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Knew That Was Coming


The problem is not guns its MENTAL HEALTH FACILITIES CLOSED everywhere and way too many members of the teachers union scared to say boo about foolish kids....My question to the gun control fools is simple! In a dui you dont lock up the car you lock up the driver. The UK has had total gun control an now they are do to all the stabbings with knives about to ban knives over 6 inches,,,,Crazies will always find a weapon to use on normal people....

Too many guns + too many people = too many shootings. Pretty simple.

Come on guys! Global warming was laughed out of town. That's why its name was changed to climate change. Get with the program!

You must not live in Miami . . . . . they don't laugh about it in Miami . . . . . . they experience the results almost every day . . . . . . climate change denial . . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . . .

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