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Do you think Melania Trump plagiarized the speech Michelle Obama gave at the 2008 Democratic National Convention?


I doubt if Melaniahas ever listened to Michelle.

She made a great speech. Melania's words came from inside her. Most of our parents believed in the same ideas. It is just coincidence. I just wish it was the final speech for Monday.

Those pharases are in our lexicon and are common expressions. Unless michele copyrighted those precise words, there's no story here. One big difference is that Trump will actually live up to what she says which michele hasn't.

She claims to have written it and it was plainly copied from Michelle"s 2008 speech. It is highly WRONG to do and could ruin your career if you didn't have the name Trump

Frankly, as a Republican I find it both appalling and supremely stupid on the part of the Trump team. And, being caught in video saying she wrote it, does not help her cause.

Much more concerning, and unfortunately taken off the front page, is the Grassroots vs. Insiders fight happening at the RNC Convention. Such intimidation tactics by Preibus, Manafort, and the Trump Team represent the worse of the GOP, cannot be allowed to stand for America, and must be repudiated by every state delegation.

"We are thugs and proud of it" cannot be the GOP's new theme.

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