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Nancy Smith

Harris Aside, Biden Still Wins One-Third of Democratic Voters

July 1, 2019 - 7:00am
I Beg to Differ
I Beg to Differ

Joe Biden undoubtedly has to pedal harder. But to hear a gleeful mainstream media tell it on Sunday morning news programs, after the release of the first post-debate poll results Sen. Kamala Harris plunged the former vice president down the hopper.

That's absurd. Look realistically at what happened in Miami last Thursday.

According to Morning Consult polling, Biden lost 5 points to Harris of California, the night's debate winner. That's a big number for a candidate few voters knew much about.

But even though you could deduce those 5 points came out of Biden's hide -- Biden had 38 percent of voters' confidence when the debate started, 33 percent when it ended -- the moderate veteran is STILL Democratic primary voters' FIRST choice. He STILL has a third of the national Dem vote.

Harris scored most of her points by leveling a withering attack on Biden over his decades-old opposition to federally mandated busing of black students as a means of racially integrating public schools.

Harris came in at 7 points. Now she's even with fellow Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts with 12 points. Warren started the night at 13 points, slipped only a single point.

Harris hoisted her name last week, sure. And she'll get plenty of second looks as the campaigns go along. But, please. She's about three dozen more polls away from "burying" Biden.

And much as the Hard Left wants to sucker-punch the former veep, Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont could be considered in deeper trouble than Biden. Who knows, maybe familiarity really does breed contempt, because in a field of 20 -- considering all the exposure Sanders had in the last six years -- his aggressive debate posture didn't win him a single point over the 19 percent he had on Thursday morning. 

Also, 67 percent of Democratic primary voters said in the poll they had a favorable view of Sanders. That's down 7 points from a Morning Consult survey taken before the debate.  

This poll had a 5 percent margin of error, too. Read more about its size and methodology by clicking here.

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There's good news and bad news. The good news: Harris threw a brick through Biden's complacency. He did look sleepy in the second hour, so if he wants it he has to wake up and take it. The bad news: it looked like the brick stunned him, instead of waking him up. And folks, it's a debate...people always show up with canned lines.

Joe Biden's dementia will probably keep him from doing much more than slobbering on himself during a debate with the President.

Republicans love ragging on Biden but, in all likelihood, he'll end up being the nominee. And, if there are more normal people than deplorables in the electorate, he'll win the presidency. If there are more deplorables in the electorate, Trumpty Dumpty will win again. Harris will not win the Democratic nomination. Personally, my current favorite is Elizabeth Warren, but she probably can't win the nomination, either. (A woman, and w-a-y too smart and capable - and the American electorate just doesn't seem to go for 'excellence'.)

'Excellence' in women like "Hillary", "Chief Elizabeth" and "Kamala" just doesn't exist; 'manipulative' would likely to apply to all three though, to a fault...

They don't go for socialism and open borders either.

Former Calif State Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown doesn't think much of Ex-girlfriend Kamala Harris' (nor her 19+ other Dem Presidential candidates') chances against President Donald J. Trump...(According to "Breitbart"). ((My sentiments EXACTLY ! WHY abandon progress at the hands of a MAGA President such as Trump?!? )) signed: a reformed "old-fashioned, "common sense Democrat", left over from the long bygone days of Democrat "Statesmen".

That was no "Debate". It was a ME, ME, ME love contest - poor old Joe couldn't remember the words...

Right. And one of Trump's favorite words is "covfefe"!

"QuacKamala" Harris was the typical "practiced & rehearsed lawyer" on the Democrat "debate display stage", looking for her 'written note cues' with which to attack the "front runner", Biden... To experienced Court attendees & watchers, "QuacKamala's" quite obviously "timed reach" for "one-ups-man-ship", was a sad display of "Gotcha !" on her scheme...! (At THIS "historical point in time", America ALREADY has FAR TOO MANY lawyers (and JD's sans licenses to "practice") CLOGGING our entire political scene from "Local, State and Federal governments"; EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM, are educationally infused with the inability to make a "decision" without aid of committee, conference, mentor direction, EXTENSIVE research, or "always on-tap (but never revealed) allies" (as revealing them would diminish the "trained" lawyer's always excessive feeling of individual self-importance). As you read this, you might well recognize the exceptional difference between the "current crop, of lawyers "muddying-up" our courts and entire political process"---- As compared to Abraham Lincoln (an un-trained & self- taught lawyer),.. and Donald Trump (NOT a lawyer, but rather a successful businessman and entrepreneur ). BOTH of these men instantly able to "size-up a situation" and formulate a decision to accomplish a solution to a problem. BOTH of these men will be regarded kindly throughout history as men who "arrived at the correct moment in time of America's need.. and "stepped up to the plate" with problem-solving decisions unencumbered by...."doublespeaking lawyers" ALWAYS "covering their *****" FIRST (at Citizenry expense !)

Apparently, being a trumpnut requires that one also be good at juvenile name-calling. You ain't very good at it!

It was a calculated attack trying to draw attention. I really felt like it was a cheap shot, and I thought Biden handled it about as well as he could under the circumstances. It is the far left trying to produce a radical candidate in the primary, just like they did in FL. I do not think the rest of the country will be as foolish. It bodes well for those interested in something a little more middle of the road, and should make for a pretty decent competition in 2020, barring any craziness between now and then...

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