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Good for Israel, Say Rabbis, for Refusing Entry to Omar and Tlaib

August 16, 2019 - 6:00am
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR Florida) on Thursday posted on Facebook sharp criticism of Israel and President Trump's support for the Jewish state's denying entry to U.S. Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

"What is Israel Hiding From These Muslim Congresswomen? #LetThemIn," reads the post. "... (The Israeli government is) preventing one from seeing her grandmother and both from acting as firsthand congressional observers of Israel’s anti-Palestinian segregationist policies and visiting one of the holiest sites in Islam." 

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing more than 1,000 traditional rabbis in matters of public policy, quickly and strongly fired back.

The group commended the government of Israel Thursday for blocking entry to Omar, D-Minn. and Tlaib, D-Mich., under the Israeli law that bars entry to noncitizens who advocate for a boycott of Israel.  Which Omar and Tlaib do, the rabbis said.

"Besides the fact that they requested no meetings with Israeli officials, wishing only to travel to 'Palestine,' these are not people who would be convinced by seeing 'the facts on the ground,'" said Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, vice president of the CJV. "Omar says that Israel's careful self-defense is 'hypnotizing the world' regarding its 'evil-doings,' and that her colleagues, only support Israel due to being bought out. 

"Tlaib rewrites Middle Eastern history," says Schonfeld, "to claim that Arabs gave Jews a 'safe haven' at their own expense. Both are sponsors of a resolution claiming that boycotting Israel is 'pursuit of civil and human rights' while comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. Their hatred will not be cured by meetings with the Palestinian Authority, which generously supports those who murder Jews."

The CJV pointed out that while supporters of the anti-Israel boycott known as 'BDS' claim to want peace, the movement's founder openly calls for the eradication of Israel and says BDS will not cease until that is accomplished. In actuality, claims the Coalition, BDS continues the long and hateful history of economic warfare against the Jewish community, sloganized by the Nazis as "Kauft nicht bei Juden." Israeli law calls for vocal supporters of Israel's destruction to be denied entry to the country, in line with laws in the U.S., United Kingdom and elsewhere, barring entry to those whose conduct "is not conducive to the public good," as Great Britain puts it.

"There were a number of valid political arguments for permitting them entry," added Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, chairman of the CJV Rabbinic Circle, "but that is what they were -- political, claiming that American congresswomen should be above the law. The idea of equal justice under the law is a key principle that distinguishes civilized nations, and should be compromised only for safety, national security and international cooperation. None of those applied here -- President Trump said that Israel should bar them, indicating that doing so would not negatively impact Israel's security or its relationship with the United States."

The Times of Israel, one of Israel's most influential newspapers, takes an opposite point of view. "Closing our doors to these pernicious critics gives them a clear victory and denies us the opportunity to even make our case ... as (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu should know best of all," the paper wrote in a Thursday editorial.

However, the Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), the largest rabbinic public policy organization in America, articulates and advocates for public policy positions based upon traditional Jewish thought. CAIR Florida is based in Orlando.


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Who gives a crap? All this fuss and press for a sh*t hole place on this earth. If the God of the Jews ever came around I think that they would be dragged by their phylacteries to some hell they have not imagined. Administered by some forgotten child they shot full of bullets.

Shame on you. Israel is the safest and most modern country in the Mideast. It is their moslem neighbors that dig tunnels for the purpose of murder.

So glad that these two racist bigots will not be allowed to rile up other fascists like themselves.


These two congresswomen were looking to start a riot on the Temple Mount. They were not going to fact find. Their minds are already made up, to deny the existence of the State of Israel. Good for their leaders to avoid the mayhem they were looking to create.

I wouldn't let these two "rabid, nitwit, morons" IN MY HOUSE EITHER !!!!!! WHAT'S WRONG with VOTERS, that these Districts keep electing "caustic idiots" that reflect (and act contrary to) the best interests of their Districts interests

The extreme rightwingers that govern Israel are just as racist and fascist as the rightwingers that currently govern the U.S. Referring to each place as a "democracy" is a joke!

Pack your bags Sissy, and pick another country of your choice... we'll forget your sorry *** by sundown.

