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Do you believe banning assault rifles will prevent another mass shooting?

36% (183 votes)
64% (327 votes)
Total votes: 510


Banning the AR-15 for civilian purchase will minimize opportunities. Gun reform must be done in tandem with other measures. Your question is skewed because it asks an absolute, and as a society we know that real effort is to minimize opportunity for this type of tragedy; total elimination is a false expectation to have in order to justify reform.

Also, schools need structural/building security reforms. Society also needs to review their socio-emotional and environmental catalysts to these events.

Obviously, this is a subject where bipartisan respectful discourse, without profiteering lobbyists, should be at the table. Parents, teachers, administrators, law enforcement, and legislators coming together to "design" and implement a strategic plan. Short-term is the guns and facilities reform. Long-term is the socio environmental factors which will take generation(s).

This subject is too intense and important, as it directly affects approximately 90 million Americans (students and their parents, along with educators), to be discussed so nonchalantly, provocatively, by these short "survey" questions.

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