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Spano's 'No Pensions for Pedophiles Act' Has a Chance, Now with Steve Scalise's Support

September 9, 2019 - 8:00am
Steve Scalise
Steve Scalise

A Florida congressman’s proposal to ensure convicted child molesters lose their federal pensions is gaining momentum on Capitol Hill as a top GOP leader announced his support for it.  

Back in July, U.S. Rep. Ross Spano, R-Fla., brought out the “No Pensions for Pedophiles Act.” The bill would amend the Hiss Act to ensure federal contributions to pensions would be denied to individuals who are convicted of federal crimes connected to child molestation.

When he brought out the bill, Spano pointed to a case where a doctor in the federal service who is now serving time for sexually abusing children could receive up to $1.8 million through his pension. 

“I was deeply disturbed to read news reports earlier this year surrounding the conviction of Stanley Patrick Weber,” Spano said. “He was a doctor at Indian Health Service hospitals who misused his position of trust and responsibility to sexually prey on vulnerable young boys. The reports highlighted his conviction for abusing two boys on a reservation in Montana, and he is now awaiting trial in a second similar case. 

Ross Spano
Ross Spano
“I do not believe taxpayers should be forced to fund the pensions of federal employees who have been convicted of crimes related to the sexual abuse of innocent children who will carry the trauma and scars of his harmful behavior for the rest of their lives,” Spano added.     

Spano’s bill got a boost at the end of last week when a key GOP leader threw his support behind it. 

“People convicted of crimes involving the sexual abuse of children are among the most corrupt and harmful members of our society,” said U.S. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., on Friday. “They should not be able to keep their jobs as federal employees and do not deserve federal pensions. We have a moral duty to protect our children. I am proud to cosponsor Rep. Spano’s important legislation, and add my voice to his strong message: the United States government will not fund the retirement of pedophiles.”

“There is simply no rationale for using taxpayer dollars to pay those who have inflicted so much pain and trauma on children. I am proud that so many of my colleagues recognize this unjust practice and are working with me to correct it,” Spano said. 

So far, Spano has rounded up more than 20 House Republicans to cosponsor his bill including fellow members of the Florida delegation U.S. Reps. Matt Gaetz and Bill Posey. The bill was sent to the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee where it has sat since July. So far, there is no companion bill over in the U.S. Senate.  

First elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2012, Spano served three terms in the Legislature before running for state attorney general last year. When then U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Fla., surprised the Florida political world by announcing his retirement from Congress, Spano left the attorney general’s race and ran for Congress. He is expected to be a top target for Democrats next year. 


This would make it so that the majority of democrats wouldn't have any retirement income.

Good one, Ruth, but what about Denny Hastert, Republican Speaker of the House and Mark Foley, No. 3 Republican Florida congressman. Hastert, the former wrestling coach, caught paying hush money to one of his former victims/students, and Foley, resigning in disgrace after his activities with congressional pages came to light. What's that thing about folks in glass houses throwing stones again?

In a LOT of the cases, because these perps can't find jobs after their conviction - the government will end up supporting them - in jail as repeat offenders - on welfare - on disability - on medicaid, etc. IF they've actually earned a pension at some governmental level - it's probably less "burdensome" to give them the earned pension than it is to support them otherwise! Spano is just pandering for votes from wingnut extremists here.

You seem to know a little bit too much about pedophiles.

It matters not that DUE PROCESS must be followed. Those convicted of these Horrendous crimes are truly a burden on society. It COULD be easy enough to "CUT THEM OFF" completely using recommended punishment for particular lawbreakers.

Perhaps we could have Scott Peterson take them for a boat ride.

98% of pedo's are leftists. Colt's got no problem with this legislation.

You're a very sick or seriously developmentally-challenged dude, dude!

But wait WingNuts theres more. You and your fellow leftist perves wont be able to vote in Florida if you twisted pigs ever do make it alive out of prison. Uhhh WingNuts the boys in the big house dont let too many of you perves out alive ya know.

democRATS look at the young as food when they're "hungry".



why stop at pedophiles, why not include anyone convicted of a felony offense lose their pension, period.

How about Just shooting all of 'em and being done with it?

Never forget "due process"!

Agree with the idea behind the law but are the headlines worth this waste of time when many larger issues need work? This is more about grandstanding than fixing larger problems.

It is about time to stop all these Democrat party pedophiles from collecting a pension.

It's "Democratic Party", Debbie, not "Democrat party". I always thought you Republican women were smarter than your male compatriots. Guess not.

Stuff it, Sweet Pea.

Just because Epstein cheated you out of a "show trial" and gave you a suicide instead? Lets make the "trial of the century" Bill & Hillary. Now, THERE'S A SHOW for everyone!

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