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Release School Guardianship Program Details and You Endanger Students, Staff

September 18, 2019 - 6:00am

Comedian Dave Chappelle has come under fire for his new Netflix standup show, “Sticks And Stones." But lost in the furor of his routine, angering leftist ideals and liberal policies were Chappelle's poignant words regarding school shootings, and the drills they have in some schools.

"Why would you have kids rehearse for some s--- they have no control over? All you’re doing is training these kids to worry."

And he followed that with a poignant observation: “When you’re doing these drills, well, aren’t you training the shooter, too?” 

This is a truth lost on some state Democrats. When Damien Kelly, director of the state Office of Safe Schools, met with a Senate Education Committee in Tallahassee this week, he was peppered with Dems' questions about the Guardian program. The demand for answers harks back directly to Chappelle's point, and the lack of common sense being applied to the questions.

The guardian program -- which allows for armed personnel inside schools -- has been met with outrage from those with a knee-jerk reaction to weapons. It was instituted following the bipartisan commission that looked into the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and one of the conclusions made was that, had armed authorities been inside, lives might have been saved. 

The vocal outrage has been misplaced, to put it mildly. Imaginations have run wild. All teachers in all districts are NOT going to be packing, as critics of the program would have you believe. Teachers and/or staff all have volunteered, they haven't been recruited; all are going through a rigorous training program in the school districts participating; and all will be certified to perform their responsibility.

Thirty-six school districts in 11 counties have elected to institute the program. To date, 1,084 staff members are enrolled. But what has Democrats bothered is that this total involves armed security, school resource officers, and teachers who enrolled in the program. There is not an itemized breakdown of how many of those are teachers, and the Democrats want to know specific figures, and where those teachers are located. 

“That’s not data that we ask (districts),” Damien Kelly, director of the state Office of Safe Schools, told a Senate committee Monday. “We don’t ask for any identifying information at all.” This is for sound reasoning. That anonymity is one of the layers of security. In much the same way shooters frequently seek out gun-free zones, anyone entering a school is aided in knowing if a particular classroom has an armed teacher or school staff member capable of foiling his or her plans.

Sen. Manny Diaz, R-Hialeah, understands this distinction. “I think that’s less important,” he stated, when asked about the lack of detailed lists, following the committee meeting. “The truth of it is, the entire idea behind this is really more of the air marshal concept, where you have a person who is trained and responsible at the school.” This is sound reasoning. On airline flights the marshals are not announced, in order to keep them from becoming targets for those ready to cause trouble.

One of the common refrains heard from the opponents to the concept of arming teachers is to have those funds directed to other areas of concern, such as mental health recognition and treatment. What they miss is that this is something the programs are also addressing.

Another individual who spoke at the Senate committee was Jacob Oliva, chancellor of the Division of Public Schools. He informed the politicians that Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran will be asking the Legislature for $100 million in per-student funding, aimed specifically at mental health services in the state’s schools. This would represent a $25 million increase over this year’s budget., and greatly exceeds the estimated $3 million-or-so spent on the guardian training program.

The posturing and feigned concern by Senate Dems over the exposure of teachers trained to carry weapons is done with a lack of concern over what this revealed information would come to mean. They plain aren't thinking. While they claim this is all being requested on behalf of public interestt, they ignore what the information could lead to. More than Dave Chappelle, their request to expose who these volunteer guardians are is itself a joke.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


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Quote: "While they claim this is all being requested on behalf of public interest, they ignore what the information could lead to." Actually, I think they would use the information to dox the teachers in an attempt to scare them and any future volunteers so that they can make the program fail.

This seems to be the method of operation for the Democrat party nowadays.

This is vaguely similar to my childhood days, when we had weekly "Civil Defense Drills" at school on a weekly basis... yeah the old 'Cold War' days, when Eisenhower was president. Us kids didn't find them frightening - they were simply part of learning how to handle situations if the "Russians" BOMBED us. As for training the madmen who might today consider SCHOOL / CROWD SHOOTINGS, the current drills are well designed to SAVE AS MANY LIVES as possible. The Dems and Socialists don't even have a CLUE how much time and energy has been put into these life-savings drills --- instead, they think they are a "PLAN 'B'" (Everybody run in different directions!). To the best of my knowledge, (almost or all) SHOOTERS had ties to Liberals, Nazis, or 'Plain Crazies' with plenty of WARNING before they came unglued. Members of NRA? Get serious.

The Dimms hate teachers carrying? They love Sky Marshals. ??? It’s about politics with this ilk.

Most of the school districts in Florida are controlled by Republicans - and many (if not most) Republican Boards of Education are calling for the 'active shooter drills' that are being held in a lot of schools. So - it's NOT 'Democrats' who are 'scaring the kids' or causing kids to worry unduly! And, of course, if Republicans weren't the handmaidens and go-fers for the NRA and America's gun nuts, there might be some different solutions developed instead of 'active shooter drills'. Republicans have become the problem - and are no longer ever the solution!

The fascist Democrat party is certainly not the answer.

Anyone who thinks Dems care about dead kids in schools is an idiot. Dems want to seize total control of our nation and ruin it forever. These little issues are latched onto by the Dems to further their political agenda period. Dems care about our Nations school kids with the same murderous disdain Dems have for your kids in the womb. Its all politics for the Dems and our Nation must crush the Dems again and again at the ballot box.



Just like you VD2020

Spot On!

Shut Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School down, level it and make it a memorial park, rather than suggest & frighten "DOOM" unnecessarily in the hearts and minds of legions of future students and parents right at the front door at the first day of every new school year... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH... GET A "LIFE" PEOPLE... MOURN IN PRIVATE... Praise those personally, dezervedly, in public... [In other words,.. LEARN TO "MOVE ON"!

The whole point and effectiveness of the CCW program is Concealed it makes for a safer society and like wise here not knowing if anyone class room has protection increases security, Only 11 of 36 school district seem to care about student safety?

Very good article, salient point is the lack of common sense in Dem requests.

Teahers with guns - the Matt Dillons of the modern school system - are your "common sense" answer to the problem? Republicans and their guns are the damned problem, Davey!

Maybe look into how many shooters are actually discovered to be leftists, and how none are ever NRA members.

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