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Jewish Leaders Decry 'Never Again' Anti-ICE Event as 'Utterly Contrary to Jewish Values'

August 10, 2019 - 7:00am
S. Florida Jewish community plans Monday march on GEO
S. Florida Jewish community plans Monday march on GEO

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing more than 1,000 traditional rabbis in matters of public policy, on Friday condemned the planned “Never Again Action Noise Rally” intended to disrupt operations at private prison contractor GEO in Boca Raton Monday. GEO is a federal contractor that helps process undocumented immigrants entering the United States. 

The announcement is discussed in a written statement about the local Jewish community's event, which refers to “Never Again” and “deportation,” a combination designed to evoke images of Jews shipped in cattle cars to the murderous death camps of the Nazi era. The CJV is appalled. It calls the event “a trivialization of the Holocaust and utterly contrary to authentic Jewish values."

“It’s offensive in so many ways that one loses count,” said Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, eastern regional vice president of the CJV. “It maligns the targeted company and its employees, defames ICE agents, displays woeful ignorance of history, trivializes and distorts the Holocaust, and is a vulgar insult to six million murdered Jews and the survivors of that horror. The fact that many of the protesters will be Jewish themselves merely makes it worse.”

The CJV further noted that the event calls for protesters to “express rage,” a half step short of an explicit call for violence -- less than a month after an armed man attacked an ICE detention center in Tacoma, Wash. and was shot and killed by police. Rabbi Pruzansky observed that “the same leftist politicians anxious to call criticism of their views ‘incitement’ seem to see nothing wrong in calling for ‘rage’ against people working on behalf of the government they claim to lead. Certainly, the organizers must take responsibility for any violence that transpires, and for threatening the lives and safety of government employees and contractors.”

“Their misuse of Jewish values and identity is truly painful,” added Rabbi Yaakov Menken, managing director of the CJV. “The event announcement even references Tisha B’Av, trotting out a day recalling Jewish tragedies utterly disregarded in leftist circles as a political prop.

"Until June 2019, everyone understood that comparing genocidal Nazi death camps to anything short of genocidal death camps was despicable, and had any right-wing politician made such a comparison, all these shofar-blowing justice warriors would have (quite correctly) joined us in strong condemnation. But they are happy to jettison millennia of Jewish teachings to support the mendacious meanderings of a ‘progressive’ superstar (Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris). And that is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all.”

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), the largest rabbinic public policy organization in America, articulates and advocates for public policy positions based upon traditional Jewish thought.


The sad fact is that both parties reflect the global rise of hate. However when Democrat leadership and presidential candidates support people who openly use their position in our US congress to spread hate, I say never again. Republicans will sweep next election. The protests are genuine America, watch the video and you will see protesters run in front of the truck. Not a very intelligent way to protest...

No one should ever forget the Holocaust. At the same time, no one should ever forget our own sins with the butchering and theft of Native American lands, slavery, or the confinement of Asians during the World Wars. In as much, housing illegals has absolutely nothing to do with any of them. They should be treated humanely, and we should make every effort to keep children with their parents. More funding should be given to process the asylum crisis more efficiently. It would certainly go a lot farther to solve the crisis than some symbolic Berlin wall on our southern border. That is not who we are as America.

You're flirting with the problem "asylum crisis" and yet you do not acknowledge it. The purpose of asylum has nothing to do with what these illegals are abusing it for. Financial refugees were never intended to be eligible for asylum.


I say to these ultra right Rabbis, it's not about you............ Neither was the concentration comments before...….... And you of all people should understand ………. Your Palestinian ghettos, stealing their land says it all...……………...Thankfully most Jews are not like them but like the US, has a far right government...………..And we are going to throw ours out as we don't like fascist as the repub party, Chump has openly become....…......Hopefully you'll do the same and become a moral people again like other moderate Jews, decent people...……

Your anti-Semitic comments, “Jerry,” are an absolute disgrace. “You of all people” is a signature slur of Jew haters. No one has stolen Palestinian land as Palestine is as fictitious as Shangrila, Oz, or Xanadu. You and your ilk—whatever the hell that is—won’t be satisfied until you complete Himmler’s program. Comparing detention camps to the Holocaust is heinous. Democrats will discover in 2020 that the Jewish vote is not monolithic as Trump will be reelected and Dems won’t record any net gain of U.S. Senate seats. The Jewish electorate—moderate or otherwise—grows weary of being slammed by leftists.

Allow me to personally apologize for the offensive and anti semitic comments of Jerry. Historically we know that a vast part of the middle east was Jewish until Mohammed invented his "religion" with his three personal goals of obtaining WEALTH, SEX & MILITARY POWER. He achieved his goals at the expense of the Jews. The Jewish lands that exist today are but a tiny fraction of what they were historically.

In the dark days of WWII America interned Japanese, Germans and Italians. We did not separate children from their parents. If you aren't disturbed by the separations you probably aren't Jewish. That's a lot of what these Jewish people in Boca are gathering against. Likewise the many Jews involved in the civil rights movement. Israel has done what it must to survive, created out of a necessity caused by the folks who hated the Jews the most. Palestinians chose to side with Hitler and their continuous choice of violence over peace has earned them their predicament. Thankfully, Trump has sent his son-in-law slumlord to solve the Middle East. No, Jerry isn't a Jew-hater, unlike the folks who chanted "Jew will not replace us" in Charlottesville and were called 'fine people' by Trump.

There is nothing anti Semitic in my post, just disagreeing with a radial Jewish faction's policies doing to others what was done to them they said never again yet here they are making Palestinian ghettos...…...…. Fact is Palestinians are Semites too as both came from the same people, just different religions and until Israel, got along well mostly...…......The you is the radical Rabbis......No one compared the concentration camps to Nazi ones and you, other claiming saying so only proves my point, it's not about them or you.……..Most Jews will vote with dems because Repub party, Chump are openly racist, immoral now so fiscally and morally bankrupt, just like Israel's present government, it's an easy choice for any decent people...…...….Jews did not miss when Chump said very fine people were marching with Nazis, KKK yelling 'Jews will not replace us', his other racist, fascist tweets, etc..…...The Israel government polices on African Jews is telling too.

If you disagree with a Jew, you're anti-semitic. If you disagree with a black, you're racist. If you're against immigration, you're xenophobic. If seeing homosexuality in action makes you uncomfortable, you're homophobic. If you disagree with a Republican, you're a socialist. If you disagree with Trump, you should go back to where you came from.

Your head has been in some deep, dark places jerry, nothing a good toilet paper wipe couldn't "clean up" though. Don't give up hope.

The whole of the region was referred to as `Canaan’ in Mesopotamian texts and trade records found at Ebla and Mari as early as the 18th century BCE while the term `Palestine’ does not appear in any written records until the 5th century BCE in the Histories of Herodotus. After Herodotus, the term `Palestine’ came to be used for the entire region which was formerly known as Canaan.------The only fiction is that Jews dogmatically and slavishly bow down to the sacred cow that Palestine is a fiction.---The land was there long before the people knew how to read and write.--- a look at the money ---

Yes, the land was there before the name Palestine. So is every other square inch of the world.

Contrarian "Activists" are deserving of a "secure rehabitation camp" of their own, before they damage America any further.

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