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'Brazen' Matt Gaetz Leads GOP Lawmakers on a Protest for Impeachment Transparency

October 24, 2019 - 8:00am
Matt Gaetz leads GOP charge against impeachment secrecy
Matt Gaetz leads GOP charge against impeachment secrecy

As the contentious impeachment effort continues in the U.S. House of Representatives, one Florida Congressman is spearheading an effort to open up the process for public display.

On Wednesday morning, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise at his side, held a press conference in the basement of the Capitol Building, outside of the closed-door committee room where the House Democrats are conducting their baseless impeachment inquiry in the shadows of democracy. 

Dozens of Republican members of Congress joined, including Florida Reps. Michel Waltz, Bill Posey and Ross Spano, calling for transparency in their witch hunt against President Trump.

Once the GOP members entered the hearing room, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff went to the sergeant-at-arms to ask how to deal with the interruption. One issue was the SCIF chamber is a secure location where electronic devices are not permitted, and some of the members who entered were spotted with phones and smart watches. But the move was designed to highlight the actions of Schiff and his Democratic allies, who have been manipulating the process and controlling the dissemination of what information they have obtained.

This is an especially ironic series of events given that, for the longest time, Schiff has been a loud proponent of transparency, demanding for years during the Russian collusion that all evidence be revealed and documents released, for the good of public knowledge. He even gave voice to this demand in the early stages of this Ukrainian call/whistleblower event. However, things have suddenly shifted on this front. 

There have been numerous instances in this latest call for impeachment in which Adam Schiff has changed his narrative, a sure sign that the facts they insist are there have not materialized. First, there was the claim that President Trump threatened the Ukrainian leader; then the appearance of a quid pro quo arrangement was deemed impeachable. Both accusations have eroded from headlines. Schiff, then, in a live hearing, gave a false reading of content he claimed was in the phone transcript -- but later declared that what he engaged in was “parody”. 

Now, after long declaring he had no prior knowledge of the whistleblower’s claims, we have come to learn that there had been meetings between Schiff, his staff, and the whistleblower weeks prior to their report being submitted. Since this revelation Schiff -- the loud proponent of transparency in D.C. -- has been nothing but evasive in the details. He has suggested the whistleblower does not need to testify nor face questioning, and has even said their testimony is no longer necessary, as the call transcript is sufficient. He has conducted interviews in hearings behind closed doors, and has been shutting out Republican figures from hearings.

It was last week when Matt Gaetz was escorted out of one impeachment meeting when Schiff declared that he had no standing because he was not a member of an approved committee. When Fiona Hill was testifying last week, Gaetz was ordered to leave because the hearing was conducted by those on the Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight committees. Gaetz is not a member of those. 

But, as he pointed out following his ouster, Jerry Nadler, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, started the impeachment process in the first place. Gaetz does sit on that committee. So, by this logic, Schiff approves of the process originating in Judiciary, but the members have no standing in the process going forward.

The Florida Democratic Party issued a rebuttal letter in the wake of this action. "Matt Gaetz, along with fellow Florida Rep. Ross Spano and with the blessing of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, barged into a secure room designed to allow members of Congress to be briefed on classified and sensitive information," the Dems wrote. "Storming the room was widely condemned and has alarmed national security experts." 

Sounds drastic, all the "storming" and "barging," until you see the video of the group walking very slowly and ambling their way into the chamber. 

Of course, the dramatic interpretations from the Democrats and the press differ greatly from the interpretations of similar actions when Nancy Pelosi and several major Dems staged a sit-in back in 2016 during the gun debate. That was hailed in the media as a brave stance taken by noble leaders.

There's been wide coverage of the Wednesday morning stand-in, but what remains to be seen is if this will shed any media light on the actions of Adam Schiff in the past few weeks. He has manipulated and contorted the process in an effort to generate enough momentum to get an impeachment in the works. So far, the press has ignored how many times he has changed his story and clouded the process by altering the parameters and holding hidden meetings. 

Wednesday’s actions have at least highlighted some of this. Maybe it will provoke Schiff, the man who calls for transparency, to be more open with his actions and any findings he manages to collect.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


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We're all proud of you Rep. Matt Gaetz!

Gaetz and his buddy from Ohio (pervert wrestling coach) are "mad dogs" so should be "put down."

A very courageous man!

It is time for the members of the fascist democRAT party to leave this country or at lease stop breathing our air.

Idiots continue to follow the liar in chief off the political cliff to hell...lmfao

We must learn how to lead sentient lives in the face of bondage. The galaxy is approaching a tipping point. We must awaken ourselves and unify others. It can be difficult to know where to begin. Have you found your mission? Wanderer, look within and strengthen yourself. It is a sign of things to come. This circuit never ends. Imagine a condensing of what could be.

