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Do you favor banning "bump stocks," attachments that enable a semiautomatic rifle to fire faster, and should those who possess them already turn them in?

Yes on both
52% (419 votes)
Ban them, but owners shouldn't have to relinquish them
14% (111 votes)
No on both
34% (271 votes)
Total votes: 801


I don't think the question was worded. I don't think the majority of people want them banned.

Sorry, meant to say. . I don't think the question was worded WELL.

When faced with such a horrific, senseless act as what happened in Las Vegas, we all want "something" done to prevent it from happening again. It is easy to focus on the tools, and not on the person- easy, but not effective.

It is illegal to commit murder, yet it is done every day. That nutjob wanted to kill a lot of people. He could have just as easily built a bomb, driven a large truck into a crowd, used poison, crashed a plane into a building, etc.

If you believe banning bump stocks will protect you, then you must also believe that banning fertilizer, trucks, airplanes, cars, and household chemicals would also be effective in keeping you safe.

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