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Russia Meddled in the 2016 Elections -- Let’s See this Investigation Through

December 6, 2018 - 6:00am

Many of us are concerned for the future of our republic. American politics has devolved into a divisive, hyper-partisan battle in which we spend more time launching personal attacks than focusing on solutions that make a real, positive impact on our lives and communities. Better and smarter governance requires putting truth at the forefront.

The truth is that our nation’s sovereignty is not a partisan issue, nor is the rule of law. Undermining our elections is an attack on our country. Period.

Fortunately, our republic, the rule of law, and the institutions that defend it, are stronger than the efforts to incite partisan discord in an attempt to weaken them. U.S. intelligence personnel continue to work tirelessly on behalf of the American people, and these agencies remain in full agreement on the truth: Russia meddled in the 2016 elections. 

The efforts by Vladimir Putin’s cadre of hackers were an attack on American sovereignty and serve as a training ground for future campaigns. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and FBI Director Christopher A. Wray are all warning of more threats on the horizon. These efforts to undermine American elections have the sole purpose of diminishing America’s standing by dividing us as a people. Far more efficient than attacking your adversary is getting your adversary to attack itself. Our adversaries can only be successful if we allow them to be. They could not possibly succeed if we were as united as a country against these attacks as we were on September 12, 2001.

This ongoing challenge to U.S. sovereignty must not go unpunished. Every individual involved, foreign and domestic, must be held accountable to send a clear message that we will defend our nation and deter any future attacks. Anything less than an efficient and transparent report of the truth will exonerate those responsible for these attacks while simultaneously preventing the exoneration of anyone wrongly accused.

We must allow those charged with producing the truth to accomplish that mission. Although Attorney General Sessions has resigned and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein no longer oversees the special prosecutor, the investigation must be completed. Firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller would only serve to delay, if not fully derail, our efforts to obtain the truth.

As a conservative, I’ve vowed to protect the Constitution and fight alongside the men and women who have defended, and continue to defend it, especially those who put their lives on the line. The framers established a system of checks and balances curbing the powers of all U.S. officials, even the leader of the free world. Just as I will question bureaucratic overreach and campaign against activist judges, I will combat any expansion of executive authority that sets any individual above the law or puts citizens’ liberties at risk. 

For the good of the country, Republicans need to put aside our grievances and frustrations about the Mueller investigation and simply pursue the truth. We should ensure the special counsel can finish the job he was charged to do, to bring truth to the American people

If we keep faith in and preserve the rule of law, I am confident in the outcome. Relief will wash over America when we have in hand every detail about an adversarial nation’s attack on our election – and when those who did wrong are brought to justice. 

The greatest victory, however, will be for the American people if we demand truth and accountability. If we stand up in unapologetic defense of our Constitution -- we will all win in the end.  

Rep. James Grant, R-Tampa, represents Florida House District 64.


Thank you for being a true conservative and member of the “old guard” of the GOP. The party used to stand for a strong defense and now it bows down to other nations at the corrupted whim of this president. Standing up for the US and demanding to follow the rule of law does not fit in with the cultists of the trump party but it does make you a real representative of the American people.

John, you're full of it. Are you in some sort of time warp back during 2008 - 2016

Anybody ... ANYBODY ... can "meddle" in American elections or any other element involving public opinion via proselytizing and propagandizing using social media and the internet which, unfortunately, many non-thinking, non-discriminating Americans are totally addicted to.

RINO Grant just sealed his fate for his next Primary election. He WILL have a competent, true Republican Conservative opponent.

Mr. Grant - people on your side are not going to liking you. As a Left Leaning Independent and retired military, we all should defend the Constitution - ALL OF IT - not just the 2nd Amendment.

The Russians had nothing to do with the out come of the election! It was the Democratic Socialist party. The appointment of the special counsel was illegal and anti-constitutional! He was appointed to investigate "COLLUSION" that's not a crime!

Thanks, Robert--that sounds more like REAL NEWS and facts Democrats just can't stand. Koolaid my butt..

Robert Step back - lay off the Fox News Kool-Aid for a moment. Your GOP Fascist Party is pulling all stops to keep power where the people voted them out and and that's Constitutional?

First off I don't watch FOX, CNN (communist news network) or MSLSD! I'm a Constitutional conservative not a republican! I believe in the Constitution as written, period! The Founding Fathers studied history and because of this came up with a fantastic way to govern! It's the Democratic Socialist party that has been openly stealing elections. This last election was proof of that!

Nice name you give yourself "Constitutional Conservative" - You wouldn't know what "socialist" means even if it slaps you in the face. Where is the proof that they stole elections? Don't tell me its because even billionaires know that the GOP is toasted. But it's ok when they buy elections for the right? Please Dude Yes the foundering fathers did study history so why does the right's Christian Talaban keep trying to impose their version of Sharia Law on the rest of this country, using the same foundering fathers that you say studied history.

Obviously, he's too far gone ... unless, maybe, he's just being trollishly facetious. (?)

Anonymous so when the GOP found A *** from a Land deal that went bad that was reason to impeach. Karma is a bitch when it slap the Right in the Face. People are singing like parrots and he's to far gone. If he continues he just might find the fire. What may come out of all this is the the cover up was bigger then the crime. I'm loving this Soap.

I don't troll, I don't have to calling out Anti-American democratic socialists is easy!

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