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Adam Putnam Endorsed by Conservative Florida Family Action

June 20, 2018 - 5:45pm
Adam Putnam and John Stemberger
Adam Putnam and John Stemberger

One of the leading social and religious conservative groups in Florida threw its support behind Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to be the Sunshine State’s next governor.

At an event in Central Florida on Wednesday, Putnam announced the support of Florida Family Action (FFA). The FFA Board of Directors, including its chairman Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz,  unanimously backed Putnam.

John Stemberger, the president and general counsel of Florida Family Action, said Putnam would fight for conservative values. 

“As governor, Adam Putnam will work and fight to protect all human life at all stages,” Putnam said. “He will work to pass laws to support families in Florida and will support laws which protect rights of conscience and the privacy and dignity of women.  And finally, and perhaps most importantly, Adam will appoint judges that understand their limited role as interpreters of the law and prevent activist judges from legislating from the bench.”

Stemberger promised to rally Christian voters across the Sunshine State to help Putnam.

“We over the next five months to educate and mobilize millions of Christians across Florida, both Catholic and Protestant, along with many other people of faith, to vote for Adam Putnam,” Stemberger said. “ He not only shares our faith and values, but he just as importantly respects those that do not.  We are confident that he will fight just as hard to protect the rights of people of faith to speak and act according to their religion as he will to protect those who have views that disagree.” 

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Florida Family Action,” Putnam said. “My faith shapes everything about my life, including how my wife Melissa and I raise our family and my approach to public policy. Florida’s families, conservative values and religious freedom are under attack by a coarsening society that wants to erode these fundamental rights. As governor, I will not only protect these fundamental rights, but I will work with Florida’s faith-based communities to collaborate and support them in their mission to serve Florida families.”

Putnam faces U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., and other candidates, including Bob White who leads the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, in the GOP primary at the end of August. 


I'm sorry, Putnam cannot be for common core and pro-family. Turning our kids into "human capital" for a global workforce and promoting groupthink over family values is a stated goal of the founders of the common core agenda.

Glad this organization has shown it doesn’t care about the families and children on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Families there will have high speed rail ripping through the center of their towns and threatening the lives of children and adults. Brightline has already killed 8 people and it doesn’t even go 110mph, which it will thru the Treasure Coast! Schools are only yards from the tracks. Kids cross with their bikes all the time. Ron DeSantis is against the trains on that route. Putnamis bought and paid for by the corporations!

2 pay for play political fools of equal caliber...

Yes Putnam is pro-life, and DeSantis, a Catholic conservative, is a 100 percent pro-life. Both candidates are social conservatives who support traditional family values. That is where their Republican bonafides part. Stemberger, a fighter on many moral causes, was not diligent in his homework for these 2 candidates regarding their records on other major issues. The YUGE difference is that Adam Putnam is a BIG open borders candidate and he will never implement e-verify in FL, nor would his AG donors ever allow him to have that position on that issue. So much for Putnam’s sheriff’s endorsements, public safety, national security, the rule of law and their misleading apple pie "law and order commercials." Their records speak for themselves. DeSantis is an illegal immigration hawk. He will implement e-verify as governor. Ask the families of the 9-11 victims how there were 15 of the 19 jihadist high-jackers living in the state of FL? Out of the entire country? Putanm is tied at the hip to U.S. Sugar who ruin our Everglades and other lakes and waterways. The false ads from the National Liberty Foundation on Fox and elsewhere are compliments of Roger Stone and U.S. Sugar. DeSantis as governor will prevent off shore drilling and protect all FL waters. DeSantis will eradicate Common Core (aka FL STANDARDS) and go back to classical curriculum in our schools. Putnam has been for that academic disaster Common Core & curriculum monopoly from Pearson Publishing since day one. Including Common Core’s awful "tests and assessments" which (illegally) data mine private personal information from Florida’s students. Putnam voted for Obama’s 2 billion cash for clunkers, $700 billion for the Wall Street bail out, voted for $ 187 billion to rescue failed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mortgage lenders. Educated promary voters who truly care about Florida must vote for DeSantis for Governor.

Thanks for reminding us re: Putnam's anti Trump stance - typical good 'ol boy swamp creature. DeSantis is the man for the job if we want to keep the good times rolling on to even better times in Florida. More jobs equals better tax revenue equals more money to fund schools and social programs. A no brainer win-win for all Floridians.

Two Republicans campaigning for governor, state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Rep. Ron DeSantis, both oppose marijuana legalization. This leaves open the Democrat field, All the major candidates have already spoken about their stance on legalizing medical marijuana and it‘s likely to emerge in debates in the months remaining before the Aug. 28 Democratic primary. A debate to be broadcast statewide is set for tonight in South Florida. Levine issued a news release last Friday, promising to legalize recreational marijuana through the Legislature or statewide referendum. “If elected governor, I will carefully move to legalize the sale of limited quantities of recreational marijuana for adults, either through the Legislature or by a vote of the people of Florida, while learning from the many states that have already moved—or are moving — this way,” he pledged. Gillum was the first of the major Democratic gubernatorial candidates to call for marijuana legalization. Shortly after Levine issued his statement, Gillum posted a tweet saying he was proud to be the first candidate to support it. "I did so because it is the right thing to do — I didn’t need a poll to tell me how to lead on such an important criminal justice issue," Gillum wrote. King, a Winter Park businessman, included marijuana legalization in the justice reform plan his campaign released last month. When asked by POLITICO about medical cannabis, King wrote in an email that current laws would be implemented first. "The biggest obstacle to fully implementing medical marijuana isn't advocates for legalization, it's intractable one-party Republican rule,” King said. “We should fully implement medical marijuana as passed by voters and then move to legalize marijuana as part of a comprehensive approach to criminal justice reform." Former Rep. Gwen Graham is the only Democrat who has not called for marijuana legalization. She is, however, calling on decriminalizing marijuana. And she, too, wants resolved all the issues with the implementation of the current medical marijuana law. I am a registered Republican and one of those 71% who voted "YES" on Amendment 2, in good conscious I cannot vote for any one who opposes cannabis in the state of Florida.

Seem's like Stemberger was pushing big time for a no vote on amendment 2, that was the medical marijuana amendment which passed by an overwhelming majority. If Putnam is calling this an honor then he is not too bright, maybe this is some sort of kiss of death

Exactly. Putnam did not support President Trump, so voters need to remember this and not support Putnam.

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