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Florida Democrats Think Trump Deportations Will Earn Them Cuban Voters ... Never Mind Those Pesky Details

September 7, 2019 - 7:00am
In 2016 more than half Cuban-American voters chose Trump
In 2016 more than half Cuban-American voters chose Trump

While things have calmed somewhat regarding President Trump and immigration (I mean, his Sharpie pen on a hurricane map IS vastly important), Florida Democrats are trying to build the importance of that issue back up, and it's with an eye on the demographic map. Thinking they've found a wedge to finally strip away the dependable Cuban vote from the red team, Democratic pols and their pals in the press are loudly crowing about "the GOP deportations" to Cuba.

At issue is that President Trump has shown a willingness to send back some illegal residents to the island nation. Dems believe this is the very thing needed for 2020 traction within that voting block. Of course, The Miami Herald found an outraged voice to carry water on the Dems' behalf, an immigration lawyer. “South Florida should be up in arms,” bleated the barrister, who represents aliens in potential legal limbo. 

Curiously, South Florida was not so enraged about it three years ago, when this deportation policy was drawn up. But as we have learned repeatedly in this entire immigration imbroglio, the actions of the prior administration, which never drew as much as an audible rebuke, have become moral outrages to shriek from the mountain tops -- or, given this is Florida, from the tops of the landfills. When President Obama separated families or placed minors in cages, I don't recall a single soul who declared it the end of our democracy. Today those same actions are proof of racism and declared concentration camps.

And these deportations of Cuban dissidents fall in line with that same practice in the media. The legislation that has altered the long-standing wet-foot/dry-foot immigration policy with Cuban migrants was put in place by President Barack Obama. But now Democrats want to pretend they are suddenly outraged that such a practice could even be conceived by President Trump. 

Democrats in and out of the media trot out numbers on this matter for the sake of shock value. It's said now that upwards of 37,000 Cuban nationals potentially stand to be deported. Another figure commonly referenced, however, is 3 million potential deportees the Trump administration is targeting. This is the figure some on the left use to illustrate supposed racism in the White House. But it's done with an incomplete listing of the facts. That 3 million figure involves those who are undocumented residents AND are facing criminal charges. As usual, the critics choose to omit employment of the word “illegal” in such discussions. 

Now let's crunch some numbers. That 37K represents but 1 percent of the criminal residents intended to be sent back. Hardly a case of Cubans being targeted in an imbalanced fashion. But, as the Herald itself has reported, we are not even close to approaching that figure. The number of Cubans who were recently sent back? One hundred and twenty. Again, that's 120. And, to further underscore the lack of severity in this shocking number, that minuscule total was one of the largest seen in recent memory. 

This makes for an almost immeasurable fraction of 1 percent of those 3 million criminal illegal aliens the administration has decided to send back to Havana. Many in Miami’s Cuban community do not look favorably on those who remain in this country illegally, and on top of that, carry with them criminal charges as well. Democrats suggesting Trump has begun targeting Cuban residents are trafficking in desperate hyperbole, all for the sake of votes unearned.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


So the national socialists (A.K.A. Democrats) have another trick up their sleeve. Guess we'll just have to open up the Nuremberg trials on them again like we did last time.

The fascist Democrat party trying to show their desperation again.

Check your Funk & Wagnalls! It's the GOPs who are the fascists! Hitler, Mussolini, Trumpolini!

Um bah ga doi doi doi

This is the last thing Dems or anyone else needs to take votes away from Trump. That idiot does stupid stuff on the daily to make sure that happens (see Sharpiegate, Pence at Golf Club for $1k a night, lying about everything, golfing during Dorian, etc., etc., etc.) Spanky is toast...

Exactly! If, after four years of the racist, draft-dodging, Liar-InChief, there are Cubans or anyone else who are so developmentally-challenged that they would actually vote for Trump - let 'em! The more intelligent, more reasonable, and more responsible large majority of voters in this country will be throwing Trump out in a landslide - worse than Goldwater losing to Johnson (61% to 39%).

Dont let the latest free press for USA hateing leftists get any loyal God Fearing Americans stirred up. Watcha got here my Patriots is Fake News pretending not to be Fake News. The probability of a Democratic 2020 victory is so ZERO its actually below Zero. Therefore this "story" deserves Zero coverage. Seriously my Patriots be of stout heart and ignore Fake News stories like this. Uhhh my Patriots we still need your butts off the comfy couch and getting out the vote in slacking there my Patriots. .