Wiley Coyote has been leading the Palestinians ever since the creation of Israel. In '48 many fled to make way for the neighboring Arab armies who were going to clean out the Jews. Failure. (These folks were the start of camps/ghettos in Damascus, Beirut, Jordan). In '67 Arabs massed armies and blocked Israel's source of oil via Iran, Israel launched the pre-emptive 6-Day War, taking Golan, Jerusalem, the west bank, Gaza and all of Sinai, setting up the militarily defensible borders the UN never gave it. Failure. In '73 Egypt and Syria successfully pulled off a surprise attack. Both got clobbered in the end but Egypt recovered the Sinai and with Jordan entered into a treaty which is still holding. Point: Despite the incompetence of Palestinian leaders, Israel cant survive as a fortress, especially as warfare has changed. Tlaib should be welcomed, she'll stir the pot but has an interest in finding peace acceptable to Palestinians. If her idea is the destruction of Israel then the Wiley Coyote stuff continues. Continuing to give Israel a blank check without pressure for peace isn't going to fix things either.

Jerusalem should be made an independent, sovereign 'International Heritage Site', ruled by its own internal government (like the Vatican or Monaco) or by a United Nations commission - and Palestine should be made its own separate state by a unanimous U.N. decree. Seventy-three years of this Israel-Palestine B.S. is enough. Netanyahu is as much a racist and fascist as is Trump and Netanyahu's policy dictum that "Israel is a state for Jews only" is every bit as bad as Hitler's 'Arayan Supremacy' or Trump's 'White Nationalism'.

Let's give Israel Montana, or Nevada: and let's see how long it takes for the muslim camel gypsies to "screw the pooch" and return to "desert life" (I'll give 'em two years !).

So much for freedom of speech...only when it suits you I guess. Israel is no victim in all of this...

You're a disgrace to your namesake "John", and not much better than the two idiots "knocking on Israel's door"....

Every day Israel becomes a little more fascist complete with ghettos sadly. ………..Not unlike repub party now growing more fascist as Trump's immorality premates it, killing the Grand old party as fiscally and morally bankrupt.. ………………...Maybe after 2020 they will come to their senses but will it be worth saving?...…...…...Likely need to start over as another center right party by decent people leaving out the racist, bigots, haters the Southern strategy brought in...………….I learned to be a fiscal conservative from the party right before it went wrong...…..Sadly there has been little fiscal conservative about them, instead big tax cuts to bankrupt the government so they could rip people off without interference by shrinking it so small they could drown it in a bathtub...…….And trying to keep the economy from improving because Obama was improving it fast after their 2008 depression fiasco and they couldn't have a black man do better economically than they did...…….Luckily Obama won the economy even without any repub help. ………...Repubs are a sad excuse for a party or as Americans by their actions and more and more leave the party for those exact reasons...…...

You'll always be a moron jerry.............

So clever. ……..Can't make a coherent argument so you insult...……...Just like Chump.

As an American Jew, I think that Israel made the right move in allowing Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib to visit Israel based on Humanitarian reasons. They should not ban any duly elected member of the United States Congress due to their political views. For years members of Congress have visited Israel saying they strongly support the country. But many of those members have supported Israel because it is the birthplace of Christianity and then came home to their neighborhoods, country clubs and other places that restricted Jews from moving into those neighborhoods or joining their country clubs. So, allowing the two Congresswomen into Israel and showing there is compassion by the vast majority of the people who live there for working with the Palestinians would be a teaching moment. Meanwhile, Bibi and his far-right government do not represent the Jewish people.

You would choose to allow people in who openly oppose your existence and who have voiced no interest in your institutions and representatives? Whose head really needs to be examined?

That's what Democraps call "open borders", ( and what President Trump is trying secure, for the sake of continued American sovereignty !

You ignore Obama deported 2x as many and most all were criminals and made it where they couldn't get a job by going after the employers, illegals left...…………..Now incompetent Chump is letting many more in and deporting far less and far fewer criminals because Chump stopped targeting employers so they came for the jobs …...……...The reason for the border mess is Chump refused to bring in more judges so things would get backed up and bad so he could complain how bad it was............…...And where is your outrage about the 200 illegals working for Chump?............…..Or importing about 150 of them from Poland, etc to be low wage waiters with H2B ? visas taking Floridian's jobs .away?............……...And you are so proud of that scumbag says everything about you.

WRONG, Obozo did not deport more. Instead he counted border turn-arounds as deports. He was/is a liar.

That's what Democraps call "open borders", ( and what President Trump is trying secure, for the sake of continued American sovereignty !

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