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Should Gov. Scott veto HB 7069, the $419 million education policy bill?

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is does not help public education but it does disenfranchises the education system.

There are many, many things in this bill that are detrimental to public education. I'd also like you to Veto the FEFP in the budget.

This bill has some components that could seriously damage public efucation. We need to send a loud message to the governor to veto this bill.

He needs to fulfill the constitution by providing educational funding.

A travesty to public education if this bill is approved, and also a slap to the face of all constitutes

To secure the future of this nation we ALL need an education.

To all who vote yes. Think about our countrys future and our children. This funding is to better our education system which is already in need of funding and assistance. Do you not have children or grandchildren in the education system? Do you not want them to receive the highest quality education possible? Our tax dollars are being spent on nonsense, so why not spend it on something well worth it like the future of this country and our children.

I was just wondering if those who are against the bill read it or just listened to the propoganda. I see no specific examples of "how" this bill supposedly "hurts" our education system, just rhetoric. As an educator who actually read it, I can tell you that this does nothing but help the children of our state.

Taking money away from the public schools and giving it to charter companies that are
not held accountable for the same standards is shameful. Charters pick and choose the students they serve. Traditional public schools do not. Why does no one see this? Well funded schools that can recruit and retain the best staff is our only 'hope'. All of our resources must be kept. Don't fall for the lies.

No, he should not!

He should not veto!

No. No veto HB7069

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