"God Fearing Americans"!?!?! So, you're a CHRISTIAN nationalist white supremacist fascist???

Impossible to be sufficiently condescending to POTUS.

...said another A. H.

I was hoping by this time we would have 50 million illegals already back to their homes. I write to President Trump often, one sentence. Deport millions now. I will hold out hope that after Trump is re-elected deportations will happen on a massive scale. Or I will take matters into my own hands.

Dudette, there are only about 12mm illegals in the US, 2mm more than under Obama shows how incompetent Chump is...……...Obama forced employers to stop hiring illegals and they went home...……….Chump doesn't charge employers including HIMSELF who has employed 200 illegals...…...…...Yet where is repub outrage about that?...……. Not only did Obama deport more but they were actual criminals vs Chump who deports the parents of US children instead of criminals...……..He hasn't built a foot of new wall and Mexico isn't paying for it, army kids are as their schools, etc are cut...….........….Imports from China are up and exports are down......………...Economy, monthly job numbers, debt, deficit, GDP growth were all better under Obama......……...Chump fawns over Putin, what's up with that?...…….. Chump just shows how fiscally and morally bankrupt repub are...…...…..And those that like, defend him, the bankruptcy king that always screwed the little guy.........

Factually everything you just spewed is incorrect. Please seek help for your severe case of TDS.

Obama didn't do ANYTHING which is part of why we have the problem. He also didn't have to contend with Soros funding Open Borders initiatives and the caravans. People came down to these countries and told them that America would welcome them with open arms and that we desperately needed labor. It was a lie. Then, they organized the massive caravans telling them how there was safety in numbers, they even organized buses for part of the journey. Obama is also responsible for the massive influx of Muslims into this country because we spent his formative years in TWO Muslim households. His father and step-father were both Muslims, but his Mom didn't support any religion? I call BS! What feminist would marry a Muslim, the most misogynistic group on the face of God's Green Earth?

Jerry, I would trade YOU for 12 million Illegal Alien Invaders; (but what about the OTHER FIFTY MILLION?!?) "12 million" was the FAKE FLAWED NUMBER that the FAKE FLAWED "Pseudo President" Barack Hussein Obama, and his criminal Administration, used throughout his two stolen terms in office!!!

The true number is unknown. They don't count DACA recipients, even though they should. They don't get an accurate count because they won't respond to the census. Why is there a big push in some states to count the illegals? They get more members in the House of Representatives and more federal dollars, even though these are NOT American citizens and they can't, and shouldn't, vote! I agree with the idea of putting citizenship on the census forms. If you are an illegal you should not increase the number of members in the House of Representatives. Obama was canonized by the Press. There were no SEXUAL scandals during his tenure, however, there were plenty of other scandals. Benghazi and the Gun Running scandal come immediately to mind! However, the Cable Narrative Network will never bring those up!

Jerry, You act like 12 million is OK. You said the word illegal as if it means nothing. You spurt your fiction like it is gospel. If a person comes to you for a job it should not be up to the employer to prove if they are legal or not as this should have already been done by the federal government. The laws are there it is just liberals will not enforce. I know its hard for you and your tiny brained friends to understand why we need to stop illegal aliens as the 12 million number is extremely low.

Blah blah blah

Is that a threat?

I was hoping by this time we would have 50 million illegals already back to their homes. I write to President Trump often, one sentence. Deport millions now. I will hold out hope that after Trump is re-elected deportations will happen on a massive scale. Or I will take matters into my own hands.

Seems you need help with sarcasm, Kolleen...

American Cubans ARE SMARTER THAN THAT,... FOR CERTAIN !!!!!! (and Democrats are far dumber than we ever even suspected !!!!)

How condescending to our POTUS ?!!! A sharpie on a map tracking hurricane Dorian! Truly pathetic and shameful! You need help Brad Slater !

So the Sharpie is your problem? At least, you are not as stupid as CNN et al and realized that Alabama was in the cone of uncertainty! I guess they can't read a map or don't know that Alabama juts out directly over the Florida Panhandle. It is part of the reason why there was some controversy when state lines were finalized. Alabama has always believed that the Panhandle should be part of their state. If Obama had used a Sharpie they would be cooing about how he likes to think outside the box!

What if sharpie was drawn on otherside Of rio grand river and Mexico thought they should still ownsouth Texas , California etc? This yearning for state or national once upon a time exists all over world . People send their children to fight to get it back even though a treaty was signed.

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