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DeSantis Recommends Danny Burgess to Head Veterans Affairs

December 15, 2018 - 5:15pm

Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis announced Saturday he will recommend state Rep. Danny Burgess, R-Zephyrhills to serve as the next executive director of Florida's Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Danny’s commitment to our nation and especially to Florida’s veteran community make him the perfect fit to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs," said DeSantis in a written statement. "His relentless advocacy for veterans in the Florida Legislature is proof of his commitment to the wellbeing of our veterans and addressing the important issues they face. I know he will work tirelessly to continue to improve our ability to serve Florida’s veterans and I look forward to discussing his exemplary record with members of the Cabinet when we convene."

Responded Burgess, “When Gov.-elect DeSantis first asked me to consider (this position), I viewed it as an extension of my duty to serve those who have served us. I want to thank my constituents and the community I have the honor to serve, for the faith and trust they have placed in me over the years and ask for their prayers and support as I work on behalf of our new governor to serve those who have given so much to our nation. I am grateful to the governor-elect for his confidence in me and I look forward to making great progress for our veterans."

Burgess is a captain and judge advocate in the United States Army Reserve. He was elected to represent eastern Pasco County in the Florida House of Representatives in 2014, and was subsequently re-elected in 2016 and 2018. Prior to joining the Florida House of Representatives, Burgess served on the Zephyrhills City Council and as Mayor of Zephyrhills. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida and his Juris Doctorate from the Barry University School of Law. 


As a USMC combat vet. I'm embarrassed by the negative comments by some of you. I know the man and his family personally. He is honest and hard working. Give him a chance. I'm surely standing with him. Shut your pie holes. Proud to have served in the great Corps. Don't ruin it for me.

Who cares who you know. If you cared more about Vets, instead of your neighbor, you would be concerned too... Shame on you for putting your friendship with this kid over your service and the sacrifice of all who have served. It is you who should be embarrassed sellout...

John, Gene, Jim, all veteran friends, spread the word. This type of cronyism must be made public...

I hope,he surrounds himsel with Veterans that served and have Veterans Outreach Program experience. Any chance from Northeast Florida (Jacksonville) which is a military community. A fair appointment not allare coming from the southern region of Florida.

He'd of been better off appointing his wife. I think she'd take 'em...

Never happen again...

God help us, God help our vets...

He did ... that’s why the people elected a proven conservative Governor, who selected this very accomplished 3x elected representative and military veteran, instead of a liberal pundit & Obama apprentise who’s under investigation by the FBI?!

Who said anything about libs and Obama besides you fool?

Nice try phony... Col's can at least spell...

This is Bravo Sierra, maybe he'll bring his firewatch ribbon. DeSantis has turned out to be a real p#@sy, just like his jackass boss...

Gunny; This is a new low even for a Marine ... calling his wife or Floridians that is beyond reprehensible?! I wonder what Gen(R) Kelly, USMC & WH CoS, would say about your vocabulary use?!

Who mentioned his wife lady? Who are you his mom? Gen. Kelly quit that sinking ship...

This man may be a good man. When he works for a bad man he is no longer a good man, he becomes the arms, legs and mouth of a bad man.

That's certainly true in D.C. Hopefully, DeSantis divorces himself completely from the Trumpnut-In-Chief and becomes his own man ... and ... a man of 'The People' rather than a handmaiden to the special interests.

You people don't know Danny-- I personally know him and he is a great representative one of the rare people who actually work for the people and he may be 30 years old but Danny goes above and beyond his call of duty and i have no doubt because he is so devoted he will do an excellent job at serving the veterans-- he has done excellent work with them in his own community as well as served his community

Yeah, maybe he can help out with the bake sale. He would make a fine camp counselor. FUBAR.

Where the hell did they find this pencil neck. Leave it to the JAG fags...

They'll eat this *** alive...

Sad day in FL. for it's Veterans...

Maj Tom ... maybe when you achieve a Senior Field Grade rank & experience, you’ll actual have enough knowledge and experience to know what you are talking about?!

Mom, stop...

Maybe a combat veteran would have been a better choice.

As a Combat Vet w/ 3 tours, Gov(E) DeSantis couldn’t have made a better choice?!

This another JAG F@#?

It's insulting to say the least. DeDumbass has lost my vote...

In case you missed it, he's a Captain in the army reserve. Since the position he's being appointed to really requires more of the lawyer type he's a great fit!

The position has never been held by a lawyer dumbass. It has always been held by proven combat veterans with significant experience in leading troops and responding to veterans needs, not some snot nosed 30 year old kid. Gens, Cols, and Commanders have led this proud agency over the years like the current leader Lt. Col. Sutphin. I had hopes DeSantis might be different and appoint people based on their knowledge, skills and leadership abilities. Instead, he appoints one of his JAG paperneck weekend warrior buddies to a post to lead heroes... It is a sad day in FL for this agency and it's veterans. Hooah!

Agreed Sir. It is a very sad day and huge loss losing Col. Sutphin.

You sir are wrong about Danny Burgess-- He is an excellent fit for the veterans and he is not a pencil neck. He will also be able to get Bilirakis too finally do his job. Danny has been in public service since he was 18 years old and he is one of the representatives who actually try to do right by his constituents. He may be young but he is smart and a hard worker Give him a chance


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