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DHS Chief Confirms Florida Will NOT Get Planesful of Undocumented Migrants

May 20, 2019 - 7:00am
Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan
Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan

Florida misunderstands, says Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan. DHS isn't labeling any city or county in the Sunshine State a sanctuary city and that's certainly not why the agency is moving migrants in.

“Our transportation is based on necessity and capacity to process safely, so that’s what we’re doing," McAleenan said Sunday morning on CBS's "Face The Nation" when asked if Florida was being picked on because it has cities that don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities.  

“So, no is the answer to the question?” "Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan asked.

“Correct,” McAleenan responded.

Not that some migrants won't end up in sanctuary cities, he said.

“We have sent flights to California, California is a sanctuary state by law, so that’s technically correct," he explained.

The issue of transporting migrants that need to be processed blew up last week when Florida officials -- all of them Donald Trump loyalists and all of them unhappy with any migrant influx -- announced DHS would be flying hundreds of migrants to two counties in the state, Broward and Palm Beach, both Democratic strongholds. Federal officials on Saturday fired back there was no such plan in place.

“Immigrants that are released in the U.S. are going to sanctuary cities because that’s a magnet, they’re providing incentive to come live in those areas."

Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke with the president, said the governor's spokeswoman, Helen Ferre. "President Trump said Saturday he didn't approve of such a plan and would not authorize it," she said. "Gov. DeSantis was never notified by federal authorities that such a plan was in place."

West Palm Beach TV station WPTV reported Palm Beach Sheriff Ric Bradshaw's calming statement Saturday: "Because of everybody's efforts, we are able to stop what had appeared to be a crisis for our community."

However, a Customs and Border Patrol official has confirmed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement aircraft were flying people from areas in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to San Diego and moving individuals by bus into other areas.


Turns out this was a news story sent out out to the public to flush out the NIMBY liberals in South Florida. Democrats love open borders and “undocumented citizens “ until they are headed here for South Florida, now the outrage begins. Unimpeded immigration is fine with our local libs as long as they are settled elsewhere.

Sheriffs and legislators of Palm Beach and Martin counties we have been told are rightly concerned about human trafficking and gangs such as MS-13 associated with illegal border crossers with no documentation. Perversely, the Flores Agreement and Wilberforce Act intended to protect children and prevent abuse have created a border crisis of "catch and release" where families can cross illegally or smuggle ("traffick") children, claim defensive asylum and be released into the US within three weeks of detention. Obama flew families to Pennsylvania but now detention centers are full, and families want to be released with kin such as in Lake Worth. Congress needs to adjust asylum laws and provide funding so legitimate claims can be settled quickly. Those released to await hearings should be given GPS ankle trackers to make sure they show up. Florida should pass eVerify laws so the aliens cannot seek work, as they have no federal work permits. Valid asylum claimants should be welcomed and given social support. Invalid cases should be deported quickly. See HR 574, "Equal Protection of Unaccompanied Minors Act" and

Joe, an excellent explanation of 'the Law' as it applies to illegal immigrants in Florida. Your clear and thorough explanation has settled me down to a great extent. Thank you.

Well hell,.. "THEY walked-in from Central America and Mexico; So WHY would they need planes (paid for with YOUR tax money) to get HERE,.. or anywhere else in the United States..?!?!? (This is the "Obama-Biden-Hillary DEEP State" ALL OVER AGAIN !

C Breeze - you are correct that the "walk, wade or sneak" into the USA Illegals do not deserve to even be considered any kind of American. But remember that Trumps "Port of Entry" only efforts can only be handled by existing law --- which means they must be thoroughly 'checked out' by the agencies assigned - and they are OVERWHELMED! better. So the government must shuffle them around to processing centers that try to keep up. No, we should NOT be fly them around and spend money, but the Hordes are putting high pressure to be "IN" the USA, or "DEPORTED" back from whence they came.

Why do you continue to call them "undocumented migrants". Let's cut the political correctness. They are criminal invaders or illegal aliens. Enough with the "spin".

Thank You! You took the words right out of my mouth.

You mean the media lied? again?

And it looks like they [idiot media] did it just to frick with DeSantis and Trump. Hopefully, DeSantis screens the stupid sources next time. DeSantis is the best governor Florida has ever had. Cannot be corrupted.

Don't release 'em! Hold 'em in camps along the border that the Army used to be very proficient at putting together at a moment's notice. last I saw that done was in the Miami area after Hurricane Andrew ... and that camp was like a little city that grew up in just a few days to house thousands of people. Well-outfitted, well-run, and got the job done!

Get a trebuchet and throw them back over the border.

As long as we can put a politician in each and every trebuchet bucket to accompany all of them back (kids too) where they came from

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