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Should the Electoral College be abolished and the president of the United States be elected by simple popular vote?

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We need to as a country abolish the electoral college and elect our leaders by popular vote.

It's really unfair for a minority to decide for the grand majority of people

If you consider the votes received by Stein and Johnson, Hillary did not win a 'majority' either.

One vote one count. Abolish the Electoral College it is a scam period.

I feel that everyones vote should count. It shouldnt be based off a number that each state gets .. Time after time the losing party usually has the popular vote . Makes me feel as if it doesnt matter if i vote because in the end the electoral college decides. Doesnt make sense to me.

Your comment says that 'time and time again the losing party usually has the popular vote'
Please define 'time & time again', because history tells us that, prior to the 2016 election, there have only been FOUR (4) instances where the person who lost the popular vote won the election.
It occurred in:
1824, and gave us President John Quincy Adams.
1876 - Rutherford B. Hayes
1888- Benjamin Harrison
2000- George W. Bush

Again, we are NOT a democracy. The United States of America is a Republic. A Republic is a representative form of government, which we have.
History shows that those who have attempted an actual democracy have failed miserably because the 'mob rule' associated with those democracies led to battles between countrymen. Those countries/territories/states no longer exist because the system of a straight democracy crashed and burned.

We have an Electoral College for a reason.
The main being that America is NOT a democracy. We are a Republic. Hence the words 'and to the Republic for which it stands' in our pledge of allegiance.
Our founding fathers wanted it this way because every country they had seen that ruled by complete democracy, failed.
Our system has worked for over 240 years. We don't need to abolish the Electoral College simply because people want to complain that 'their candidate' didn't win the election.
I suggest people do more reading up on history and less whining.

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