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Oliva Has a Bargaining Chip: Galvano Needs House Sponsor for His 3 Toll Roads

March 16, 2019 - 9:00am
Senate President Bill Galvano’s push to expand and build three toll roads may become a negotiation point between legislative leaders, as the House has not put forward a version of the plan.
Galvano, R-Bradenton, indicated he remains optimistic, with House Speaker Jose Oliva and Gov. Ron DeSantis supporting improved infrastructure and transportation.
But as the Senate begins drawing up an initial budget plan, Galvano on Thursday acknowledged that, while lawmakers are only two weeks into the 60-day legislative session, aspects of his ambitious road proposal could be separated to keep them moving forward.
“This is mainly in the beginning stages a function of budget, and so we’ll see whether they (House leaders) are in fact moving the funds into the (State Transportation) Trust Fund,” Galvano said. “And if not, then it will become something we’ll have to negotiate through session.”
Galvano’s plan would extend the Suncoast Parkway from the Tampa Bay area north to the Georgia border, extend the Florida Turnpike west to hook up with the Suncoast Parkway and build a new transportation corridor from Polk County to Collier County.
On Wednesday, Oliva, R-Miami Lakes, said he’s “open to the conversation” on the plan. But Oliva expressed reservations about issuing bonds and creating debt to help pay for the projects.
“I think one of the few functions of government is creating infrastructure, that allows economic development and it benefits all people,” Oliva told reporters. “So, now how we do it. I’m not a big fan of bonding. So we have to take a look at how it is we do a project like that, the viability of that project.”
The Senate Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee is scheduled to review Galvano’s proposal (SB 7068) on Tuesday.
The proposal calls for the Department of Transportation, with $45 million next fiscal year, to study the three projects.
The funding would grow to $90 million in the 2020-2021 fiscal year, about $135 million the next year and a recurring amount of $140 million starting in the 2022-2023 fiscal year.
Part of the money would also cover local “feeder” roads to the new tollways.
The proposal calls for construction to begin by the end of 2022, with the roads open to traffic before Dec. 31, 2030.
DeSantis, who has put an emphasis on relieving traffic congestion in Central Florida and South Florida, has repeatedly raised concerns about the impact of toll roads on the pocketbooks of working Floridians.
Galvano has said the roads would help rural communities, address the state’s continued rapid growth, provide new hurricane-evacuation options, expand bicycle and pedestrian trails and lay the groundwork for new water and sewer lines and broadband.
Critics contend the potential impacts of growth on rural communities should be addressed before the roads are approved.


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This state needs some decent east-west roadways south of Orlando and north of Alligator Alley. Galvano's "roads-to-nowhere" are just another "privatization scam" to enrich certain preferred Republican "insiders" down the road ... like Negron's GEO quid pro quo dealings!

re:"Galvano has said the roads would help rural communities, address the state’s continued rapid growth, provide new hurricane-evacuation options, expand bicycle and pedestrian trails and lay the groundwork for new water and sewer lines and broadband.">>>>>I (Bill) say no to new toll roads.<<<<<If you want to implement such a plan, put to the voters, place it on the ballot as a referendum, it would be nice if the people who would mostly be affected had a voice in this matter.:::::It is time the people started to wake up to new taxes, tolls, fee's...etc...The machinery of government is being controlled not by the people (the citizens of Florida) but by greedy little people who are serving their corporate masters.----Let the people decide if they want to have a new road built, and the people will pay for it.

Toll roads are a tax on the people. Taxation without representation! Toll roads are being built so the government can control where we travel, how many miles we travel and at what cost? The electric cars a good for a 250 to 300 mile charge, that is all the farther the government wants us to travel. Hey once the communists get into office and we have no cars, no fuel per se, not to mention air travel, then what will we do? Oh I know we can ride bikes if we own one or rent one for a permitted time, or walk. This is all a plan, a plan against the people of this great state of Florida. Wake up people, get educated and ask why?

Communists!? What communists, Last time I checked, there were NO communists in, or running for any office. You're confusing Social Democracy, with the real communist party, Republicans. Silly man. You may think those red politicians are for saving you money, but look out! They have smaller hands. So you don't feel them stealing your money. At least Democrats tell you they're needing more money. Toll roads are paid for by Toll road users. If you don't like them, don't use them.

A GREAT IDEA shouldn't need much "so called negotiation"... WHAT !!!... OLIVA doesn't quite understand that ALL roads lead, or end up, in Florida's south end.... or is he trying to keep people from escaping "Miami" to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and points North.... (The "enclave" needs "completed" North/South routes..! )

Just say NO to toll roads, especially these corporate welfare ones only being built to drive up property values for large landowners of what little wilderness we have left...………... How about a lightweight high speed air cushion elevated train instead running up US19 and to Orlando by way of Tampa, then down US41, US1, I-10 would cost far less and make us the envy of the US, world and get millions off the roads, especially tourist...…...….And we could get to Tallahassee to keep Pols in line and they wouldn't have to prostitute themselves for plane rides home...……..And all can be done cheaply on clean power..

You obviously have no idea how much fixed rail costs to build and operate. Painful

Charlotte, my version has little to do with fixed rail as you know it...…...….. Mine costs so little as so lightweight, it could be free to use with revenue from station rents, Renewable energy, power/comm lines, etc paying for it and go about 250mph...………….Since in major travel places keeps growth close where it is lower cost to care for, thus lower taxes while taking traffic off the road letting you drive faster, fewer traffic jams, less road costs, again lowering taxes.......…….Now please tell me again why you don't like it?.

NO "jerry",... NOBODY SAID "Troll Roads ! ! !... Nor did anyone say "Railroads"..!

Are you proud what your racist friends did in NZ Cbreeze, our admitted racist?

Be very careful "jerry", you're treading dangerously close to libel...

Hard to be libel when it is the archives here...……...And in any court case ALL your posts, past, will be evidence too, not just those here ;^)

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