Gaetz is El Jerko Numero Uno. Beyond that - the Republican Party has become nothing more than the moronic and lemming-like soldatos in the Don Trumpolini crime family. The Republican Party hasn't done "The Right Thing" since its leadership threw Richard Nixon the hell out of office in 1973. No More Republicans! Ever!

The democRAT party has proliferated its fascism through people exactly like you.

Arrest all Democrats in the basement meetings for Sedition and Treason. All of you, find out if your House and Senate Democrat is involved in this Adam Shit fraud, and vote for your state GOP and President, Donald J. Trump ! Can you wonder what Shits wife must be thinking of Shits action to turn America into a Socialist-Communist country. What can Shits children think of him? Who would have children with a "Pencil Neck"?

Who are these people here posting for scumocrats?...……...They sound really bad, unhinged, even for dems .......…...….Like this unhinged one...…………..Though I guess when Schiff-bag is obviously guilty, lie, attack others, the process, is the only choice.

Who are these people here posting for Trump?...……...They sound really bad, unhinged, even for repubs .......…...….Like this unhinged one...…………..Though I guess when Trump is obviously guilty, lie, attack others, the process, is the only choice.

Somebody should buy you a dictionary - and provide you copies of all of Miss Manners newspaper columns and articles - make you read it all - and then wash your mouth out with the foulest-tasting soap available. There's not a lot of difference between tools and fools, Woody!

...and you are certainly one of the fascist democRAT party's biggest tools.

It's time to flush Adam's Schiff

It's going to take several flushes.

Would have been nice if SSN had told the rest of story: 48 Republicans and 55 Democrats can attend the hearings and ask ALLl the questions they want. Evidently none of the 48 Republicans who have the right to attend the depositions have claimed they have been prevented from asking ANY witness ANY question, including any that Rep Gaetz has.

Slight correction. I believe there are actually 47 Republicans on the three committees conducting the impeachment inquiry, along with the 55 Democrats you've mentioned. Flunkies like Gaetz and Jordan have taken over the Republican Party and have become the 'enforcers' of the Trumpolini crime family. Time for this particular iteration of the Republican Party to be eliminated completely in the 2020 election.

I will win I tell you! I will! Then I will be able to tell everybody what to do. Oh yes I will. You'll see.

Lies straight from the "washington compost" of left-wing propaganda

Good for you Rep Gaetz. We all had enough of this Schiff.... Question for the legal minds out there. If Democrats can keep running to obama picked bias judge in order to block the President from making progress, then why can't Rep Gaetz and the Republicans get a Federal judge to end this Schiff?

Gaetz is an embarrassment. Maybe he and his fellow raiders should read the house rules.While at it they should also read the constitution.

We all know that the democRAT party is a terrorist organization.

Gaetz, repub illegally entered a secured room against House rules disrupting a classified briefing that had an equal number of repub members, lawyers asking anything they wanted, is just a stunt and an illegal one. ……...…….I expect they will be brought up on charges and censored for this bad stunt and should be...……It is all recorded, transcripted and it'll all come out except classified parts soon and there will be public hearings once the evidence is gathered by repubs too…......…….Fact is Trump is guilty as hell as his tweets alone prove and they only thing they can do is lie about process since near impossible to defend Trump's actions...…….Repubs use to be decent people for the most part but now most repub pols can't do anything but lie all the time because factually they have nothing to stand on.........……...What happened to you all?...................There is nothing fiscally or morally conservative in this action, just mostly lies....................And by the posts here, proud of it.

"Fiscally"??? You just have your word processor set to BLATHER now, don't you?

Sorry but is that too big a word for you?......…...Note Trump has doubled the deficit to $1T/yr to pay for the tax cut to the rich adding $3T in just 3 yrs to the national debt...…...And for that the economy did better under Obama who cut the repub deficit by more than 50% with no help from repubs.……….You know being fiscally responsible?…….And in good economic times when one is suppose to pay the debt down Trump, Bush raised barrowing on our kids....…...…….You know actually being fiscally conservative which I am and repub haven't been since 1980.

Transformation is the truth of ecstasy, and of us. You and I are dreamers of the stratosphere. The cosmos is overflowing with sonar energy. By redefining, we believe. To engage with the mission is to become one with it.

Democrat politicians are illegal. GAETZ was never illegal. First of all, is part of Nadlers pact and Nadler had started the "FAKE" impeachment . There is no impeachment evolving. There has been no criminal information provided to Shit, because Shit would have released the info to the press. Trump will stump you, all for our Freedoms and Ideals. Tell us your Socialist name?


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