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Media Continue to Batter the President over Hurricane Facts They (Not Trump) Got Wrong

September 11, 2019 - 6:00am
Donald Trump insists "Alabama" was right ... and it was
Donald Trump insists "Alabama" was right ... and it was

It would be laughable were there not rampant devastation just off our shores, but the press is content to hammer away at President Trump over his supposed gaffe involving Hurricane Dorian and the state of Alabama. While the storm has moved on, the press has not. And all kinds of left-leaning reporters insist on beating the tortured horse that Trump made a most egregious error on hurricane notification.

What has these blowhards in a spin cycle to this day occurred Sept. 1 in a national address. The president showed a forecast map of possible impacts by Dorian, and he dared to take out a pen and extend the cone of probability to include portions of Alabama. Members of the media saw this and have been bleating about it day after day ever since. 

Their outrage is about as accurate as a rainfall forecast six months from now. 

At MSNBC they were still trying to ignite the wet fuse of this controversy, becoming stammering talking heads when conservative writer Rachel Bovard did the unthinkable and delivered facts. Over at CNN they've been especially dogged on this story, all while missing the point, contradicting their own on-air comments, and exhibiting an even worse grasp of geography that what they accuse the president of.

As the media developed this into a major story that was all cloudy haze and no landfall, it came to affect the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Contradictory statements have been made by officials regarding the Trump Sharpie forecast. It was soon after the president’s presser that Sunday when forecasters at an Alabama field office of the National Weather Service contradicted him and said the storm posed no threat. Then the NOAA headquarters spoke out against members of that Alabama location.

The press jumped in and declared that NOAA "was being bent" to make the president look good for political reasons. CNN has gone so far as to declare that the president failed a basic geography test regarding this forecast, a claim that is not only ridiculous but it makes the network’s own reporting look all the worse. 

For starters, the president really managed to get network heads in a lather when he tweeted out some video that showed CNN on-air weather experts noting that Alabama was in fact targeted by the storm. This was compounded by members of CNN claiming they had never mentioned Alabama as a target. Then there was the small matter of this same network -- which claimed the president was a failure at geography -- completely showing ignorance of geography by mislabeling the very state in question on a map.

To see the level of desperation CNN has gone to to preserve its narrative on this matter, we need only look to the presentations from its self-styled media expert, Brian Stelter. ”This past week wasn't Sharpie-gate,” corrected the media guru, “it was ‘lying about a hurricane-gate’.” Stelter went on to state this was the biggest “lie” of Trump’s term to date. A rather bold pronouncement, considering his own network’s insistence for over two years he had been lying about Russian collusion. 

OK, so this instance of drawing an arc on a hurricane map is the biggest lie told, Brian? Here are two details that will shatter your claim like a house-of-cards in a Cat 2 storm. Stelter has offered up this projection map as “proof” of Donald Trump’s lie:

That is a projected path of the storm CENTER. However another map showing the areas possibly affected by storm winds and weather has a much wider field, showing areas as far south as the Florida Keys, and as far north as ... Alabama.

Now, this is where all the facts come to rest and show where the lies abide. That second map was provided by NOAA. So when the president included Alabama in his Sharpie ad-lib, he had in fact been accurate. Provided is a tweet from NOAA, which includes both maps, and the importance here is the date -- Sept. 1, the date and time of the president’s presser. 

Note as well that this means Brian Stelter selectively chose the upper map provided by NOAA, and excluded the lower map, in his explanation. This means it was he who lied in his description of supposedly proving the President’s error. The irony in all of this is how upset CNN personalities get whenever Trump states their network fabricates news.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


Wow. What a bunch of stupid people post on this web site. No wonder America is f----cked.

This just reveals the Democrat party as the hate-filled monsters that they are.

The media was wrong to make a big deal out of this because everyone already knows what a liar Trump is. When you stop shining a light on this thing (Trump) it will stop scurrying around like the roach that it is.

Thank you President Trump for doing a great job and for keeping Hillary out of our White House.

easy to see why Slager is still an unemployed blogger, he believes his own BS...

My congrats on your being able to successfully access the internet between flipping burgers.

No, I manage your Mom who is not allowed to flip the burgers. Too complicated for your types, she can only drop fries dumbass.

So you've got the audacity to mock Brad Slager, and yet your own mother is nothing more than a "manager" over people that "drop fries". I'm guessing us taxpayers are supplementing your trailer rent too.

If only you could read dufus, must be that whole 1st grade thing...

Perhaps it would have helped if you had completed 1st grade. Maybe not...

It's because of these stupid activities that this is still news, "WH Urged NOAA to Disavow Tweet Contradicting Trump on Dorian".

I still find it telling that CNN and the DumboCrats on here, in their sheer hatred of our President, would attempt to mock Trump about something so stupid as a sharpie, while not pointing out the obvious fact, that CNN's Mississippi is next to Georgia...WOW! ...and you're ridiculing the President???

Thank you for the excellent and informative article Brad.

Wow Brad, just how deep in BS can you get?...……….Fact is the incompetent idiot not only did iit but kept the story going because he can't admit he is wrong and another nail in his, repubs coffin......……….Biden is 15 points ahead of Chump dudes, get a life.

Let's take a look here Jerry: CNN says Trump is bad at geography while they cannot label the states correctly -- but you say it's HIM who can't admit he's wrong? Sounds about right for everyone on your side.

Hillary has a 98% likelihood of Defeating Trump too! Bwaaa ha ha ha ha!

what kind of idiot would use a sharpie on a weather map anyway? Let alone someone that is supposed to be the President of the US. We are the laughingstocks of the world...

"using a sharpie on a weather map":      yeah, that's bad stuff right there. Perfect example of how f'd up the fascist Democrat party is.

It is when you are trying to pass it off as a NOAA prediction on Nat'l news dufus. Are you that stupid? Don't answer that, you already did by your comments...

And this, folks, is why Hillary was rejected by 30 of the 50 states in the election.

How about that "sick NBC" reporter "outing" a CIA "Russian source" by going up to the Agent's home and ringing the doorbell looking for information after the Agent was "pulled" after NBC "blabbed" the recall.??? ( These Reporters have no heart, and no brain... In a socialist country they would be put out of their misery )

When the horse is dead, dismount!

I love this...slacker Fake News thats all you got!!! Some BS hurricane/Alabama fakeness...oh boy the left' s really gonna get the Great People of The USA,s boot up their butt in 2020. HA HA!!!!!!!

I think it's fantastic that the left-wing fake "news" outlets have so much competition from the real news available on the internet now. The only time I hear the fake news anymore is when the real news (like this article) report on the fake news. By choice, I do not get CNN at home.

You're right. Nothing will keep the dummies from voting for Trump - and nothing will convince the normals to vote for Trump. Therefore, the only real question is - are there more dummies or more normals in this country? Will we be consigned to being a country full of and run by dummies in 2020 - or will the normals and normalcy prevail? I'll bet on the normals.

Luckily for America, the dummies that viciously voted for Adolph Rodham Hitlary got their behinds handed to them. That sweet moment shall linger in my memory.

Can't you read? Clinton got 3,000,000 more votes than the racist, draft-dodging, pathologically lying, serial cheating, raving conman, and proven fraudster - Pres. Bone Spurs! Your memory is warped.

The 2020 election should count Democratic Party votes as 1/2 a vote each. Because you all have s#!t for brains.

No truer fact has ever been stated.

What part of PRESIDENT Trump are you unable to read?


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