fairly with living wages. Companies aren't taken over by big government. They're still able to make profits. They just have to pass those profits on to YOU! What is wrong with that?

BobH is right. Look at Castro and Hugo Chavez and Ortega and how they came to power on the backs of the poor. Look at the condition of the lower classes in those countries and you will see why the safety net we have here matters. You will see why your wife can go to the store without an armed guard. Pure capitalism would have put an end to Chevrolet, as your pal Mitt wanted, so there's an example of BobH's point on socialism and capitalism working together. But nothing could save the Edsel.

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