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Trump Team's Statement on the First Democratic Debate

June 27, 2019 - 10:00am
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The president had said earlier in the day he wouldn’t be live-tweeting the Democratic presidential debate in Miami because he would be on Air Force One en route to Japan and off “to save the world.”

But roughly half an hour into the Wednesday night debate, Donald Trump fired off two tweets -- one with the word "BORING!" and the other castigating NBC for its technical glitch, an opportunity to call the network "fake news."

Kayleigh McEnany, Trump's national press secretary, finished the job for the president, issuing a press release Wednesday night that covered the bases: 

“This debate was the best argument for President Trump’s re-election and should really be counted as an in-kind contribution to the president’s campaign. The Democrats proposed a radical government takeover of American society that would demolish the American dream so many are gaining access to under the growing Trump economy. 

“The far-left, socialist policies Democrats embraced tonight were akin to a mutual political suicide pact. They want to throw 200 million people off their current private healthcare plans, put them into a government-run system that would eliminate choice, and crush innocent Americans with an enormous tax burden to pay for it. At the same time, Democrats wholeheartedly support giving taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal immigrants and decriminalizing illegal border crossings. They support a $93 trillion energy plan that would cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and cost each American household $600,000 in new taxes.  

“Democrats also tried to cynically exploit the heart-wrenching images of the tragic deaths of a father and child near our southern border. The truth is that these same Democrats first denied there was a crisis at the border, then claimed it was manufactured, and now won’t work with President Trump to fix it, choosing to slow-walk needed humanitarian aid for illegal immigrant children. Rather than encouraging more people to make the treacherous journey to enter our country illegally with promises of healthcare and amnesty, Democrats should join with the president to enforce our border so that fewer people take such dangerous risks.   

“These Democrat policies, which feature government control over virtually every aspect of Americans’ daily lives, bear a striking resemblance to those from authoritarian regimes like Cuba and Venezuela. Perhaps it's fitting that Democrats held their first debate in Miami, where so many Latinos have fled the ravages of socialism and understand its devastating effect on society in a real and personal way.  

“Under President Trump, we have the strongest economy in modern history with almost six million jobs created, unemployment hitting historic lows, nearly 500,000 new manufacturing jobs created, and paychecks growing at the fastest pace in a decade -- twice as fast for low- and middle-income Americans. President Trump will continue to work to secure our border and enforce immigration laws, protecting innocent Americans from the ravages of illegal drugs and crime. He has signed into law common-sense criminal justice reform and supports giving people a second chance. He has unleashed American energy, making us the No. 1 energy producer in the world. And President Trump will protect the right to private insurance, fight to protect those with pre-existing conditions, and continue to lower prescription drug and healthcare prices.

“President Trump is making America great and will keep America great.”


The choice is obvious. Keep extreme socialist ideas out of the White House by keeping President Trump in the White House.

Exactly! President Trump has been great for our economy. We do not want democrats to screw that up like we know they will.

so I suppose that every industrialized democratic nation in the world besides the U.S. is now socialist according to you and Humpty Dumpty Trumpty because they have universal healthcare, eh comrade?

But at what cost? He has a never ending adoration for despot leaders. He requires loyalty, denigrates the free press, and POTUS has identified scapegoats causing our ills. Are we headed down the path of a dictatorship?

I've got more freedoms now than I've ever had.

Really, what new freedom do you enjoy that you didn’t have the last 20 years. Just curious.

do tell Jerry boy...

More of the endless blather peddled by the Obstructionist-In-Chief and his band of blowhard bandits! The Democratic debate was a breath of fresh air - and all the participants are the absolute antithesis of the Super Clod Trump - intelligent, positive, and proficient.

The democrat's public flatulence contest could only be "a breath of fresh air" to a very sick puppy.

President Trump is making America great and will keep America great. America must avoid letting a scumocrat get into our White House.

Scumocrats are cockroaches.

Hey, Wally, I think most normal people probably think that there's already a proven "scummy" dude occupying the White House! Draft-dodger, liar, cheater and adulterer, con man, fraudster - seems pretty scummy! (?)

It's hard yo believe that the two commenters above can completely ignore all the facts, in order to rdmain that ignorant. MAGA! Go Trump!

Right. Totally agree. hard to understand what conservatives see in a draft dodger. Draft dodging what a patriotic act.

Why are you bringing up Slick Willie now?

Duh..., yeah, MAGA... Go Trump

The Economy is strong, but Trump was handed a rebounding, strong economy. Sure the economy improved with tax cuts, 86% of which mostly benefits the top 1% of earners and big business, but at what cost? Last year's federal deficit was an astounding $800 billion dollars. This year's federal deficit is projected to be a record 1.28 trillion dollars in one single year. It's just too much saddled debt for any economic improvements. Aside from that, the independents like me, and normal people, are just sick and tired of the lies, the indictments, corruption, twitter, the rambling attacks, dictator loving, blaming everyone else, collusion, obstruction, willingness to accept help from Russia...again, belittling females, etc., etc., etc. All the final Dem candidate has to do is be somewhat mainstream and avoid the far left and be a little more middle of the road and they will likely smash Trump and all his garbage...

A realistic assessment. The only real question is whether the voting majority of this country is primarily deplorables - or normal people. My guess is that Trump loses worse than Goldwater lost to Johnson in '64.

Normal people sent the pant-suit-on-fire fraudster back to her Chappaqua mansion. How short your memory is! ;-)

Actually, Anony, the pantsuit lady won the actual vote by 3 million votes - about 49% to 46%. And, the REAL fraudster (and liar and cheater and adulterer and con man) actually won on a technicality with the conspiratorial assistance of the Russians. It won't happen again. (And, personally, I hope the new pantsuit lady wins again this time out!)

she won by 3 million, but still lost and that's with all her baggage, the Russians, and scandals. Any candidate who is even remotely qualified will bury Humpty Dumpty Trumpty...

Adolph Rodham Hitlary lost by 77 electoral votes when the leftist controlled media assured everyone that she had a 98% likelihood of winning. That was SO SWEET!

Sounds worried, Trump. He should be.


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